Orange and Blue Thanksgiving


Hello Broncos fans!  I don’t come around as often as I used to, but I miss the MHR community.  We fans have had a wild and crazy ride the past few years with changes to most of the roster, the coaching staff, quarterbacks, management, draft strategy, field name, uniforms, and the list can go on.   In fact, I think the only thing that hasn’t changed is the orange and blue blood still coursing through all our veins! 

Once a Broncos fan, always a Broncos fan….but it certainly has been difficult lately. All the changes have stirred up endless debate and arguments among the Broncos community and sports analysts.  I don’t know which has been more polarizing to the fans: McD coaching this team or Tebow playing QB.  

What I want to do is step back for a minute and simply ENJOY THE MOMENT.

We are celebrating Thanksgiving this week.  This holiday is supposed to mean more to us than simply time off work.  According to Wikipedia, Thanksgiving is a holiday "to give thanks for a good harvest, and to rejoice together after much hard work with the rest of the community".  

I know we come from different backgrounds, geographies, religions, etc., but….we are a community, are we not?  We all love this team, do we not?  So, whether we make the playoffs or not, whether Tim Tebow is the quarterback next year or not, whether Raiders fans put down the bong and learn to tie their shoes or not, we have much to be grateful for.  Let’s use this Thanksgiving moment to give thanks and rejoice together all things Orange and Blue…………………..

Be Thankful That:

  • We have football this year. Remember not that many weeks ago it was a toss-up if there would be any football played this year at all?! We could have been stuck watching the NBA while the NFL lockout continued. Oops! That’s right. The NBA season ain’t happening because the two sides can’t agree on a deal.  Be grateful the NFL owners/players got ‘er done…with almost no impact to normal NFL events.  Thankfully, this is not the NBA and we do have football.
  • We had an awesome preseason.  I had to mention this before we move on.  Sure, preseason doesn’t count, but there was a very good vibe about this team coming out of preseason.  A new structure was in place, a new culture, a team.  Something we hadn’t had in a while…
  • We have a fighting chance to win every game played. Remember the first few real games of the season, or did you sleep through them too?  Once I saw the 2011 Broncos playing real games I couldn’t believe how BAD they really were.  Orton was borrrriinnnggggggg…zzzzzzz.  The team was flat and predictable. Even when the games were close, did anyone really BELIEVE we had a chance to win in the fourth quarter?  I didn’t. I just knew someone (usually Orton) would do something stupid to blow the chance in winning.  And lose they did.  I was almost wishing the lockout was back. At least then I had hope.  No way 3 years would be enough to rebuild this team.  Thankfully, something magical then happened in game 5…..and hope was restored.
  • The Broncos didn’t screw up the draft.  Actually, EFX had an incredibly good 2011 draft.  Given recent history, I was especially concerned they would blow the only #2 pick this team has ever had.  That and trade away future draft picks like the old regime had.  Thankfully, Elway/Fox/Xanders (EFX) played their cards well and ended up with the best player in the draft, Von Miller.  Well done. 
  • EFX quietly assembled a top-rate coaching staff.  I growing happier and happier with Fox as HC.  Allen has been doing an unbelievable job with the defense and I am sure will soon be a candidate for a HC position.  McCoy has suddenly out of nowhere become innovative with the offense, with his schemes becoming the main chatter on all the sports stations lately. Dave Magazu is one of the best OLine coaches in the business. Wayne Nunnelly has taken the Dline, what many thought was the weakest areas on the team, and made it a strength.  Anyone still think drafting a NT is first priority next draft?  We can go on and on.  Thankfully, the coaching staff is solid through and through, and that’s something we haven’t seen in these parts for years.  
  • The Broncos are not the embarrassment of the NFL any longer.  You know teams penciled in an easy win when they saw Denver on their schedule.  Not only that, this team has had its share of non-football embarrassments too: DUI, rape, guns, etc..  No point listing them all.  Thankfully, not only is Denver now competitive in every game, the discussions are now around player skills instead of off-the field misbehavior.  
  • The Broncos D is playing at a top-10 level right now.  Talk about improvement!  Bronco’s D was DEAD LAST (32nd) in total defense in 2010 (look at the stats on if you don’t believe me). Thankfully, this is an unbelievable one-year turnaround and a big reason why this team is winning now.
  • Special teams has also improved by leaps and bounds.  Britton Colquitt is an all-world talent that should be awarded the game ball every game.  Did you see him kick it inside the 1 yard line in the Jet’s game Thursday? Unreal.  It will be a travesty if he’s not pro-bowl bound. Thankfully, he’s not the only one playing well on ST.  As a unit they are much improved over last year.
  • Champ Bailey is ageless and still playing as one of the best corners in the NFL. 
  • The Offensive line is starting to gel as a unit.   
  • Free agent signings and trades were well executed this year.  Can you believe we got Bunkley for only a late-round 2013 draft pick?  He has been playing lights-out and is one of the reasons we don’t have to waste a high-round pick next year on a NT.  Plus, we got Willis McGahee, Daniel Fells, and a few others at very fair prices.  Thankfully, we can be pleased with what this team is doing, picking up difference-making free agents without breaking the bank. 
  • No-name players like Chris Harris are developing.  This is what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN on well-built teams: develop players from inside the ranks instead of paying through the nose for top talent.  

 The list can go on and on, but I’m out of time.  We have much to be thankful for.  Let’s be sure to take some time out from the normally scheduled debates/arguments to enjoy the ride.  It’s been a sweet one lately.  We’re winning games again, and even if the wins don’t come as frequently the rest of the season as we continue the rebuild, we can be thankful for the progress and the direction this team is going.

Feel free to add to this list in your comments below.  And btw, one more thing you can be thankful for is that this is not another post centered around our quarterback…. LOL.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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