NFL Weekly Picks (Week 11): BroadwayBroncoFan and Matt Worthington Make Their Picks

     What an exciting time for Broncos fans. With 38-24 and 17-10 victories over Oakland and Kansas City, respectively, Tim Tebow has led Denver to back-to-back victories for the first time since November of 2009 (when the Broncos defeated the Giants 26-6 then beat the Chiefs 44-13). This is not to mention adding a third straight victory by beating the Jets. But for now, let's focus on the back-to-back wins. For the second time this season, the Staffers have a chance to post back-to-back victories, and perhaps cut into the Readers' four game lead. Can the Staffers imitate Tebow and be the contest's comeback kings, or will the Readers lay claim to the Tebow magic and continue to dominate? Only the final scores will tell. This week there is a slate of thirteen games with Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Houston all having byes.

This week our reader is that MHR member known as BroadwayBroncoFan. BroadwayBroncoFan writes:

The name is Danny, I’m a professional Actor but I defy the cliché, as I do in fact know a thing or two about sports.  I’ve been bleeding Orange and Blue since Tebow was drafted…ha ha ha just kidding.  Born in Fort Collins I was fed a steady dose of Pro-Bronco/Anti-Raider propaganda by my family until I was old enough to understand how right they were.  I look forward to feeding that same Orange and Blue Kool Aid to my children some day.  My child can get a tattoo, sport a mohawk, vote Republican, and I’ll understand.  Buy a Philip Rivers jersey?  They’re sleeping outside!

BroadwayBroncoFan will be competing with Matt Worthington. Matt writes:

I can personally guarantee my victory in this week's Mile High Report Staff Challenge.* Growing up on the plains of Colorado, I developed an elite football viewing ability. Now a law student, I am provided ample free time to compile advanced statistics and break down highlight videos on youtube.* Last year, my patented system allowed me to predict regular season victories with 98% accuracy.* And if you don't let me win, I'll just sue you and your little dog too!*


Let's take a jump and look at their predictions.

Readers Staffers
Last Week 6-9 7-8
Season to Date 86-51 82-55



BroadwayBroncoFan: Ahh, the battle of the Juggernaughts.  No matter who wins, the effects will be felt across the NFL landscape.  Cleveland

Matt: Jacksonville. The Browns have allowed an average 142.8 yards on the ground. Maurice Jones-Drew will be the difference maker in this one.



BroadwayBroncoFan: Demarco Murray may have saved the Cowboys’ season (And Romo’s Job).  Cowboys

Matt: Dallas. What got into Tony Romo last week? I think even a mediocre Romo could beat this putrid Redskins team. 



BroadwayBroncoFan: Carolina is a vogue team to pick here, as I’d love to see the Lions lose, but it ain’t happening.  Lions

Matt: Carolina. Cam Newton has brought excitement to Charlotte, but he hasn't been bringing wins. So wouldn't it be pretty crazy if Newton and the Panthers went to Ford Field and got the W? Yes, and that's exactly why we watch the NFL. This is the perfect trap game for the Lions. It will be hard to focus on the Panthers when the Lions will have their sights set on the Packers and the Saints.



BroadwayBroncoFan: I honestly don’t know who to pick here, they’re both precariously hovering over mediocre.  Tennessee

Matt: Atlanta. Julio Jones might not play but I still like the Falcons here. I think they want to come out hard after their bonehead loss to the Saints in overtime.


Tampa Bay@Green Bay

BroadwayBroncoFan: Does it matter who Green Bay plays?  Green Bay

Matt: Green Bay. Does anyone remember how one of the big talking points from the 2011 Draft was who would be the next Clay Matthews? Through his first 9 games Von Miller has 8 sacks (and 32 QB hits/hurries!), 38 tackles, and 2 forced fumbles. Compare Miller's numbers with Matthews's first 9 games, 4 sacks, 24 tackles, and 1 forced fumble, or Matthews's 9 games this season, 5 sacks, 28 tackles, and 1 forced fumble. Von Miller needs more love from Bronco fans.



BroadwayBroncoFan: I think I’m buying the Dalton hype a little more than I should.  Go get ‘em, ginger!  Cincinnati

Matt: Baltimore. The Ravens this year remind me of the Broncos after the Superbowl wins. They can compete with the best of the best but don't show up for the easy wins. The Bengals have been impressive so far but I think the Ravens can play to their level.



BroadwayBroncoFan: God I hate that I’m picking this team to win….  Oakland

Matt: Oakland. I'm not ashamed to pick the Raiders. Carson Palmer has looked impressive in the last two games. He'll need to be impressive again this week to make up for Oakland's porous rush D. 



BroadwayBroncoFan: Can Buffalo stop their free fall?  Yes they can.  But my gut is telling me Miami…  Miami

Matt: Remember when we mocked Miami for signing Matt Moore instead of trading for Kyle Orton. Who's laughing now? (Well no one, Miami is 2-7 but Moore has looked impressive lately.) Look for Miami's offense to beat up on the Bills in this one.


Arizona@San Francisco

BroadwayBroncoFan: San Francisco is too good right now.  San Francisco

Matt: San Francisco. Conventional wisdom says to pick the better team, but I wouldn't be surprised if Skelton and the Cards can squeeze out a win here.


Seattle@St. Louis

BroadwayBroncoFan: Silly me, I thought Cleveland/Jacksonville was the game to watch.  I didn’t realize these two powerhouses were the afternoon’s main event!!  St. Louis

Matt: St. Louis. This one is tough to predict. Two bad teams that are divisional rivals but are probably already out of the playoffs. Seattle's offense was impressive but I don't think it is something they can maintain every week. I'll go with the home team.


San Diego@Chicago

BroadwayBroncoFan: My disdain for Jay Cutler is overpowered only by my loathing for all things San Diego.  Chicago

Matt: Chicago. I'm more interested in how many interceptions are thrown in this game than who wins. What ever the line is for interceptions, I'll take the over!


Philadelphia@New York Giants

BroadwayBroncoFan: Great game here.  NY Giants are physical, the Eagles finesse.  Physical usually wins that battle.   NYG

Matt: New York. The Eagles got caught looking ahead to the Giants and lost more than the game. With Vick injured, I'll take Eli over Vince Young.


Kansas City@New England

BroadwayBroncoFan: New England might not be winning the Super Bowl this year, but Brady is not getting beat by his old back up.  New England

Matt: New England. Monday Night Football is going to be boring. Lame.

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