What The Broncos Should Be Thankful For

The 2011 season for the Denver Broncos has been a roller coaster.

After a very disappointing 1-4 start to the year, the Broncos have gone 4-1 in their past five games with the aid of a powerful run game and a much improved defense. 

The Broncos sit one game back of the Oakland Raiders and the  AFC West lead. Kansas City is one game behind the Broncos and San Diego Chargers. The Broncos have put themselves back in relevancy right now and have set themselves up for one thing:

The Denver Broncos have done what every team wants to do after the first ten games. 

Have the opportunity to control their own destiny.

Even though the Raiders are a game up on the Broncos, chances of them winning out is very unlikely, just like the chances of us winning out are very unlikely. However, everyday things are starting to look better and better for the orange and blue.

Going back to news earlier in the week, San Diego has some injuries that definitely benefit the Broncos. A big part of us winning games is based off the pass rush of the Broncos front seven. Elvis Dumervil looks to be back to his old form and Von Miller is running away with the defensive rookie of the year award. Chargers guard Kris Dielman is out for the year, Louis Vasquez missing time with an ankle injury and Scott Mruczkowski now finished for the year, Tyronne Green and Marcus McNeill are banged up,  the Broncos definitely have the advantage, at least in that aspect of the game.

When we play the Vikings, there is a very good chance Adrian Peterson does not play with a high ankle sprain and if he does, it will be in limited action. The Vikings have many other strengths that the Broncos have to be concerned about but anytime the best back in the league is missing, we will take it.

When the Broncos play the Bears, the game story was former Broncos first round pick Jay Cutler returning to Denver. However, Jay Cutler's season is possibly over meaning the Broncos do not have to worry about him. That should help the Broncos out and make it easier to handle the Bears Matt Forte.

The Broncos learned today that Fred Jackson, the new star runningback for the Buffalo Bills is on IR. This of course will help the Broncos deal with just CJ Spiller and Tashard Choice. Both of those are quality runningbacks but at least it is one less guy that we have to worry about. 

The Kansas City Chiefs are very banged up. They are missing their best player on defense, Eric Berry, there best player on offense, Jamaal Charles, and now their quarterback Matt Cassel. Kyle Orton is interestingly going to be the starter for them come Week 17 to set up would could be a very important game for the Broncos.

We never like to see anyone get hurt, that is not my point. But the Broncos have been given an opportunity. Their opportunity to make the playoffs is directly in front of them and they have the ability to take advantage of this. The team is very healthy and is playing its best football.

So for thanksgiving, as fans we should be thankful that are favorite team has an opportunity to be one of the 12 that makes the playoffs.

The entire organization should be thankful that they are in position and have caught some breaks that could pave the way into the playoffs.

These are exciting times for the Broncos and like I said earlier, we are in position to do exactly what you want at this time of year:

Control your own fate.

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