Jets vs Broncos: The No Bull Review


I love seeing our fans and our team come alive and send a message to the NFL:  "You may not enjoy the way we play the game.  But this is OUR house and you better bring your A+ game if you want to beat us here."

Seriously...I know the crowd got quiet in the 3rd and early 4th when our offense was out there and deservedly so, but they came alive and cheered our team to victory.  Our fans were all in with our team to get a W.  I dig it.  

Somebody on our schedule better hand this team a few loses or the sleeping giant is going to wake up and make some noise.  Don't get me wrong...I'm not saying we're Superbowl bound...I'm saying this young team is finding their identity and they are BELIEVING.  That is a very VERY dangerous thing in this game. in your coaches, teammates, etc.  This all is how you go from being a bad team or a mediocre team to being a winning team.  

Let's get to the review and talk about what we are doing well and what we can do better.


  • Let's get some negative stuff out of the way first.  I'm pretty disappointed in our O-line this game.  That is tempered a bit by knowing that the Jets defense is extremely good.  But still...we were pathetic most of the game because our guys weren't pushing open the gaps and they were also not even holding their ground (too much penetration by the Jets defenders caused us most of the difficulties running the ball).  I do think they pass protected very well.  But our team is running and the O-line didn't get it done this game like I know they can.
  • should have rested bro.  You just didn't have the burst to be out there and really make a difference.  I honestly think Ball or Johnson could have made more out of the carries they gave you.  Thank you for Broncoing up and getting out there, but you have to know when you are a bigger detriment to the team than not.
  • I'm not going to diss our receivers and TEs...the balls Tebow was throwing were pretty awful.  But you guys need to work more on catching passes.  There were some that were catchable that were dropped.   Tebow is who he is...until he gets some more time to seriously work on his throwing accuracy we have to live with how he throws the you guys help him out and start sticking those catches.
  • Tebow...if you were more accurate on throwing we win that game by 14 easy.  Hire a QB coach this offseason and get this stuff worked out kid.  You learn to throw and we will have the most dangerous offense in football hands down with no questions asked.  We will win games by 30 points or more.  I know it. 
  • As much as we push for Tebow to pass well I honestly think during the middle of the game he needs to be rolling out more during pass plays...make 2 reads and then run.  It would have gotten us many more 1st downs.
  • As for the running...Tebow is just soo good at it.  I don't see how you don't keep working the option plays and let him carry the rock.  He's soo good at reading the defense up front and making the right decision.  In case you didn't notice he's also pretty darn good at running with the ball too.
  • That last drive was superb.  Just a fantastic job of playing football by the team.


  • MVPs of the game:  I give you Von Doom.  These guys punished Sanchez the whole game.  It is scary how dangerous we are in our pass-rush.  And with Bunkly and Thomas playing well in the middle of the line I just don't know how you can keep drives moving against our D when we are healthy.  Love seeing Doom healthy and just shoving people around.  Miller is making us just think sacks are a normal thing for rookies.  Way to be fellas...keep em coming!
  • Goodman...brotha you have got to cover better.  You made THE play of the game by getting that pick 6 so you get some slack this week.  But you KNOW they are going to pick on you vs Buress because he's so much bigger than you.  You can't play soft and give him catches.  Get in his hip pocket and make Sanchez throw elsewhere.
  • I gotta give some more props to Harris.  This undrafted kid belongs on the field.  I'm so proud of him for working so hard to make his opportunity work.  He can cover and he can tackle.  I foresee him being our #2 CB in a year or two...until then he has the Nickle CB position on lock.
  • Bailey again showed me he has definitely lost a step.  He is still a superior CB because of his experience and great ability reading plays.  Its just that it is about time to move to Free Safety.  Sanchez threw on him and that just should not be happening.
  • Pretty sad to see the Jets get a TD on a fumble because we had that play stuffed.  And I liked our chances on 3rd down against them if we get that stop.
  • Speaking of which...our defense is playing soo well on 3rd down.  Serious props guys...that is where you make it count.  When the other team has a 21% 3rd down conversion rate you are doing something very right.
  • It needs to be said again:  Our run defense is getting their stuff together.  Those no-names everyone called a weakness up front are getting very solid and playing smart, physical football.  I hope Bunkley and Thomas stay with us for years to come.  Draft us a serious MLB, anther stud CB and we're set.

Special Teams:

  • What a fantastic unit we have.  I don't remember having special teams this good since the Superbowl years.  We've had good kickers and punters, but our coverage units have been awful in the past 10 years or so.
  • Colquitt is practically a pro-bowl lock in my eyes.  His punting is the epitome of what you want in the NFL...long high and doesn't out kick his coverage.  He's also pretty darn good at placement by the goal-line if you didn't notice...what a great weapon to have (and yes a punter is a weapon) in a game where field position is king.
  • I know the coaches are going to sit Vaughn down and have a talk with him about how many yards he cost us trying to play hero on kickoff returns.  Just because you had a good return once doesn't mean you run everything back kid.  You needed to take a knee on both the last returns you tried.
  • I honestly think Eddie shouldn't have fielded that last punt at the 5...I think you take the chance that they make a play inside the 5 cause the most likely scenario is that it bounces into the end zone and you get a touchback.


  • Our team was ready to play this game.  I think that's the best compliment you can give a coaching staff.  Well done Fox and Co.
  • I do think the playcalling by McCoy is a work in progress.  You have to see that the runs to the middle aren't working and adjust.   Option stuff to the outside was working all game...use it more if they want to crash the middle.  I do like that he called more passes this game.  I know Tebow isn't good at it, but one of these days he will start completing them and you will have the defense on their heels.
  • The defensive play calling and execution was so superb.  The Jets got a TD on a fluke.  Allen rocks it.

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