Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/19/11


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John Fox Press Conference |
Head Coach John Fox talks about Thursday night's 17-13 win over the New York Jets.

NFL Videos: Believing in Tebow
Finding it hard to believe what Tim Tebow is accomplishing this season? Take a listen to what Michael Irvin has to say about Tebow's magic. news: Winning is the only reason Broncos need to believe in Tebow
The critics, the haters, they can all say what they want about Broncos QB Tim Tebow. He's got all the love and support he needs from his teammates.

Tebow defies NFL conventional wisdom - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
How did Rex Ryan and the New York Jets not see it coming? Third-and-4 from the New York 20, Broncos trailing by a field goal, 1:06 to go in Thursday night’s game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Tim Tebow(notes) lined up in the shotgun.

Tim Tebow - Man or Man-Made Myth? | Upon Further Review
I can’t remember the last player to enter the NFL that was as polarizing as Tebow. Even in Denver, he’s either loved or hated. There is no middle ground. Among NFL’s experts, he’s either seen as one of the great clutch players of all time or the worst QB in history that is on borrowed time.

Broncos' drive: Six plays that won the game - The Denver Post
In just shy of five minutes, in the span of 12 plays covering 95 yards, Tim Tebow engineered the greatest drive of the Broncos season.

Student Driver | Drew Litton
Wow! Words just cannot describe what all of us in Broncos Nation are seeing week in and week out. Driving 95 yards in 4 minutes after lulling us all asleep, including the Jets, was just beyond description. It reminded me so much of Elway in Cleveland with 98 yards to go, I swear I was looking on the field for those dog bones they used to throw. 

Denver Broncos Videos

NFL Videos: Fox: I'm Tebow's 'biggest fan'
What did Broncos coach John Fox think of Thursday night's comeback win? He swings by "NFL Total Access" to talk about the upset over the Jets, and to discuss the offense with Tim Tebow at the helm.

NFL Videos: Talkin' with Dawkins
What is it like to be on the sidelines watching Tim Tebow? Brian Dawkins discusses the Tebow phenomenon, as well as the improvement of the Broncos defense.

NFL Videos: Tebow's magic
Tim Tebow lead the Broncos to a comeback victory vs. the Jets on Thursday night. Can he use his powers to take Denver to the playoffs? Find out.

Denver Broncos News news: Fox wishes he hadn't created firestorm with Tebow comment
Regrets? Broncos' coach John Fox has a big one right now, and it has to do with what he said this week about quarterback Tim Tebow. news: Cowboys' Ryan doesn't think Broncos' offense can work in NFL
Rob Ryan wanted to say something nice about Tim Tebow on Friday, but it appears this Ryan is also stinging from his brother's tough loss to the Broncos on Thursday night. news: Dungy doubts Broncos' read-option attack can last
Tony Dungy watched Tim Tebow's 95-yard, game-winning drive along with the rest of us, and he won't deny the heroics involved, but the former Colts coach isn't sure how long the Broncos offense can survive in today's NFL.

Defense shines in Tebow's shadow - Boulder Daily Camera
Lost in all the hoopla over Tim Tebow and his recent success is the performance of Denver's dominant defense over the last month. The Broncos have been able to keep it close so that their unconventional quarterback can orchestrate all those comebacks.

You say you want a revolution? See Denver, S.F. | SF Gate
For many of us, the memories start with Fran Tarkenton, scrambling around in crazy figure-8 patterns to avoid NFL pass rushers of the 1960s.

Denver Broncos loss hits Sanchez hard, but Rex Ryan supports quarterback |
Mark Sanchez put the devastating loss in Denver on his shoulders Thursday night, calling his play "embarrassing" and saying he let his defense down.

Tebow lifts Broncos to win vs. Jets - NFL - Game Recap
There's a new Comeback Kid in Denver, and John Elway's proudly looking on as this plucky quarterback wins with his legs, not his arm. Tim Tebow's 20-yard touchdown run with 58 seconds left capped a 95-yard drive and sent the Broncos to a 17-13 victory over the stunned New York Jets on Thursday night.

