The Art of a Comeback: We've Been Here Before Broncos Fans

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 17: Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos celebrates after scoring the game winning touchdown against New York Jets at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on November 17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow mania. Why not call it Broncomania? For that is what it is. The way Tim Tebow wins football games is the way Broncos have won most of their games in the past 30 years. Yes, this is nothing new to the seasoned Broncomaniac, because we've been here before.

Tim Tebow is simply writing a new chapter in an old book authored by none other than John Elway. The book has pretty much sat gathering dust over the past decade, but now it is once again being filled with new tales of legends and sagas. There is no denying that Tebow has something within himself that is so rare only a handful of Hall of Fame quarterbacks had it. John Elway was one of them. Joe Montana another. No one would compare Elway and Montana as similar in style, mechanics or athleticism, yet no one would deny their greatness when defeat was knocking on the door.

What did Montana and Elway do? The would snatch victory from the clutches of defeat. It's that competitive fire and determination that has set them apart from other great quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame who simply won. Winning is everything of course, but sometimes you need a miracle. Tim Tebow has the same unquantifiable characteristic that they had.

However, many young Broncos fans feel John Elway is somehow out to get Tebow. I cannot imagine how that even comes close to reality. Perhaps a month ago it was a possibility, but Tebow has certainly won this franchise over from the top down. And why not, John Elway wrote the book that Tebow is now filling with new chapters. I think many of the younger fans need to take a seat and learn what John Elway was all about and how both he and Tebow are of the same mold. It's as if they were destined to cross paths...

And if you are not a younger fan, then just sit back and reminisce old times. I certainly enjoyed watching dozens of YouTube videos to find the perfect one's to share today.

There is Always a Way with John Elway

Ok, so now that you youngsters have been briefed on John Elway's early career, perhaps we can lay off the paranoia over Tim Tebow's future. If you didn't see #15 easily replace the #7 on that jersey during these highlights, then there is nothing I can say or do you convince you that Elway and Tebow are kindred spirits. This is a perfect situation for the Broncos. We finally found someone who might just be worth half his salt in the 4th quarter to pass Elway's torch to.

Like Elway's 20-19 comeback victory over the Colts in his rookie season, what we have seen from Tim Tebow is only a harbinger of what is to come. If you are still unconvinced Elway doesn't have Tebow's best interest at heart, then watch Elway in the 1991 AFC Divisional Playoffs against the Houston Oilers. Aside from the Super Bowl victories, this was the greatest ending to a football game I ever watched as a fan. Enjoy...and Go Broncos!

This video begins after the ball is downed at the 1 yard line. The Broncos have no timeouts with just 2:02 left in the game and they need a field goal. 

Notice the chants...Elway Elway Elway. Tebow is incredible, but so was Elway! Love them both!!! We are in for an incredible ride Broncos fans!  


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