Thank You God for Tim Tebow...

Thursday Night was awesome... and it wasn't just that the Broncos beat the Jets. We're a few days away from ThanksGiving, so I thought I would take a few minutes and unload something I am thankful for this season.

I am so thankful that the Broncos drafted Tim Tebow.


I was not thankful when it happened. In fact, my buddy and I were both shouting "NO" at the TV when the Broncos popped back on the screen on draft day. We didn't need a QB...

I don't want to argue about wether Tebow will be the next Elway. This post isn't about that... or if he will make it in the NFL as a QB or not. However, Tim Tebow has been a gift to this team, and to me.... and I am thankful that these things are happening in Denver and not anywhere else.

You see, I bought my 6 year old son a Tebow jersey on Tuesday... just a cheap one from Walmart, but it's cool none the less. He wore it to bed that night. Wore it all day Wednesday and Thursday, including Game Time, with me sporting my Orange #20. Yesterday it was on all day until his Mom forced him to remove it for some pictures. Today, when I came home for lunch, #15 was sitting right next to me.

As a Dad, I can't tell you what it means to have a guy like Tim Tebow on our team that my son looks up too. A guy that plays like crap, yet he never pouts and he never quits. His receivers drop a pass, yet he never thows a fit or gets in thier face. He gets slandered and degraded by Merril Hodge, yet he graciously tweets "'preciatte that".

Whether He wins or loses, Tebow thanks God for the ability to play the game. When guys trash talk him and throw in an extra shot after the play, he pops up and gives them a good old "God Bless". When the NFL Network crew tries to make him the spotlight Hero of the aftergame, Tebow talks about his teammates and how the win came because the Team didn't give up.

When confronted with his own limitations, he honestly acknoledges his need for improvement and commits himself to the process of doing it. When the whole world wants to measure Tim Tebow as a football player, Tim Tebow commits to living a life that reflects a greater purpose than scoring touchdowns. He respects and honors his coaches, and dispite his crazy celebrity, he walks with humilty and grace. He even offered to pay for dinner after a pre-draft interview with Coach John Fox prior to the 2010 draft.

Maybe its because he won every wind sprint in practice, not because he's the fastest, but because he worked harder than anyone else.

Maybe its because he's building a hospital for children in the Phillipines so that children their don't have to suffer from treatable illnesses.

Maybe its because after leading the Broncos 95 yards, and scoring the winning Touchdown with 50+ seconds left, the NFL Network cameras found Tim Tebow on the sideline, taking a knee and silently thanking God for the strength and the ability to give his very best for the sake of his Savior.

Why does Tebow garner so much attention? Maybe it's because he lives a life that doesn't mesh with the norm. Maybe it's because he actually lives out the ideals that we all admire and seek to live out ourselves. Maybe it's because millions of Dad's, like me, see a guy that they can encourage thier son's to watch, cheer for, and emulate.

Lord knows we need more guys like Tim Tebow in this world... and thats the truth.

So thanks for letting me get that off my chest, and thanks Lord, for making Tim Tebow a Denver Bronco.

"'ppreciate that".

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