Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/21/11


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Pass rushers Dumervil, Miller help power Broncos' winning streak - The Denver Post
With a red Sharpie often tucked beneath the band of his visor, Dennis Allen is an upbeat, unassuming sort who could be using that marker to make a to-do list about almost anything.

NFL defenses are bound to stop Broncos' option offense - The Denver Post
After the Broncos beat the Jets 17-13 with a 12-play, 95-yard touchdown drive in the fourth quarter Thursday night in Denver, I asked several NFL defensive coaches, including a handful of coordinators, how the Broncos have been able to make an option-powered offense work.

Mel Kiper Says Tim Tebow Being Mishandled By Denver Broncos - SB Nation Kansas City
He doesn't slam Tebow in his column so much as question the long-term prospects with Tebow running the limited offense that he's been handed -- one that plays to his strengths.

Can Tebow Win it All? | The Hometown Fan
After Thursday’s unbelievable last minute win over the Jets the Broncos are 5-5, just a ½ game out of first in the AFC West, and Tebow is now 4-1 as a starter this season and 5-3 for his career.  What’s added even more to the mystic is the way he’s winning, with late game heroics seeming to carry the team on his back, or more exactly, with his legs.

Report: Jay Cutler breaks thumb, out six to eight weeks - The Denver Post
The Chicago Tribune is reporting Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler broke his right thumb during Sundays 31-20 victory over the San Diego Chargers and will miss six to eight weeks.

Rodgers vs. Stafford kicks off an action-packed Thanksgiving trio of games - Peter King
I love Thanksgiving. Always have. It's the food mostly, and seeing family I haven't seen in a while. Football's always been a part of it, but never the central part. This year might be different. This week, I'm going to politely have to say, "Uh, I need to watch 10 hours of football on Thanksgiving.''

Denver Broncos News

Michael Irvin: Tim Tebow can take Denver to Super Bowl | USA Today
Amidst plenty of TV yak about Denver's Tim Tebow Sunday, NFL Network's Michael Irvin stood out: "I believe Tebow can get this team to the Super Bowl."

NFL Sunday Talks "Tebow Time" - Taking the Nation by Storm |
The NFL Sunday guys discuss the recent success of Tim Tebow and just how he is getting this accomplished with a complete lack of a passing game. Dale has been a vocal critic of Tebow the whole season, but even he is impressed by his desire to lead the team to victories. But you also can't overlook just how good the Denver defense has been.

Q&A: One rookie Denver passed on is shining for Buffalo - The Denver Post
Todays question comes from Rob Roper: What happened to the highly rated defensive tackles the Broncos passed on in the first round of this years draft?

Don't look now, Tim Tebow bandwagon getting overloaded - The Denver Post
The Broncos no longer think of Tim Tebow as a novel act and their option offense as a gimmick. The win against the Jets pushed the Broncos across that threshold where only the best teams reside. The Broncos now believe in Tebow. They believe their offense will get them to the NFL playoffs.

Woody Paige: Tim Tebow has a big backer in Zeke Bratkowski - The Denver Post
In late April 1983, Edmund Raymond Bratkowski, the Baltimore Colts offensive coordinator, believed he soon would be coaching one of college footballs all-time dynamic quarterbacks.

Kickin' it: Seeing is believing: Broncos' Von Miller passes NFL eye test - The Denver Post
Sports columnist Mark Kiszla combs his inbox for extraordinary feedback and exceptional analysis, then responds in kind online each Sunday.

Broncos long-snapper Lonie Paxton: Reinventing the wheel(s) - The Denver Post
Lonie Paxton is on the field for about a dozen plays during a Broncos game, but its understandable if you hardly notice him. Hes the broad-shouldered guy with colorfully tattooed arms, the guy who hikes the deep snaps for punts and field-goal and extra-point attempts. Paxton has played in every game for the Broncos since the start of 2009, in which time he has become a popular and outspoken player inside the locker room.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Elway Headlines Luncheon With NFL Network Crew |
Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway participated in a luncheon before Thursday night's game with crew from the NFL Network.

Tim Tebow Wins Ugly For Denver Broncos, But He Sure Does Win - SB Nation Denver
Tim Tebow wins ugly, but Denver Broncos fans are certainly getting that winning feeling back.

Week 12 NFL Standings: Denver Broncos Still Hold 2nd Place After Sunday - SB Nation Denver
The Denver Broncos are in second place in the AFC West and will likely be in sole possession of it by Tuesday--as long as the Kansas City Chiefs don't miraculously pull off an upset over the New England Patriots.

