I'm Sick of the "Defense is the Reason We're Winning" Line!!!

I can't believe there are analysts being paid to produce articles about how our defense is the reason we're winning games and not Timmy T.  Is this analysis for people who haven't been watching the games?  I think it's pretty obvious to anyone watching (and to opposing quarterbacks that have faced us) that our defense is getting better, and has a chance to be dangerous by the end of this season if we can hang on and be relevant.


I contend, however, that the under discussed contributor Tim Tebow has a great deal to do with why our defense has improved.  Let me list the ways:

1)  First and foremost, Tim elevates the play of his teammates.  It's so tangible that as I've read stories this weeks I've read about the defensive players joining to watch the final Tebow drive against the Jets on the sideline because they "knew what was coming."  This, in my opinion, is the most important factor:  The mental one.  The motivation to dig in and come up with a play when you know your offensive leader will more than likely reward your effort by making up a reachable point differential and winning you the game.


2)  All I've heard football analysts say my entire life is that running the ball controls the game and eats up the clock.  This in turn gives your defense opportunities to rest and severely limits your opponents opportunity to make big plays against your defense by eliminating the number of plays the opponent has period.


3)  Another piece of classic analyst jargon I've internalized over the years, aren't the smash you in the mouth - line up and run it even if you know it's coming - type of teams always supposed to have better defenses?  It's usually explained as "being a physical football team". 


4)  Von Miller is the single biggest human reason our defense is improving so much.  They are improving as he improves because he's incredible.  And I quote a quote: 

"I said before, I trust him. I trust him with everything," teammate Von Miller said. "No matter how many interceptions he throws, no matter how many touchdowns he scores, that's Tim Tebow and I'm going to ride with him to the end. I hope he shut up a whole bunch of critics today."


In summation, maybe the "defense is the reason we're winning" bit is a little tired and somewhat shallow analysis.  I contend that our defense wouldn't have the same motivation to keep this games in reach if Kyle was playing (not to mention that he would not be winning them with game winning drives).

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