Funny Us


….I’m not sure what is happening, but I have this funny feeling we are watching what we saw in Elway in reverse. None! and I mean No-One! doubted what we had in Elway. None! and I mean No-One is lacking in doubts concerning Tebow. Why is that? I just don’t know….but I may know why….Tim is Tim and you’re not going to get anything else. Tim is Tim and Fox and Elway are trying to get to know Tim.

     There seems to be a lot of concern about comments Elway made (week to week and so forth) but I think it is John as a buisness guy letting people know that he hasn’t seen anything like Tebow. Its a funny team we have now. I think our team is better than the rest of the NFL suspect. I think we are a better team and Fox and Elway have seen this also.

     I’m not going to make a ‘We are going to the Playoffs’ statement……..but we might…

    and I’m convinced that both Fox and Elway think our best chance is with Tebow.

     I read something from I think it was ESPN (but I could be wrong) that said Elway wanted Tim to fail. I cannot believe this of John. I think John wants Tim to improve…………and I don’t blame him…. 

                                                                                    Funny Us!

     I've been a Bronco fan since before most the nation realized there was a team in the Rockies. I remember Gonsoulin being a hero (never saw a pass he couldn't intersept) lol

     I watched Lionel Taylor never see a pass he couldn't catch.  Funny no-real-news-media (except here in Denver) made a fuss over his 100 catch season.

     I watched a brash QB from Alabama take an AFL team to the Super Bowl and win.         


                                                      I watched the Super Bowl grow ...  thank you Joe !!!

                                             I watched KC make it two AFL wins  in a row................Thankyou Stram

                                            Just think what you did Stram...NFL must panic...Merger must happen

                                                                                       Funny us!

                                                                               Some years later...

     We become this 'Orange Crush' thing and let the whole 'NFL' world know that we are serious about what we are about to do.  Oh....My... If that botched cowboy kick reception had gone our way? But it didn't

                                         We didn't repeat but I watched as this 'Orange Crush' thing rang true each year.

                                                               Even if we do not win WE are proud to be Broncos!!!

      I watched this strange talent called Elway come to my team by some sort of default. I watched and wondered as this strange young talent (combined with a smart young coach) fought each other but managed to make it to a few Super Bowls.

                                                                                   Funny Us !!!

     This strange new talent called Elway beat those two teams really bad for six of those eight quarters, but the two quarters he lost.....he lost really bad. Its funny the disgrace us Bronco fans felt at the time, but its true, we won six of the eight quarters with Elway at the helm.  but really lost the two quarters really bad. What a bad mem...or something I thought about once...or something...or...something

                                                                    Time goes by and we learn:


             A former coach becomes a Head-Coach, a former 'Back-Up-QB' becomes an OC. Suddenley my team is a force. This guy Elway is about to move forward to what we call now 'The Helicopter Run'


                                                                            Fun Stuff...really fun stuff


      Now we are where we are....where we were oh so many years many years without hope and the Glory.


                       Can you not see, are you so young that you can not remember, that we have something special!

                                                  Try  Elway's start, try lining up behind a tackle instead of center.


                                                                    I think Tebow is the real thing.

                                                                             I really do...think that

                                                                                 What do you think?

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