"I was Wrong" is the toughest pill to swallow!


With the last two games gone I predicted the Broncos to beat the Chiefs 17-14(originally I said 21-17 but changed it 2 days before the game on Arrowhead Pride) and the Jets 17-14 too.  

Here is proof:

(Posted here on MHR-Bronco's playoff run just got a bit tougher.)

Denver travels to Kansas City to play the 4-4 Chiefs this weekend. The Chiefs are a team that blanked the Raiders in Oakland than at home got run out of the stadium against Miami. Which team will show up this week is any ones guess but I’m going to say Haley has his team more prepared this week and the final score is: Denver 17 Chiefs 14.


Welcome Thursday Night Football to the grand stage of Mile High Stadium. This places the NY Jets vs. the Broncos in a primetime showdown.  This matchup couldn’t have happened at a better time. NY will be beaten up and run down from the past weekends game against the NE Pats. This puts this game in our favor. The Broncos beat the NY Jets using Rex Ryan’s ground and pound system on Thursday night Denver 17 Jets 14.


So far my predictions have been very close.


Now I hope I’m wrong. Very, very wrong. I predicted that the San Diego Super Dolts would win at home 34-14…Man I hope I’m terribly wrong! I can’t say that enough! What the heck was I thinking!?! Denver is riding a high that we haven’t seen in the Mile High City in a very long time and I’m not ready to come down. In the rest of that post I said Denver would finish 9-7 and be a top the AFC West, well with the injuries to AP and Cutler that record might be as good as gold.  I’m going to change up my prediction one last time and say:


“Denver will beat Minnesota, Chicago, Buffalo, Kansas City and San Diego/New England you better watch out because the Orange Crush is coming for you and ready yourself for when VonDoom attack! Here we come 11-5!”


With the pressure of the new front 4 this defense can stop the run plus put enough pressure on the QB that a 9-7 or 10-6 record is a definite possibility! I love the new look Defense and the “control and punish” mind set of the Offense. If the D keeps us in it then Tebow can put it away, I have no doubt about that!


So once again-Everyone say “Hi” once again to Playoff football in Denver. Welcome back, man how we have missed you.


Go Broncos!

I will add that Elway saying what he did about Tebow is wrong and in stupid timing! Tebow just won his third game in a row something Denver hasn't seen since the 09 run of 6 straight. I agree Tebow may never be mister right but he is mister right now. Elway needs to keep his big mouth shut. ELWAY QUIT TALKING! You are making things worse. Remember the golden rule-"If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all".


I’m beginning to think Elway is just jealous of the attention Tebow is getting. So he is saying stuff just to get the attention on him. This is the same crap if a player in the locker room would say the Bronco’s would fine them or penalize them somehow. How is Elway getting away with it? We all know how much of a media hound Elway was when he played, so since Elway is the back story now, he is trying to get himself back in the spot light. Elway your time is over, its TEBOW TIME now! Be seen not heard!



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