Krieger: Broncos' defense a template for success - The Denver Post
There are only two known templates for ultimate success in the modern NFL game.

Fox sorry for off-the-cuff remark about Tebow's QB skills - The Denver Post
Regrets? John Fox has at least one. Fox was watching game tape last week while also talking to reporter Jeff Darlington about how well Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow operates the read-option offense.

Broncos' defensive line gets high praise for dismantling Jets - The Denver Post
Defense made it possible for quarterback Tim Tebow to become a final- minute hero in the Broncos 17-13 win Thursday night over the New York Jets.

Broncos' priority No. 1 looks to be solved - The Denver Post
The Broncos last offensive play Thursday night has been hoisted above all else that went on at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, but a decision made in the earliest parts of the 2011 calendar shouldnt be ignored in Thursdays win or the four before it.

Broncos' Thursday game has a restful benefit - The Denver Post
Mike Shanahan routinely was in favor of a Thursday night game later in the season — he never minded the Broncos Thanksgiving appearance — because he believed the benefits on the backside of a Thursday appearance outweighed the difficulties.

Inside the game: Broncos squandering field position is big issue - The Denver Post
There is plenty of euphoria in and around the Broncos after Thursday nights win over the Jets, and for good reason.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Notebook: Fox Recaps Comeback Win |
Quarterback Tim Tebow moved to 4-1 as a starter this season, and Head Coach John Fox said he has seen improvement from the second-year player with each game he gets under his belt.

The Legend of Tim Tebow Grows - The Daily Fix - WSJ
There’s some division on the how’s and why’s, and there will be for some time. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow’s knack for leading his team to dramatic wins might have to do with him Just Being A Winner. The NFL Network’s Brad Nessler, among countless others, described him as "magical."

Tracking Tebow, Week 11: Now do you believe? -
Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has a saying: Style points don't matter. The Broncos should patent the phrase, or at the very least, make it a part of their 2011 marketing strategy: "The Denver Broncos: Where Style Points Don't Matter … but Winning Does."

New York Jets vs. Denver Broncos: Season Low at Mile High | The Village Voice
​How do they do it? You know when a team has gone bad -- when they've lost their focus, when they've stopped believing in their coach and themselves, when they lose games for different reasons -- when the only thread that runs through the losses are the astonishing inconsistencies.

Denver Broncos: Moving on - AFC West Blog - ESPN
TebowMania is bubbling over after his most thrilling win yet. The quarterback, once again, came alive late. He engineered a 12-play, 95-yard drive – in which he shined with his legs and his arm – culminating in a 20-yard touchdown run with 58 seconds to go to seal the win.

Broncos' Miller Shows Veteran Poise On Primetime - Predominantly Orange
Casual fans will remember the Denver Broncos‘ Thursday night win over the New York Jets for Tim Tebow‘s late game heroics. Down 3 points, after punting on the previous eight drives, the Broncos offense somehow drove 95 yards in the waning minutes against Rex Ryan‘s vaunted defense with the entire nation watching.

Eyes On Tebow, But Broncos Defense Defeats Jets - Predominantly Orange
It wasn’t quite the Mile High Miracle. It was more like Mile High Madness. Sports Authority Field at Mile High had not seen that level of excitement in years. It was dancing for defense and twirling for Tebow.

Tim Tebow is Pat Bowlen’s man - BroncoTalk
A vote of confidence can often be the virtual death sentence for a struggling coach or quarterback in the NFL. If the person in charge has to use words to emphasize what isn’t clear on the field, someone is in trouble.

What are the NY papers saying now? | First-and-Orange
We all saw the "God Help Him" New York tabloid cover earlier this week. Well, now that that Broncos — and Tim Tebow — beat the Jets 17-13 last night in Denver, what did the papers come up with today?

