Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/2/11


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Vote your favorite Bronco player to the Pro Bowl. news: Tailor-built offense still wouldn't solve Tebow's problems
Many Tim Tebow supporters believe building an offense around his unique skill set would result in wins. Albert Breer posed the question to a personnel exec and shares the answer in his weekly notebook. news: King: Tebow won't be Broncos' starting QB by Jets game
Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King said Tuesday on "The Rich Eisen Podcast" that he believes Tim Tebow will lose the Broncos' starting QB job by Week 11.

Tim Tebow is the most polarizing player - and possibly figure - in the NFL - NY Daily News
This week a Denver sports columnist labeled Tim Tebow the worst quarterback in the NFL. What’s not up for debate is that he’s the most polarizing quarterback - or player - period.

Time for Broncos to make benchmark decision on struggling Tim Tebow - The Denver Post
In the opening days of training camp, when there was almost as much optimism as sunshine around the Broncos, coach John Fox was quick to say that a lot of NFL teams would like to have Denvers depth at quarterback.

Shotgun stats say Broncos molding offense specifically for Tebow | First-and-Orange
For some reason, I get a lot of e-mails, hear some talk show chatter, and get questions from friends that wonder if Broncos bosses John Elway and John Fox are purposely setting up Tim Tebow to fail.

Poll: Tim Tebow's leash - AFC West Blog - ESPN
A different Tim Tebow Watch is on now. After the Broncos finally made him the starting quarterback, Tebow is struggling and folks are wondering how long of a leash the Broncos will give the quarterback.

Denver Broncos News

Miller, McGahee Promote Play 60 |
Von Miller and Willis McGahee promote the NFL's Play 60 message of at least 60 minutes of play every day. news: Report: RB McGahee eyes return against Raiders after surgery
A week after undergoing surgery to insert a plate and five pins to repair his hand, Willis McGahee said he expects to play in Sunday's game against the Raiders.

Member Of Lions Says Tebow Is 'A Joke' - WCVB Boston
An unidentified member of the Detroit Lions called Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow "a joke."

Kiszla: USC bringing Broncos-ready quarterback to Colorado this week - The Denver Post
A very real solution to what ails our local NFL franchise at quarterback is coming to Colorado for inspection, when Matt Barkley of USC plays Friday night against the Buffaloes at Folsom Field.

Tim Tebow triggering Denver Broncos' passing game from shotgun - The Denver Post
One look at the shotgun stats leaves no mistake the Broncos are trying to tailor their offense around quarterback Tim Tebow.

History reveals Heisman quarterbacks find NFL difficult - The Denver Post
The last quarterback to win the Heisman Trophy and then go on to win a Super Bowl in the NFL is Jim Plunkett.

Q&A: Broncos need more time, talent to fix all their issues - The Denver Post
Coming off a 4-12 season, the Broncos couldnt fix everything in one offseason and one draft. Theyre still short on talent, so they still cant do everything theyd like to do on game day.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Serving the Community |
Wesley Woodyard and teammates supported the 16Ways Foundation by serving as waiters at Sullivan's Steakhouse in downtown Denver Tuesday.

Gameday Online: Striving for Perfection |
From the Week 8 game program: Matt Prater has never missed a kick in the 4th quarter or overtime in his career. And after finding a home as the Broncos kicker, he expects nothing less than perfection from himself during the first three quarters as well.

Raiders Sign Houshmandzadeh Just In Time For Meeting With Broncos - Predominantly Orange
The Broncos face the Oakland Raiders in Oakland this week. The last time the Broncos and Raiders met, the Raiders ran the Broncos into the ground with 190 rushing yards.

Week 9 NFL Lines And Odds: Broncos Vs. Raiders - SB Nation Denver
The Denver Broncos are facing the Oakland Raiders on the road this Sunday, and the odds makers don't like their chances after last week's brutal loss.

Poll results: Give Tebow time - AFC West Blog - ESPN
If it was up to the readers, the Denver Broncos would take all the mystery out of the rest the season and allow Tim Tebow to play the final nine games of the season regardless of his production.

