Superbowl? Let's all pray Tebow's accuracy improves

To begin, I'm a Tebow fan. I went to Florida decades ago, and remember Tebow's 60+ percentage completion rate in college. I also watched the Kansas City game and saw him hit his receivers in the hands on at least four passes, but they didn't catch the football. However, I went to bed last night in the fourth quarter because I finally understood what Tebow's detractors were saying about how his inaccuracy wouldn't  let him be a franchise quarterback that can take a team to the supebowl.

Against an elite defense where everything is a matter of inches, the NFL inaccuracy just kills you when you have to make the short throw into a tight window to convert a third down because the running game isn't working. I got up and was going to watch the last quarter, but I couldn't; so, I turned on ESPN's Mike & Mike and surprisingly saw Tebow's winning drive.

I kept thinking, this is not happening; I can't get excited about a win I was pulling for with all my heart. I couldn't help thinking how its a crying shame if Tebow can't continue to be a NFL quarterback and entertain us every weekend. I read recently from a fan that had attended 15 Bronco practices, and he confirmed that Elway was there working with Tebow on every one. 

But it doesn't seem to be working, at least not yet.

I desperately want the Broncos to win another Superbowl, and the team seems to have that potential. First, I have to apologize to John Fox for criticizing his "medieval" ways from Carolina, which I believed he would bring to the Bronco and be the worst thing that could happen to Tebow. The one thing that is clear is that Fox and his coaches have done a magnificent job turning the team around.

I also want to take credit for my previous posts that said you couldn't evaluate the "gamer" in Tebow unless you let him start games.Losing practices to Orton and Quinn was not a good enough reason to keep Tebow on the sidelines. However, I also want to apologize to the MHR posters who have continued to believe Tebow is not an NFL quarterback. We were both right, but there's our delimma! A superbowl seems so close after watching the Jets game.

Did anyone else think the game looked like the kind of playoff games we watched for years before the new Packers and their offense overwhelms every defense? If Tebow could just improve his accuracy ."just a little bit," he and the Broncos could  have an offense that is the epitome of a great, balanced attack.

I want to take back some credit from Fox, since I don't think he, or the coaches, could have gotten the team to where it is now without Tebow's intangibles. This is a TEAM! No more stupid mistakes, motion penalties, fumbles, interceptiions. Everybody gives 110% to do their job.

Can anyone believe NFL football will be richer without Tebow. He's just GOT to get better accuracy out of his throws. Tebow says that he works on that in practices, but in a game, he just tries to find a way to win. Did anyone else hear last night's interview in which he "knew" the Jets were going to blitz on his touchdown! He said that he was watching the Jets end and when he pinched in, he headed outside, since no one was there with the Broncos running "3-vertical."

Not only is Tebow a great runner, but he's a smart quarterback who has always focused on learning how to win, which means "don't turn the ball over." This is nothing new for Tebow, since I can't think of a QB or running back in college that took better care of the ball. This, of course, fits right into John Fox's preferred game plan, since it doesn't give anything away that the defense has fought hard to keep the score down.

How can all these wins and excitement come to an end? An injury, or continued inaccuracy, will cause it all to come crumbling down. Plus, to change the offense to accomodate Tebow and then lose him is a disaster, not to mention the let down emotionally to the team for being without Tebow's belief that in the end we'll find a way to win.

So as a fan, what can I do? Do I become a believer and risk the let down like I thought we were going to suffer before The Drive last night or do I just close my eyes and go with the flow until if and when it stops? If I were in Tebow's shoes, I woiuld pray. But, I will also pray for John Elway to be successful in his attempts to improve Tebow's accuracy. I'll pray for Fox, and the coaches, but I don't think they need it, given the intelligence and flexibility they have shown since "Tebow Time."

And I will pray for this grand experiment to take us to the Super Bowl--even this year! But, if not this year, then next year after the Broncos and Tebow have the off season to improve his accuracy, although I think they will need the help and willingness of the receivers to be available. How the coaches will simulate real game-like practices for Tebow's timing, I don't know, but pray for that too, since we are all in clearly unchartered waters here, and I don't want to see it end!

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