Playoffs? Are you kidding me?


That's right Jim Mora. I'm talking about playoffs.

If the raiders lose sunday, Our beloved Denver Broncos will be in first place. That's right first place. A month ago we were "Sucking for Luck". Calling out our coach because we thought he was making a mockery of Tebow(Using him at WR, that run play against Green Bay). We had Kyle Orton at QB, We were 1-4. Wow that seems like ages ago.

Now onto better time's Since Tebow has been handed the reins we have gone on a 4-1 stretch. We only won 4 games all of last year. Hell we have only won 7 games since the 6-0 start till Tebow was the starter against the Dolphins. Now we're 5-5 in the playoff hunt. Wow that feels great

It's not an easy road to the playoffs though...

We play at San Diego which lately hasnt been good for us, but they're struggling, still a tough game

Then at Minnesota against a rookie QB, Which too me should be an easy W. But they have a good D, And the best RB in the league in AP.

Then to me, the two games we need to take our at least split to make the playoffs. Home against the Bears and Patriots. Both are very beatable. Bears have a bad OL and we have VonDoom. We also know how Cutler can implode, and the crowd will be after him bad. Patriots have an average D, and the patriots have struggled against us. It will be a tough game though. I think we take at least 1 of them though.

Then we travel to snowy cold Buffalo on Christmas eve to play the falling back to earth buffalo bills. I think we can take that game as well, then we finish up at home against the chiefs. Alot of season is left. But our remaining schedule as of right now is 27-27 (.500) exactly. 

Now lets look at our divisions remaining schedule


...@ New England, Home against the Steelers, @Chicago, @NYJ, Home against the Packers, Home against the Raiders and @ Denver.

43-23 Ouch. Tough road ahead for the chiefs with a backup QB. So i can safely say they're out of it


@Chicago, Home against the Broncos, @Jacksonville, Home against Bills and Ravens, Then on the road against the Lions and Raiders.

36 - 28 So not as tough as a road as the chiefs, but still tough for a team who's on a 0-4 stretch and with rivers playing bad. I think if we beat them next week, they will be out of it ultimately


@Minnesota, Home against the Bears, @Miami, @Green Bay, Home against Detroit, @Chiefs, then home at San Diego.

32 - 30. I think Oakland is our biggest competition. They have a few tough ones where they need to lose to help us out.

So overall i think the chiefs have no chance, chargers will be out of it soon. It will come down between us and the Raiders. It will be fun to watch, and i hope we come out on top.


Now if we do make it to the playoffs. I think our team is built for it. What wins in January? Defense, running the ball, causing turnovers and not making turnovers. What are we doing? Our Defense is playing great, stopping the run, rushing the passer, and causing turnovers. What are we not doing? Turning the ball over.

Oh yeah and we have Tebow Time. 

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