Inaccuracy - The Hidden Truth

Of course, all the spotlight is on the QB. The media is having a field day with his passing efficiency. Our own Mark Kiszla wrote an article stating "Tebow is the worst QB in the NFL". He's passing a paltry 44%. There is plenty of blame on Tebow's shoulders. What I don't agree with, is letting our young WRs off the hook. I've been on record for throwing our WRs under the bus, and deservedly so. I just don't feel they are being held accountable for their poor play.

One excuse is Tebow's inaccuracy. That's understood after seeing some of his passes, but if the ball hits you in the hands or chest, YOU HAVE TO CATCH THE BALL! I hear people saying that if the errant pass didn't force the WR to dive/slide for the ball, then it would have been complete. What league is this again? NFL! These are professional receivers. They are paid millions and millions of $ to catch! I've caught tons of diving catches in my 14 years of football. I did it for the love of the game. These guys get PAID to do it. And now we're being unreasonable to expect them to catch off target passes? Seems like the only capable WRs were shipped off to St. Louis and Washington....So, If they can't do it, then ship them out and bring in(or back) WRs who can.

Another lame excuse is the WRs need to get accustomed to left handed throws? Huh? How much different does a left spin vs a right spin look like to you? Was this "excuse" ever brought up around Vick, Brunell, Steve Young, etc? Again, we're babying these WRs and giving them a free pass on their poor play. Since Tebow took over, there has been at least 4 drops a game by the WRs. That's unacceptable. Left or right hand, catch the ball! Try catching a 50 yard punt. That ball is all over the place on the way down. Now that takes getting accustomed to. Again, these are "pros" at what they do. The spin of the ball is not going to make that much of a difference if you're supposedly the best of the best in the world at what you do. 

But how can the most efficient QB in SEC history become so inaccurate? Stats are measurable so they're great arguing points. He completed 67.1% of his passes in the toughest, NFL rich SEC, talent pool. I'm sure changing his throwing motion has a lot to do with it, but why does the world expect this young man to be right back to his top form in 1 year of changing something he has formed the other 15 years or so. I think the expectations were just unreasonable. That's why he was labeled a "project" coming out of college. On the other hand, how inaccurate is he really? In the preseason, he had a throwing competition with the other QBs. He hit the cross bar of the goal post with his first try. Apparently they held this little competition more than once and he was consistently able to hit it. At a distance, that's no easy task. Also, how PERFECT were those passes to D. Fells and E. Decker vs MIA, OAK and KC? Clearly he has accuracy to complete those passes.

Now there's a video of Fox breaking down some film on Tebow. Apparently, that horrid throw to the outside was actually Tebow intentionally "beaching" the ball to prevent the second defender from breaking on the ball for a pick 6. Could there have been more instances of him intentionally beaching the ball? Out of 985 passes thrown in college, he only had 15 INTs. He clearly took care of the ball. It seems to me he's just being overly cautious with the ball and placing it where only his receiver can catch it. In case anyone didn't realize, he's only thrown 1 INT in 5 games! I'll take Tebow's inaccuracy of 1 INT in the past 5 games over Cam Newton's "accuracy" to 4 defenders just this past weekend.

Yes, he's missed on a bunch of wide open receivers, but are his receivers even where they're supposed to be. A lot of passes in the NFL are thrown before the receiver breaks their route. Now if the WR doesn't run the right route, then of course the pass is going to look way off target and land where the QB expected the WR to go. Eddie Royal's TD against the Raiders was a blown play. Look, we're not in the meeting rooms as they break down game film, but I have a strong feeling that these young wide receivers are still lost out there. Julius Thomas can't even get on the field. I wonder why?

The good news is Tebow is looking better with each passing game. You can visibly see the difference between jitter feet in the pocket against Miami and standing strong against the Jets. He's even going through his progressions as pressure gets to him. I know people hail Tebow as the next great QB for the NFL after just 8 questionable starts. I'm not ready to say he's the long term answer basically because of the first 3 quarters in each game. It's really unacceptable. What I'm REALLY excited about is year 2, year 3 and so on(I count this as year 1 since he's only started 8 games). If EFX is willing to let it happen, of course.

Patience is a virtue grasshopper.....and this is Bronco Country! GO BRONCOS!!

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