NFL News

Mild NFL response to Lions-Bears fracas - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
The final tally for fines from last Sunday's game at Soldier Field is in: $62,500. Of that total, a relatively modest $30,000 resulted from the fourth

Where The NFL Eats | Fox News
Beef, it’s what’s for dinner — at least if you’re an NFL player fueling up. Polling teams' media relations staff members and city insiders reveals that their players, and visiting ones, like to eat prime-grade steaks and chops, and large portions of them, when eating out in the NFL's 32 cities.

NFL football: Fatherhood tames Minnesota Vikings star Jared Allen - San Jose Mercury News
The Jared Allen the Raiders will see Sunday is not the same wild man who has spent his life seeking out adrenaline rushes. - NFL Week 11 Picks - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada
Postmedia News Against The Spread Record Last Week: 8-8; Season 71-67-8 Straight Up Record Last Week: 8-8; Season: 86-60

Which NFL games should you watch this Sunday? Which should you avoid? - ESPN
Just as the NFL puts out an injury report on the likelihood that certain players will suit up each week (probable, questionable, doubtful or out), we rate the NFL schedule on the likelihood that games will be worth watching. Because let's face it, you can't watch them all.

NFL notes: Eagles' Vick still ailing
Eagles quarterback Michael Vick missed a third consecutive day of practice Friday because of broken ribs, but coach Andy Reid did not rule him out of Sunday's game against the New York Giants. Vick suffered two broken ribs during the Eagles' 21-17 loss to Arizona last weekend and has not practiced since. He's officially questionable.

CHFF Game of the Week: Chargers-Bears - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Chargers (4-5) visit the Bears (6-3) in an inter-conference battle between two clubs fighting to keep pace in crowded divisions. San Diego could wake up Monday tied for first place or all alone in last place in the AFC West. The Bears need to scratch and claw through the end of the season to pick up the wild-card playoff crumbs the undefeated Packers will leave behind in the NFC North.

Denver Broncos Fans

"When he improves his passing he's going to be unstoppable" - Champ - Mile High Report
On 102.4 The Ticket with Vic and Gary this moring, Champ Bailey talking about Tebow. "What's gonna make him more dangerous in the future is when he improves his passing, he's going to be unstoppable. If he can get a lot better in the passing game, people are going to be so afraid of him."

Jets vs Broncos: The No Bull Review - Mile High Report
I love seeing our fans and our team come alive and send a message to the NFL:  "You may not enjoy the way we play the game.  But this is OUR house and you better bring your A+ game if you want to beat us here."

Broncoman Eats Crow and time for the MSM to do the same - Mile High Report
I will admit I had my doubts on how successful Tebow would be this year, I had the over under on wins being 3 or 4, well, Mr. Tebow I am glad you are making my prediction look foolish. 

BIG PLAYS #9: Denver at Kansas City - Mile High Report
A short week and a trip to Hawaii have conspired to make me fall behind a bit on this series, but we should be caught up soon.  First, Kansas City.  We're again referring to AdvancedNFLStats' game log to analyze the game and come up with the biggest plays of the game.  Our definition of a big play is a play that changes the likelihood of the outcome of the game.

Big Plays #10: NY Jets @ Denver - Mile High Report
We're again referring to AdvancedNFLStats' game log to analyze the game and come up with the biggest plays of the game.  Our definition of a big play is a play that changes the likelihood of the outcome of the game.  We're looking at WPA to judge them.  At the start of the game, WPA is 0.50, meaning each team has a 50% chance of winning.

Stats do lie... Tebow's passing game. - Mile High Report
There is a saying often used in sports. "Stats don’t lie". I say they lie often. I made the case earlier in the year that stats do lie by analyzing Kyle Orton’s only win of the season. In that analysis I stated that Kyle Orton is a very good quarterback, based on his decision making, ball placement and accuracy.

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