Report Card: Broncos vs. Jets - Predominantly Orange 
The Denver rushing attack took a sharp decline from the prior week’s rushing total of 244 yards from scrimmage. The Broncos rushed for 125 yard on 34 attempts against the New York Jets. Willis McGahee and Lance Ball combined for 36 yards on 17 carries.

Broncos Defense Thinks Time Off Will Help - Predominantly Orange
John Fox gave the Denver Broncos Saturday and Sunday off. In a way, the Broncos are experiencing another bye week after playing two games in five days.

Maybe Tebow can live by hard work alone - BroncoTalk
After the embarrassing loss to the Lions, I wrote a pretty strong article exclaiming my feelings that Tim Tebow simply wasn’t ready to be an NFL quarterback, and especially proclaiming that I felt it unlikely he would be ready this season or the next. I fully expected Tebow haters to come and hate on me (they did) and take my words deeper than they meant (they did) but no one can deny that my point was that I didn’t think Tebow could consistently win.

Raiders, Broncos surge, Chargers flail - AFC West Blog - ESPN
This is the time of the season when teams show if they are ready to stay in the playoff race. The Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos showed they will remain relevant for the stretch run. The San Diego Chargers? Well, the team that was widely expected to win the division is fading fast.

Caleb Hanie, not Jay Cutler will have coming home game in three weeks | First-and-Orange
Darn it. And I’m not being a smart aleck. This really stinks. Jay Cutler will miss the rest of the regular season after suffering a broken thumb while trying to run down an interception return Sunday that was the fault of receiver Johnny Knox.

Tough Day for Rookie QBs | First-and-Orange
Andrew Luck will have days like this next year, too. The NFL is just tough on rookies, especially quarterbacks. Did you see the boxscores today?

NFL News

Back Pain | National Football Post
Playing running back in the NFL is not the most glamorous of lifestyles. They have the shortest shelf life of all NFL players and their prime playing years are usually either playing for free in college or under low rookie contract earnings. And, of course -- they encounter a train wreck on every play.

Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin Out vs. New York Giants Is Last Nail For Eagles | The Hometown Fan has reported that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and wide receiver, Jeremy Maclin will both sit out this Sunday vs. the New York Giants. As if things could get any worse for head coach, Andy Reid.

Week 11 NFL Game Recaps |
Man, the Bills players must not like Ryan Fitzpatrick very much. Fitzpatrick was 9-of-21 for 101 yards and two interceptions in the first half - I'm listing those stats because the rest of his numbers were compiled in garbage time against a prevent defense - but he was not responsible whatsoever for those picks.

NFL Thanksgiving games are appealing, for once - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
With each of Thursday's six foes winning Sunday, fans have even more reason to anticipate the matchups. - National Football League news

NFL Round Up: Giants Can't Beat Eagles 'D', Cowboys Win, and More | Fox News Latino
The New York Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins. The Carolina Panthers lost to the Detroit Lions. The San Francisco 49ers beat up on the Arizona Cardinals. The Atlanta Falcons beat the Tennessee Titans.

NFL roundup: Joe Flacco's two TD passes bring down Bengals | Detroit Free Press |
Joe Flacco threw for 270 yards and two touchdowns, and the Baltimore Ravens squeezed by the Cincinnati Bengals, 31-24, on Sunday to move into first place in the AFC North.

Kevin Smith adds new dimension to Lions offense in rally over Panthers - Don Banks -
At 6-4, Oakland is the only AFC West team with its nose above water, and with Kansas City and San Diego in freefall, the Raiders might only have to stave off the Tim Tebow-led Broncos down the stretch to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2002.

Denver Broncos Fans

Random Observations.... - Mile High Report
I never thought I would say this but it is now debatable over who is the better game manager, Tebow or Orton.  I have always thought of Kyle Orton as nothing more than a game manager but this season he began throwing picks.  The last few games, Tebow has protected the football by making careful passes, no interceptions, and not being fumble prone.  Maybe I am wrong, but I think Tebow is actually a better game manager than Orton.  

Thank You God for Tim Tebow... - Mile High Report
Thursday Night was awesome... and it wasn't just that the Broncos beat the Jets. We're a few days away from ThanksGiving, so I thought I would take a few minutes and unload something I am thankful for this season.

Do we blame society for the double standard? - Mile High Report
In trying to figure out why Tebow keeps getting blasted I started thinking, is this the type of society we have become? Has it always been like this? The more popular someone is, the harder people work to critisize them or knock them down so if they "stumble" they can jump up, beat their chest and go "SEE, I WAS RIGHT!" (Hodgepodge I'm talking about you).

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