Random Rants and Rewards

Just wanted to converse over some very hot topics I've been hearing(reading) around Broncos Country. First off, congrats to our team on finding an identity and actually coming through with a winning streak. More like a win avalanche in comparison to these past 3 seasons. With Chargers on deck, I like our chances of extending the streak!

"Defense? You're talking about Defense?"

Boy oh boy are we onto something here. This defense is just getting better and better. Couldn't be more exciting. Von Miller was a STEAL at number 2! Sure Cam Newton is having a solid season, though he's starting to lose steam, but he's not leading them to victories. Von on the other hand, has been vital in a lot of Bronco victories. If the draft was done over, who would you draft first? Now let's keep everyone healthy for this stretch run. Are we actually considering, postseason? I won't even go there...yet. Still plenty of football to be played, but just the consideration of it after a 1-4 start is mind boggling.

Special Return

Wanted to give Dante Rosario some love. This guy was cut from the team then resigned after spending some time with Miami. He's been making play after play on our special teams. He has really been a stand out and felt he should get some much deserved recognition. I'm so proud of how the coverage team has been performing this year. Field position has been vital in this winning streak. Keep it up!

Star Studded?

We are finally finding our winning ways, but the MSM still has plenty of bad things to say about our team. Mainly the QB position. Well, can you tell me 1 star that's on the offensive side of the ball? Even Arizona has Larry Fitzgerald. Carolina has Steve Smith and their RBs. Teams throughout the league have star players. Our closest thing to a star is Ryan Clady, if you can even consider him one at this point in the year. The Rams were winless until they signed an all pro WR. They've won 2 games since. This team is pretty plain as an offense, yet they're still winning. And sorry, but as good as he's been playing, Willis McGahee is not a star.

McCoy Did What?

We're down late in the 4th quarter and we get the ball deep in our side of the field. This could be the last time we get a shot at winning the game. McCoy calls three runs up the middle, 2 of them by our FB? What the heck just happened? Was that our plan? Really?!? I haven't seen much backlash over this series. I don't understand what kind of play calling that was. This could have been our last chance at victory if it wasn't for our outstanding defense and Spencer got the ball twice? 3 and out. That was a big FAIL by McCoy.

Mountain Man!

Did anyone notice Jeremiah Johnson getting a healthy amount of playing time for someone who just got signed off the practice squad? I always felt he had a little burst in him. He contributed some positive yardage too. Has this kid been opening some eyes in practice? I think EFX was just trying to keep him hidden until he was ready. That's the only reason I can think of that he was so involved in the game plan. Here's to hoping he keeps improving and eventually doing his first Mile High Salute after scoring a TD.

Jealous Legend?

There's a big outcry for John Elway to just shut up. Though I do think he's talking way too much about negative things during this 4-1 run, but he's just speaking truth. I'm a big Tebow fan but after seeing what he's done with 3.5 quarters in each game, can you really say he's your long term answer at QB? Clearly he needs to improve. It's obvious. But Elway is not saying he won't improve and that he's already set on replacing the QB in the next draft. A QB that completes 44% of his passes for a 10 year career won't cut it. Though there are a lot of factors involved in that low percentage. So "right now", NO, John does not HAVE TO give the job to Tebow. And if you and I know that Tebow uses criticism as motivation, do you think Elway doesn't know that either? Tell me, if your coworker is telling you to improve in something, will you give the same amount of effort to change compared to your boss saying it? John is not clueless. He knows it motivates his QB. Now people are mad at how John didn't celebrate the game winning touchdown.So many people are reading far into his facial expressions and body language. Is anyone here even a professional at reading body language? How many suits do you see jumping up and down during a game giving a big war cry? Apparently he didn't show enough joy. Act like you been there before, people. There was still time on the clock. And I guess the part about John running through the locker room praising Tebow after the game went right over everyone's head. He was heard saying something like, "Just give him a chance and he'll win it for you".

Now he's visiting too many college teams with QBs. Stanford twice. Last I heard, they had arguably the best offensive line in the country. Isn't one of our needs an OL? Let John do his due diligence and scout upcoming talent. Would you rather he research every position with great detail or go into a draft with just 100 people on your board like McDaniels. We saw how that turned up for the kid genius. Everyone got so riled up that he visited with all the top QBs coming out of last years draft and with the 2nd pick he passed on all of them. Relax peoples. EFX has been doing a great job so far to date. The Broncos are 2nd in the league in rushing, the defense is steadily rising up the charts and we're 1 game out of the division lead. And the way things are unfolding, we have a legit chance at extending this winning streak a couple more weeks!

Inevitable End

"This offense won't last forever. The QB is going to get hurt." blah blah blah. How many QBs are farm strong their entire life and built like a linebacker? How many times has Matt Stafford completed a full season. There have been more QB careers ended in the pocket than on the run. That's a fact. It's very easy to say something won't happen, until it finally does. There's a defense for every play out there, but it all depends on execution. It's simple to stop a HB ISO, but you still see Adrian Peterson running for a 50 yard TD from it. Are your players capable of out playing our players. Stink even said during the championships of the late 90's, they only had about 6 plays. No one could stop it even though they knew what was coming. That's because the Broncos mastered the execution of the play and beat their opponents. It's actually an advantage to be the only read option team in the NFL. No one gets to practice against it all year until they face the Broncos. All the while the Broncos are practicing it on a daily basis trying to master the execution.

We have another chance to extend this winning streak against one of the most hated QB's in Broncos Country. Come on VonDoom! Gig em!!!

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