Woodyard draws crowd of Broncos for charity event | First-and-Orange
The Broncos were off Tuesday, but Wesley Woodyard put some of his teammates to work.

Broncos Von Miller, Willis McGahee drop in on Aurora students | First-and-Orange
Broncos Von Miller and Willis McGahee dropped in on Paris Elementary School in Aurora this week as part of the National Football League’s "Play 60″ program that encourages children to be active physically in sports and other fun activities.

Who's your top NFL villain? The Raiders' Al Davis, perhaps? | First-and-Orange
With the Broncos playing ’Da Raiders on Sunday, what better way to honor the late Al Davis than rooting out the greatest villains in NFL history.

NFL News NFL Picks Against the Spread - Week 9, 2011
Tim Tebow has no chance. Haters, from the two clowns on Sunday NFL Countdown to people who promote racism like Yahoo's Michael Silver, were loving Tebow's struggles against the Lions. But I think all quarterbacks would look nearly as inept if their own head coach drew up the worst game plan of all time for them.

Colts should draft Luck, says Mike Mayock of NFL Network | USA Today
The win-less Indianapolis Colts should draft Andrew Luck if they get the opportunity, Peyton Manning or no Peyton Manning.

Week 9 NFL Picks And Predictions - SB Nation Chicago
Week 9 of the NFL Season is already upon us. Week 8 I went 8-5 again thanks mainly to the Saints and Panthers losing games they really should have won.

Suh, Goodell clear air - The Boston Globe
The Lions star defensive tackle met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and his staff yesterday to clarify questions about his play and the game.

Five Fan Questions Halfway Through the 2011 NFL Season - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Week 8 has wrapped in the 2011 NFL season, about midway through the year in terms of games played. Here are five questions I'm asking myself as an NFL fan in terms of what situations will pan out by the end of the year.

Denver Broncos Fans

Ask a Raider Fan. - Mile High Report
I'm sure we all remember MNF Round 1 - while we were far from perfect in that game we still came into yr house and left with a win. Now it's the Broncos' turn to visit the Coliseum, I have come from my Silver and Black home to talk Raider football with you guys. Smack talk will be dealt, abuse will fly and all that other fun stuff.

Raiders v. Broncos: 2000-2011 - Mile High Report
So you know what week it is?  BRONCOS V. RAIDERS WEEK BABY!  I can think of no team I loathe more than the Raiders.  It’s in our DNA as Bronco fans…if you’re a Bronco fan, you learn very young that they’re the bad guys.  There was nothing better than playing the Raiders on MNF. 

Enough Tebow talk - It's Freaking Raider Week - Mile High Report
In a plea to all of us who are Broncos fans first and foremost, let me say it's time to take the discussion back to what matters, and that is next week's game against the hated Raiders.

Tebow's problems are probably fixable - Mile High Report
I'm writing this because I want to explain why I think Tim Tebow might become a good quarterback.  Now before I begin, I would like you to know a couple of things.  I have some knowledge of the Denver Broncos but I am actually a San Francisco 49ers fan and a Utah Utes fan.

The Ugly Truth: The Bitter Taste of Sour Kool-Aid - Mile High Report
Those of you who have come to know me, know that I am a glass half full kind of guy. I have been accused of drinking Orange Kool-Aid while wearing Orange tinted goggles. My beloved team has shaken that glass in recent weeks to where my glass is now merey a third full and my goggles are heavily fogged.

How to Develop a Quarterback - Mile High Report
We are in a unique situation in Denver. With a first round quarterback mixed with college success, sprinkle that with a fanatical fan base and for the topping add some crazier media attention and critical analysis. We have the Tebow experiment.

The 6 hour Drive Broncos vs. Lions Observations from the Stands - Mile High Report
Hello MHR!!!! The Family and I just got back from a six hour drive from Denver to Albuquerque. We sat in the nosebleeds with a group of Lions fans during this past Sunday's game.

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