On Tebow-haters and more.

You're making yourself look like whiny children.  Yes, we know everything that you have to say about Tebow and the Broncos.  The read-option won't work.  Tebow's never going to succeed in the long term.  Wait till they play a good team.  Blah, blah, blah.  Follow me after the jump, and we'll discuss just a little bit more about all of these people laughing, pointing, and in general disbelieving ol' Timmy T.

To start, to some of the people who're on record talking crap about Tebow:

Merrill Hodge:  Tebow may not be the best quarterback, but he's not nearly bad as your career in the NFL.  To be an analyst, one must analyze things; the only thing you seem to analyze is why  your foot seems to find your mouth regularly.

Darrelle Revis:  I lost a LOT of respect for you after all the talk.  Champ Bailey is a 10-time pro-bowler; you never see him talking crap about a team that he plays.  He's CLASSY.  You could take a lesson or two.  Great job trying to save face after the game: "that was shocking!  He did it!"  Good to hear now.  Out of curiosity, why did you miss that tackle on Tebow?  Oh, must've been because you were "bored."  I guess he did have a prayer against "Gangrene," after all.

New York media:  Taking out an ENTIRE PAGE with Tebow, saying "God Help Him?"  Wow, you guys are a bit abrasive.  I guess after the Yankees and  Knicks being terrible, the Jets being terrible, you all need something to spark you.  Sorry, it won't be the Jets.  Rex Ryan is beyond overrated, Sanchez is much worse than Tebow, and have seriously the worst attitude in football.  People talk about Tebow being the worst QB in the league - and while there may be some credence to that based on stats, the Jets are, without a doubt, the most annoying team in the NFL.  Stop yapping and focus on picking your anemic team off of Tebow's cleats.

Trent Dilfer, Kurt Warner, and all of the other "former greats turned analysts":  All you did yesterday was *laugh* at Tebow.  Laugh at the Broncos.  Show some respect.  Today, all you talk about is how the Jets lost the game.  No, they didn't lose the game.  The Denver Broncos WON that game.  They took it from the Jets.  Sanchez mistakes aside, what about Decker, Royal, and Demaryius all dropping passes they should have caught?  How about maybe giving some credit where credit's due?


A few other comments:

Tim Tebow's game winning run accounted for the longest game winning TD run, by a QB, with less than a minute to play.  IN NFL HISTORY.

I think I may be developing a slight man-crush on Von Miller.  That guy is the real deal.  He caught PLAXICO BURRESS from behind.  He was in Sanchez's face all day long.  He deflected a pass.  He got sacks and QB hits.  He made solid tackles.  He is the spark that's lighting up this defense and giving them opportunities to make plays, because he's making plays.

Mark Sanchez, in the last three games, has thrown as many picks as Tebow has thrown TD passes in his five games.

I'm surprised at the Broncos run defense -- Bunkley is a former first rounder, and I know Thomas and Vickerson are decent -- but I'm shocked that they were able to keep first Michael Bush, then Jackie Battle, and now Shonn Greene/McKnight/Nowell combo, all to respectable totals.

I love that Fox keeps adding wrinkles to this offense.  Keep defenses on their toes.  Great coaching.

Denver receivers:  please, please, PLEASE catch passes when they hit you in the hands, or the numbers.  You are part of the reason Timmy's completion percentage is so low.  3-5 drops a game is unacceptable.

Lastly, a question for all of you:  If you're Foxy, regardless of how the rest of the reason goes, how do you plan for next year the way the Broncos sit today?  Do you go out and get a big, bruising runner and a quick Moreno type to complement Tebow?  Do you go get a QB and create a 2QB tandem?  Do you just go get a new QB and forget about Tebow?  What about the defense?

Blue and Orange just win, baby!

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