Denver Broncos Top Five Tuesday - Defensive Plays for Week 11

Andre Goodman of the Denver Broncos intercepts a pass intended for Plaxico Burress and returns it for a touchdown during the game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on November 17, 2011 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/Getty Images)

We have another opportunity to celebrate an awesome Denver Broncos victory due to a sponsored post from Gillette. Today we look at the Top 5 Defensive plays from the Broncos Home win over the New York Jets last Thursday. I will countdown the top defensive plays that I saw and you can vote on which one deserves to be number one. And I know you all like to vote. Starting with number 5, here we go!

Defensive Play #5

  1. 3-4-NYJ 27(8:33) 6-M.Sanchez sacked at NYJ 21 for -6 yards (sack split by 58-V.Miller and 92-E.Dumervil).

In the 1st Quarter on the Jets first possession, the Bronco Defense made a statement that the New York Offense would have to earn a win on Denver's turf. It wasn't going to be handed to them. The Jets opened up with RB Shonn Greene trying to run up the middle on their very first play, but Marcus Thomas and Champ Bailey said, "No thank you" and held Greene to a 1-yard gain. On 2nd and 9, Mark Sanchez handed the ball to Greene again, this time they tried the right side off Tackle Wayne Hunter. Shonn ran for 5 yards before Joe Mays got a hold of him. That brought up a 3rd and 4. Jets QB Mark Sanchez dropped back to pass but Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil tag-teamed him for a 6-yard loss and force the Jets to punt on a 3 and out. That Sack would set a tempo for the Bronco Defense that would continue the rest of the game.

Defensive Play #4

1-10-DEN 43

                        (:06) 6-M.Sanchez pass short right to 81-D.Keller to DEN 43 for no gain (24-C.Bailey)

In the final minute of the 2nd Quarter, the Jets have driven from their own 20 yard line up to the Denver 43 on a 9-yard run by Joe McKnight, and Mark Sanchez passes to Santonio Holmes (8 yards) and Joe McKnight (14 yards). With 6 seconds on the clock, the Jets try a swing pass to Joe McKnight and Champ Bailey stuffs him for no gain. New York has to settle for a Field Goal, but Nick Folk kicks the ball Wide Left and the score remains tied 3-3 at the half.


Defensive Play #3

3-9-DEN 10(12:59) (Shotgun) 6-M.Sanchez pass short right to 29-B.Powell to DEN 3 for 7 yards (52-W.Woodyard).

This play came earlier, in the beginning of the 2nd Quarter. New York had driven all the way down to the Denver 11 yard line with a mix of Joe McKnight runs and a couple of passes to Santonio Holmes. on 1st and 10 at the 11-yard line, Joe McKnight ran behind the Right Guard for 1 yard before Joe Mays stopped him. On 2nd and 9, Mark Sanchez pass is IN-COM-PLETE over the middle to Santonio Holmes. The pass was broken up by Von Miller and brought up 3rd and 9. This time, Sanchez tries to connect with Bilal Powell short right, but Wesley Woodyard drops him at the 3 yard line and prevents the touchdown. The Jets call a time out and settle for a Nick Folk 21-yard Field Goal, the only points they would score in the 1st half.

Defensive Play #2

2-10-DEN 44
                       (:07) (Shotgun) 6-M.Sanchez pass incomplete deep right to 17-P.Burress (24-C.Bailey).

In the last minute of the game, the Jets were down by 4 points and began their drive from their own 14 yard line where Nate Irving pinned Antonio Cromartie on Matt Prater's kickoff. After a 13-yard completion to TE Dustin Keller, Mark Sanchez threw two consecutive incompletions to Joe McKnight and Plaxico Burress. Then on 3rd and 10 at the New York 27 with :38 on the clock, Mark Sanchez gets Sacked by Von Miller for a 9-yard loss and the Jets call.their 2nd timeout. 4th and 19. Sanchez takes the snap out of the Shotgun and fires a pass over the middle deep to Patrick Turner for 25 yards and the Jets take their 3rd and final timeout with :27 left in the game. The ball is at the New York 43. Another Shotgun snap and Sanchez completes a short pass left to Joe McKnight, who skips for 13 yards and a 1st down before Wesley Woodyard makes the Tackle. Mark Sanchez spikes the ball, stopping the clock with 7 seconds left. On the last play of the game, Mark Sanchez throws a deep pass intended for Plaxico Burress and is broken up by Champ Bailey and preserves the victory. Game Over. Broncos win!

Defensive Play #1

3-6-NYJ 25(4:32) (Shotgun) 6-M.Sanchez pass short right intended for 17-P.Burress INTERCEPTED by 21-A.Goodman at NYJ 26. 21-A.Goodman for 26 yards, TOUCHDOWN. PENALTY on DEN-21-A.Goodman, Taunting, 15 yards, enforced between downs.

With a little over 5 minutes to go in the 3rd Quarter, New York got the ball back on their own 21 yard line. On 1st and 10, Joe McKnight gains 4 yards over the Right Tackle before being stopped by Robert Ayers. The play on 2nd and 6 is an incomplete pass intended for Plaxico Burress. On 3rd and 6, Mark Sanchez takes the snap out of the Shotgun and throws a pass intended for Burress on the right side, but Andre' Goodman steps in front of the pass and picks it off with clear sailing 26 yards to the EndZone, taunting Sanchez for the last 10 yards and drawing a penalty.
There is Tuesday's Top 5 Defensive plays foe Week 11. Vote for which play deserves to be number one below.

Go Broncos!

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