Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/23/11


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NFL Videos: Orton waived by Broncos
Where will Kyle Orton end up now that he has been waived by the Broncos? Mike Lombardi believes one of Orton's former teams could end up claiming him.

Elway Live Podcast: Nov. 22 |
John Elway talks about Tim Tebow's progress as a starter and the team waiving Kyle Orton.

Denver Broncos cut ties with benched veteran QB Kyle Orton - The Washington Post
Kyle Orton has gone from Jay Cutler’s replacement to Tim Tebow’s backup to the unemployment line. The Broncos released the 29-year-old veteran quarterback Tuesday, six weeks after benching him following a 1-4 start.

Ten-Point Stance: Broncos made the right move by cutting Orton loose - NFL - Football
There's another side to the story that was presented by a source with knowledge of the situation. Orton is laid-back and friendly but he's also a competitor and he stewed after being benched for Tebow. He didn't brood or turn into a crappy teammate, but privately became increasingly frustrated with his position as bench warmer.

Kyle Orton era in Denver ends when Broncos waive veteran quarterback - The Denver Post
Kyle Ortons bumpy ride with the Broncos ended Tuesday when the team waived the veteran quarterback 10 games into his third season.

Broncos' final schedule stretch less daunting - The Denver Post
NFL schedules are quirky little items. The dates are set long before games are played, but what actually awaits when those calendar pages get flipped doesnt often match the predictions.

Denver Broncos News news: Elway: Tebow will be judged by season's worth of work
One day after saying he wasn't sure if Tim Tebow was the Broncos' long-term solution, John Elway was back at it again Tuesday with more about his star QB.

San Diego Chargers Vs. Denver Broncos 11/27/11 " Sports Chat Place
The San Diego Chargers were hoping to bounce back from last year where they uncharacteristically missed the playoffs but Norv Turner’s team is mired in a five game losing streak that barring a strong run to finish the season will cost him his job.

Three former Denver Broncos closer to Pro Football Hall of Fame induction - The Denver Post
Three former Broncos are on the list of 26 modern-era semifinalists for Pro Football Hall of Fame induction.

Krieger: Waiving goodbye to Orton now may mean seeing him soon - The Denver Post
So let me ask you this: When was the last time you heard of a professional football team making a midseason player transaction out of the goodness of its heart?

Kyle Orton's NFL career - The Denver Post
2005: Drafted by the Bears in the fourth round (No. 106) out of Purdue, Orton became Chicagos starter when Rex Grossman was injured in the preseason.

Orton's next destination could come down to the waiver wire - The Denver Post
The Broncos waived veteran quarterback Kyle Orton on Tuesday, meaning that any team awarded him off waivers would have to pay the $2.58 million remaining on his salary for the season.

Q&A: Count on Von Miller being better than Mike Croel - The Denver Post
Mike Croel was drafted out of Nebraska with the No. 4 pick in the 1991 NFL draft. He had 10 sacks his first season and was the leagues defensive rookie of the year.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Broncos Waive Orton |
On Tuesday, the Denver Broncos announced that the team has waived quarterback Kyle Orton. Executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway and Head Coach John Fox both shared their thoughts on the move.

Six Weeks After Benching, Orton Out for Good |
The Kyle Orton era has ended for the Broncos — in a fashion that could hardly have been conceived just two years earlier.

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings: Real Clear Sports Has Broncos At No. 16 In Rankings Average - SB Nation Denver
The Denver Broncos are now the No. 16 team in Real Clear Sports' NFL Power Ranking Averages output. Their actual average of eight power rankings has the team at 16.28. There was no real outlier this week, as four rankings had the team at No. 15 and the other four had them in one spot each from Nos. 16-19. CBS Sports gave the Broncos that weekly low ranking.

Broncos cut Orton; will a playoff contender pick him up? - Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
The Denver Broncos cut quarterback Kyle Orton(notes) on Tuesday, a move which solidifies Tim Tebow's(notes) status as the team's starter and opens up the possibility of an Orton return to Chicago, where he could possibly fill-in for an injured Jay Cutler(notes).

Ultimate Texans " Here’s why former Broncos QB Kyle Orton won’t be a Texan
As soon as Denver waived quarterback Kyle Orton today because he had fallen to third team, there was immediate speculation around the country that the Texans would be interested.

KO (Kyle Orton) KO’d by Broncos - Predominantly Orange
Kyle Orton’s Bronco career unofficially ended on October 9, 2011 when he was benched at half time during the San Diego game and replaced by Tim Tebow.  Since then the Broncos have won four times and have lost only once.

