The Denver Tebows

Yep, it sure seems that way these days.  Almost everything written on MHR is Tebow related.  Even ESPN and NFLN have moved on realizing that there is a story about our defense to be discussed.  Sure, sure, they still talk plenty about Tebow and they will continue to until it no longer gets reaction.  Seems every move made, every comment about Tebow is scrutinized for meaning and intent.

Follow along after we jump.

     There has been much discussion over the moves the front office is making.  Why are they going to this school, why did they say that, why aren't they doing this?  These are valid questions really but the discussion isn't over finding a RB to cover for Willis McGahee or replace Knowshon Moreno. It is why did Elway go to Stanford instead of LSU.  He must be trying to get Luck, he is looking for the replacement for Tebow because Tebow threatens his leagacy.  The confusing part of this is that if he finds a better QB than Tebow isn't that even more threatening?  Wouldn't Mr. Elway be safe in keeping a QB that has struggled in the passing game?  Many fans were overjoyed at the news that the Broncos and John Elway would be keeping fans in the loop with a transparent front office, twitter feeds, and no bull press conferences.  Now it seems that openness is causing problems because the info coming out is not what the fans want to hear.  It cuts both ways you know.  You want to know what is happening, who they are scouting, who is injured.  You may find out something you don't want to know as well.

     Coach Fox has been the subject of much talk about his run first conservative offense.  He was called a dinosaur and out of step with the NFL.  His OC Mike McCoy was called clueless and unable to call a pro football game.  That is until Denver debuted the Option centric offense we are currently using and Denver (with Tebow) started to win.  There are still some questions over McCoy's play calling, but Dennis Allen and our (now) stellar defense have given a nice shine to Fox's coaching in Denver.  Coach Fox's ability to adjust the Broncos offense has been nothing short of a miracle for our win starved team.  This may or may not continue to work but the simple fact of it's rarity in the NFL has provided our team with some defenses trying to adjust and failing to stop our now potent run heavy offense.

     Time to get to the point.  You have all seen my reactions on many of the posts here.  I am beyond unhappy and getting downright angry at all the talk about Tebow.  It has been over the top for far too long.  Now I see threats of burning Elway jerseys.  I see comments on how Elway is blowing it, before even one year on the job!  Comparisons of Tebow and Elway showing how Tebow is so much better stats wise.  Elway just needs to get over his own self love of his legacy and let Tebow succeed.  Elway should be coaching Tebow (Elway is not a coach by the way).  To me, all of these statements are out of line.  They show a lack of understanding of what the VP of football operations is supposed to do.  It is not John Elways job to insure that Tebow succeeds!  It is John Elways job to insure the Broncos succeed.  He really should not be spending anymore time on Tebow than he does on Weber, that is the coaches jobs.  Elway should be making sure our facilties are up to date.  Elway should be making sure the team has all the equipment they need to train, practice, and play football.  Elway should be making sure our scouting staff is getting to all of the schools to see all of the players we may want to draft or may be playing against.  He does have a scouting staff, not all the trips Elway makes are for scouting purposes.

     Tebow was a great college football player, heck he was a great High School player.  He has a statue at his alma mater, not too many players can say that!  Tebow is not the only great player to ever come to the NFL with high expectations and droves of fans.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  Being a great college player is no guarantee of success!  I have a few links to illustrate my point.

Does all that mean Tebow will not succeed?  Of course not.  But maybe the rhetoric could be toned down.  Just because you believe Tim Tebow is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it does not mean everyone has too.  Everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to believe or not according to those opinions.

     I will try and conclude here and clear up my viewpoint.  This team, The Denver Broncos, has had a rough time lately.  Big changes in what was a yearly contender.  They have fallen to the depths of the NFL.  We all hate that.  There are a lot of long time fans many of whom can remember when Denver was a never was.  Most of us only remember Denver as a good team.  I myself came to Denver and became a Broncos fan the same year Elway came to Denver.  We all want to be contenders and have a team to cheer for and brag about.  We are on the cusp of that if you ask me.  What I see *right now* is a team that is ready to make the jump back into contention.  From the front office (Elway) right down to the players.  Our current coach has a history of making the best of the players he has to work with, he is doing that now having revamped the offense to fit what the players can do.  Our defense under Dennis Allen and with the help of some fine (damn fine) rookies is scarey good.  Our pass rush could be top tier for years to come.  Special Teams is playing better than we have seen in many seasons.  Jeff Rodgers is doing a fantastic job.  Here is his bio from

Rodgers enters his eighth NFL season after working for Fox in Carolina for two years, including serving as the Panthers’ special teams coach in 2010. Under Rodgers in 2010, Carolina’s special teams posted improvements in nearly every statistical category from the previous season, including punt return average (9.6), kickoff return average (21.9) and opponent starting field position after kickoffs (25.0). He also spent five seasons coaching special teams with San Francisco (2003-07) before a one-year post as special teams coordinator at Kansas State University in 2008. Rodgers started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at the University of Arizona from 2000-01. His older brother, Jay, is entering his third season on the Broncos’ coaching staff and will serve as a defensive quality control coach in 2011.

     We have a lot to cheer about.  We have a team that is ready to break lose and contend.  It is not the Denver Tebows, it is the Denver Broncos.   If you love Tebow that is great but our starting Quarterback does have areas to improve and he is working on it.  It is not all about Tim Tebow.  Let's root for our whole team.  Let's root together as a fan base for our entire team.  Let's go Broncos!

I added a poll because I like them.

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