Do we blame society for the double standard?

In trying to figure out why Tebow keeps getting blasted I started thinking, is this the type of society we have become? Has it always been like this? The more popular someone is, the harder people work to critisize them or knock them down so if they "stumble" they can jump up, beat their chest and go "SEE, I WAS RIGHT!" (Hodgepodge I'm talking about you). Im gonna work hard to stay on point this time....ready??? 

I was listening to the NFL Network on Sirius this morning. They had to following to say about various QBs and teams:

Skelton - Well I will give him a wash on that since he is "Basically" a Rookie and didn't have an offseason.

Me talking to ya do.... - Really? Was he the ONLY one that is basically a rookie and didn't have an offseason?

Nobody had an offseason. I mean a typical offseason. And this hurt a lot of players, yet NO ONE, ok, with very very very few exceptions, will give that same excuse for Tebow. Just because he is apparently very popular with fans, you can not expect him to play above his experience. And the bottom line he is just a 23 year old with limited NFL experience. (At my age I dont give a dang if he is a millionaire adult, he is still a "kid" lol

They also talked about Miami. Now that Miami has won 3 in a row, they were saying that "Miami was NEVER a bad team, they were just a losing team" (Insert unspoken comment: except when they played Denver)

Same thing was said after we beat the Raiders, Kansas City and the Jets. WE were underdogs in all three games, yet as soon as we won, all the talking head genius's were all talking about how those teams lost the game, not how we won.

They all said Tim couldn't win...but he did

The option will never work....but it is

He will get injured...but is getting hit far less

He cant hit the magic number of 60%....if receivers caught all passes that have hit their hands or numbers he would be closer to 80.

The option will get figured out by defenses.....just because you know its coming doesn't mean you will stop it, just ask The Island formerly known as Revis.

Its just aggravating listening to them making every excuse in the world for every other team or player, that should also apply equally to our team and Tebow.

So far Tebow has been nothing but upside. Will it last? I don't know, but I sure hope so.

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