Fox, Elway support of Tebow: Waiving Orton means action stronger than words | First-and-Orange
What do words mean, anyway? By waiving veteran quarterback Kyle Orton, Broncos coach John Fox and front-office executive John Elway, without saying it, proclaimed Tim Tebow as their quarterback.

Big Day for Broncos Mecklenburg, Atwater, Terrel Davis and Hall of Fame | First-and-Orange
At long last, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is recognizing that the Broncos of yesteryear had some incredible players besides John Elway.

How did the Jay Cutler-Kyle Orton trade work out for Broncos and Bears? | First-and-Orange
On April 2, 2009, the Broncos and the Chicago Bears pulled off a massive trade, swapping starting quarterbacks as well as a boatload of draft picks. A few pieces of that trade are easy to follow.

NFL News NFL Picks Against the Spread - Week 12, 2011
Tim Tebow has enjoyed success against this San Diego defense. He nearly led a furious comeback in Week 5 when Kyle Orton was benched at halftime. Of course, the Chargers just had to kick a front-door field goal to cover the spread. FML. 

Why the Oakland Raiders Will Win the AFC West: Fan's Take - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Even with injuries to players like Darren McFadden(notes), Jason Campbell(notes) and Jacoby Ford(notes), the Oakland Raiders have managed some important wins and sit atop the AFC West division. There are four key reasons that the Raiders will continue to thrive and eventually win the division once the season is over.

Despite struggles, Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and NY Jets are set up to get to NFL playoffs - NY Daily News
This isn’t about the coach’s $75,000 bad word, though maybe the fine will help even Rex Ryan know that sometimes it’s not against the law to have an unspoken thought around the New York Jets.

Packers' secondary is one of best in NFL | Detroit Free Press
Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for five touchdowns Sunday against a Carolina defense that has the eighth-fewest interceptions in the NFL.

NFL Network Presents: The Harbaughs -- Fan Reaction - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
I was browsing around the San Francisco 49ers website on November 22, just days before the 49ers game against the Baltimore Ravens and came across one of the most enjoyable videos that the NFL Network has featured in a while - at least for me.

The Associated Press: This year's Thanksgiving NFL slate best in decades
After so many years of bad Detroit Lions teams — and their games, no matter the week, meaning so little — all of a sudden that traditional Turkey Day contest in the Motor City is no turkey at all.

Texans, Ravens, Steelers and Patriots create logjam atop AFC; Giants & Jets slide  - NY Daily News
While the Packers and 49ers go on their merry ways with the NFL's best records and the top two spot in the Daily News power rankings, things are all muddled in the AFC. There are four teams with 7-3 records. Which one of them is the best team in the conference?

NFL: Reid makes good backup QB pick again -
In Vince Young, he’s found another backup quarterback who can win. It wasn’t always like that.

Denver Broncos Fans

The AFC West by the numbers: offense - Mile High Report
The Denver Broncos are now definitively in the hunt for the playoffs. We are in the 2nd place in our division, where the Raiders are leading. The fact is that our schedule is a bit 'easier' and that's why we are a real contender to take it. We can't discard the Chargers, but they are not showing a great football. And the Chiefs have just lost their starting QB.

The Cutler/Orton Trade Revisited - Mile High Report
I am seeing some people spread some serious misinformation about the Cutler/Orton trade from a couple of years ago, so here is a very clear rundown of what happened with the trade, and what we got in return.  This is a partial repost from a previous fanpost of mine, with some new details added in.  Follow me after the jump.

Let's examine our 3rd down playcalling - Mile High Report
There's been a lot of discussion about McCoy and the playcalling on 3rd down over the past several weeks, and not being aware that someone has broken down the data, I decided to try to wade through it. If someone has posted something like this already, my apologies. I've broken down the play by play, and what you see here is only that--I'll leave the film breakdown (as to what particular running/passing plays were called) to someone who has access to the film and more knowledge about individual plays.

"I was Wrong" is the toughest pill to swallow! - Mile High Report
With the last two games gone I predicted the Broncos to beat the Chiefs 17-14(originally I said 21-17 but changed it 2 days before the game on Arrowhead Pride) and the Jets 17-14 too.  

What happened to our awesome Broncos fanbase? - Mile High Report
Waaa.  Waaa.  Waaa.  Cry me a river.  Wait...there isn't any crying in football.  What is wrong with these Bronco (Tebow) fans?  My is like a 3 year old who doesn't get the toy they want.  Grow up people!

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