Tim Tebow, The Defense, The Critics and The Excitement!


Tebow, Tebow, Tebow! I get it Bronco Country, Tim Tebow is a young, confident, potential-filled quarterback that has patched together some miraculous fourth quarter wins and has helped turn this team and season from atrocious to awesome.   But, you must realize that just because there is a lot of critique that comes along with his skills, it does not make all of these critics "Tebow Haters".

Personally, I love what Timmy is doing and most importantly I enjoy how when he is interviewed the conversation changes from himself to Jesus Christ. I believe Tim is making people realize that football, even with all the emotional attachments we have to it, is simply just a game.

How much fun has it been this past month or so?! We’ve gone from competing for a number one draft pick to competing for number one in the AFC West. The Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow have a chance to march into San Diego and pound the chargers into submission on Sunday with a ferocious defense and a physical powerhouse of an offense!

When our boys beat up on San Diego, and Tebow becomes (5-1) as a Starter and completes 8 or 9 passes we should be ecstatic! What people don’t realize is that it’s terrifying that we are winning football games with Tim completing passes in the single digits! Can you imagine how great of a QB he is going to be and how dangerous this team is going to be once he improves his passing game?!  Please don’t forget this sweet little stat line he put up against the Houston Texans last year,  16/29 308 yards with a TD and an INT! YES, REJOICE BRONCOS FANS TIM WILL MAKE IT IN THIS LEAUGE! 

This Denver Broncos football team is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the near future my fellow bronco-maniacs.  Our Defense has allowed an average of 15.5 points in our last 4 wins. Our personnel on D has gone from scattered and make-shift to solid and scary. Marcus Thomas and Brodrick Bunkley along with Elvis and Ayers have revived the d-line; Champ and B-Dawk have held the secondary together nicely with the addition of rookies Chris Harris and Quinton Carter.  Von and Doom are absolutely destroying QB’s as of late and are racking up sacks.  Can you talk about a makeover job by DC Dennis Allen? Mr. Allen has completely turned this defense around and I hope he stays around for many years to come.

Despite the controversy involving Elway and what he has said, John Fox and two solidified leaders of this team in Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins are behind Tebow one hundred and ten percent! At the end of the day it isn’t the GMs respect you must earn but more importantly the respect you earn from your coaches and the  players your going to battle with and right now Tim Tebow has a stronghold on the Denver Broncos locker room and had the whole team fired up and believing in him.

"Tebow is a special player. I have never seen a player quite like him in my whole career! I’m gonna play all out for the guy! I know he will be out there giving 110% every play every week, so I’m gonna give 120%!" – Champ Bailey


So Broncos Country, Its time to embrace the hatred Tebow attracts as well as the praise that surrounds him! We are right in the playoff hunt and haven’t won a playoff game since 2005! So when you turn on ESPN and seeing Merril Hodge and Trent Dilfer criticizing the intricacies of Tebow’s throwing motion, don’t get angry. Why? Because we the fans that follow this team and Tim Tebow know that there is something very special about #15. Something about Timmy no stat can explain, but we all know we are in for a ride and be happy that we have Tim on our side! GO BRONCOS! 

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