"Drive 95" by Tim Tebow, as Told by Twitter

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 17: The New York Jets versus the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on November 17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

@MileHighReport: 6 minutes to go in the game. Need to unleash the offense now, with only 1 time out...

@psmyth12: Broncos QB Tim Tebow enters 4th qtr. ranked 4th in NFL in fourth quarter passer rating (109.9, 5 TD, 1 INT, 5 25-yd comps).

@ESPNStatsInfo: After starting the game 4-5, Tebow just 2-10 since ...

@MaxBroncos: The Broncos need to drive about 57 yards to get into field-goal range ... when their last nine drives have picked up a total of 50 yards.

@psmyth12: Broncos have overcome deficits of 17, 15 and 10 points with Tebow as a starter.

@nancygay: C'mon! Broncos have 134 total! RT: : ugh. 95 yards to go with this offense? let's just say i don't like broncos' chances.

@dkaplansbj: Whatever happens here, as I wrote late Sunday night, Jets from a marketing perspective have to decide who is the face of the franchise. Doesnt seem like Sanchez. Ryan?

@nfl: Do you think Tim Tebow will lead the Broncos to victory here?

@MaxBroncos: But, hey, there's 23 yards on two plays ... Eddie Royal narrowly avoids a safety & picks up 8, then Tebow runs for 15.

@BrandonSpano: Bubble screen in your own end zone is ridiculous. Whether it worked or not.

@Denver_Broncos: 2nd-and-1 after a 9-yd pass to Demaryius Thomas on first down.

@denver_broncos:9-yard run by Tebow puts the into territory.

@denver_broncos: Tebow faked a handoff, then found Rosario for a 18-yard completion and #Broncos first down

@VicLombardi: Why not go no-huddle? running out of idears

@GabeTheWP: We're getting Tebowed. I feel it.

@swirsk054: Come on Tebow!

@Tony Grossi: Everyone knows Tebow's mechanical deficiencies. What's Sanchez's excuse?

@MaxBroncos: Some moron just ran onto the field ... taken down by security at the 14-yard-line ... stopped the clock; gave Broncos a chance to re-set.

@MaxBroncos: Two-minute warning. #Broncos at the NYJ 23, facing second-and7.

@VicLombardi: we're at the 2-minute warning of the 4th quarter. tebow has the broncos moving. a td can win it. and i have no idea how they got here.

@MHR_Troy: Tick Tick Tick.

@jimrome: Tebow is just bleeding the Jets out. Bleeding them.

@piggphat: Got the fan on & my hands & feet are sweatin'

@DarrellReid: The deflection actually helped the completion he woulda prob overthrew it #TebowShow #TebowMagic

@BroncoTalk: 4th quarter is just #TebowTime, First down, first down, first down. It's unexplainable, remarkable.


@SayreBedinger: This is intense

@ballinnickcast: We desperately need #TebowTime

@ballinnickcast: I think I might pee my pants.

@MileHighReport: You start to wonder - is there any real doubt if Tebow is going to get it done??

@Skotty_Payne: im so nervous. i'll either be elated or depressed for a week

@BrandonSpano: Wow. I cant believe I'm witnessing this again.

@ErinAndrews: Wow

@thatdudepatrick: And that there folks is

@RealSkipBayless: HE ... JUST ... WINS ... FOOTBALL ... GAMES.

@MileHighReport: That is a legendary drive. I don't even care what you say...

@bspikes55: Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! It’s great 2 be a Florida gator #GatorNation #GoGators #PoWwWwW

@KSlash10: Man man man……great job by Tebow. It is what it is. I must admit….great job. 60 minutes…

@BrandonSpano: The players room right to us, with all injured and un suited players is going NUTS right now! Crowd chanting TEBOW! TEBOW! TEBOW!

@iamjamiefoxx: Tim Tebow just made me a fan again!

@kirkmorrison: Tebow saved the best for last. Wow.


@billromanowski: Tebow is like Mother Teresa playing QB in the NFL. He inspires me!

@Justin_Trattou: Really enjoyed watching Tebow shut up the critics once again. He’s a winner nd a beast on that field. Anyone who doesn’t respect him is nuts

@kurt13warner: Wow, @TimTebow does it again! So happy 4 him, no idea how he does it, but I remember when ppl said the same about me! Phil 4:13 #fb

@kingjames: S/O @TimTebow for getting that W tonight vs the Jets at home. #allhedoiswin

@realchriswebber: TEEEEEBOOOW!

@BretGiese: is acting like a kid on Christmas morning. Broncos are winning btw

@Denver_Broncos: Tebow avoids the blitz and takes it 20 yards for a touchdown. That's a 95-yard scoring drive for the .

@TheJetsStream: Tim Tebow had 6 rushes for 57 yards on a 95-yard drive that gives Broncos a 17-13 lead with 58 seconds to go. Incredible.

@Denver_Broncos: Here is the audio highlight of the game-winning TD run by courtesy of : .

@KraigKennicutt: YES YES YES YES. This kid is special. I don't care what anyone says.

@ballinnickcast: NOBODY gave Denver a chance. NOBODY. When it counts most, Tim Tebow just SHREDDED the Jets D.

@MrMichael_Smith: avoided the big mistake, unlike his counterpart, which was huge in a game like this. Was fun watching him drive Broncos 95 yards.

@dbfresh15 (Doug Baldwin, WR,Seahawks): Tim Tebow was 9/20 for 104 and the game winning touchdown.

@ChrisSteuber: Slowly the NFL universe that once looked down on Tim Tebow is coming around, even if he needs a gimmicky offense to be successful.

@DickieV: @timtebow WINNER – WINNER – WINNER – A flat out Football player! Haters get a life the kid is SPECIAL. 4-1 with a sub par team. #TENACIOUS

@jcgrayum: It's amazing what Tebow does. He makes a group of players a team. That's his special quality. For all the bad, he leads and he wins.

@MHR_Troy: I believe in Tebow... there's something special about him. It must be divine, because idk what else it could be.

@viclombardi: i'm done playing amateur analyst with this guy. some things you just can't explain.

@RichEisen: Adios, Denver. Will never forget what I saw on that field last night. Raised the bar for rest of Thursday Night Football. See u Sunday AM.

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