Let the playoff scenarios begin!!! AFC West remaining schedules and thoughts


Let me start this off by saying, a few weeks before our winning streak, I said our team could make the playoffs.  I can’t see through the future or look into a crystal ball, but my argument at the time was----why not?  What other AFC west team is going to?  The overrated Chargers, The Raiders with Carson Palmer (that looked worse than it does now), or The Chiefs with their injured stars and Matt Cassel?  Well now that we are in a good position, how plausible could it be?  Let’s take a look at the remaining schedules for the AFC West.


Jokeland Raiders (5-4)

@ Vikings







I’d say they go 3-4 with wins over the Vikings, Dolphins, and Chiefs.  That puts their overall record at 8-8, their division record at 3-3, and their conference record at 7-5. (Series with Broncos tied)

Kansas City Queefs (4-5)








Maybe they beat the Raiders, I don’t see any other wins for them.  That puts their overall record at 5-11…won’t bother to get into the other records.

San Diego Chokers (4-5)








They beat the Jags, Bills, Ravens, and Raiders.  That means 8-8, division record 3-3, and conference record 7-5.

THE Denver Broncos (5-5)







We beat the Chargers, Vikings, Bears, and Chiefs.  9-7 AFC WEST CHAMPS BABY!!!!

Now if we lost to another team, maybe the Bears, that puts us at 8-8, division record 4-2, conference record 7-5, but we advance because of the better division record. 

If we ended up tied with the scenarios I listed above, went 3-4 but lost a game to either the Chargers or Chiefs, three AFC West teams would have identical division and conference records…so on to the next tiebreaker…wait what are those again?

-head to head

-division records

-won/lost percentage in common games

-won/lost percentage in conference

-strength of victory etc etc

So if we lost to the Chargers, they would be 8-8 along with the Raiders and us, and we would be eliminated because of the head to head 0-2 record to the Chargers, and the Chargers would be the champs. 

The way I see it, the Chargers game is a must win for the division record, but more importantly for the head to head tie.  That is unless the Broncos go gang busters and win 5 or 6 after losing to the Chargers.

Bottom line is that all the AFC West teams have tough schedules to round off the year, but the Chiefs, I don’t see them winning much so eliminate them now.  It will take some combination of at least four wins in seven games, with two of them being against the Chargers and Chiefs to make it safe.  Let’s take care of our division first huh?


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