NFL Weekly Picks (Week 12): PokyID_Fan and Troy Hufford Make Their Picks

     What an exciting time for Broncos fans. I felt that that sentence from last week's contest post deserved to be repeated. How many fans felt like a 1-4 start meant that the Broncos' season was pretty much over . . . that we might, at best finished with a record that was near (for better or worse) last year's horrendous 4-12? Come on, you know who you are. I have to admit, that as optimistic as I try to be throughout each season, I started thinking, "Here we go again, another postseason watching other teams play." Yet, here we find ourselves, five weeks later with Denver just one-half game out of first place in their division. Think about this: if (and I realize that this could be a big if) the Broncos beat the Chargers and the Raiders lost to the Bears this weekend, Denver will have sole possession of first place in the AFC West. How can this be? Both Denver and Chicago will have 6-5-0 records. The first tie breaker (head-to-head competition) is a wash (Oakland winning 23-20 in Denver and the Broncos winning 38-24 in Oakland). Denver, however, would take the second tie breaker with a 3-2 divisional record to the Raiders' 2-2. That said, let's meet our prognosticators for the week:

This week our reader is that MHR member known as PokyID_Fan. PokyID_Fan writes:

I have been a Bronco fan since the early 70’s.  Originally from S. California and a Rams fan, I moved to Pocatello Idaho in 1972 after the army to go to school.  While in college one of my best friends was a Raiders fan and another was a Steelers fan.  They both hated Denver, so it seemed like a team I should support, and it was also fun giving them hard time when I could.  I have been a fan since then.  Like most I was a big Elway fan, and I was in favor of giving Tebow a chance to see if we need to draft a QB or if we had one that needed some experience.  So far it looks like we have one that needs to get experience, so we can focus on more pressing draft needs DT, CB, RB.

PokyID_Fan will be competing with Troy Hufford. Troy writes:

Greetings, once again, MHR. If you’re not familiar, I’m MHR staffer, Troy Hufford, a senior at the University of Louisville majoring in Bioengineering. I’ve already been around the block once in this pick’em competition. Don’t call it a comeback. When I took on the community in week 6, I beat the opposition by 2 full games. I come back again, this week, to try and help the staffers dig out of the 4 game hole that they find themselves in. I’m the perfect man for the job. Like Tim Tebow in the 2 minute drill, I’m going to move the chains, pick the correct teams, and win the week 12 pick ‘em. God Bless.

Let's take a jump and look at their predictions.

Readers Staffers
Last Week 9-4 9-4
Season to Date 95-55 91-59


Green Bay@Detroit

PokyID_Fan: GB.  As it stands now they are the best team, which does not means they will win the SB.

Troy: Green Bay Packers. I like the Packers in this one, for obvious reasons. Aaron Rodgers has been superhuman this year and I expect that to continue. It should be a close game, but I won’t pick against the Packers until I have a reason to.



PokyID_Fan: Dal. I hated Dal for many years, but they should win over Mia.

Troy: Miami Dolphins. Call me crazy, but I like the dolphins in this one. This team has been hot like the Florida summer. Don’t be surprised when this team goes into the house that Jerry built and frustrates the home crowd.


San Francisco@Baltimore

PokyID_Fan: Bal. With Bal coming off a good win and at home and SF having to travel back east give the edge to Bal.

Troy: Baltimore Ravens. Although San Francisco has one of the most formidable defenses in the NFL, their offense is not nearly as prolific. I expect this to be a low scoring affair, but the Ravens should have the edge.


Arizona@St. Louis

PokyID_Fan: Stl.  Taking Stl only because they are the home team.

Troy: St. Louis Rams. Yikes. If I could pick both teams to lose, I would. Neither team is particularly good, but I like the flashes that I’ve seen from the Rams every now and then. I think they’ve got a bit more fire and have a better chance to win the game. Although, this is my least confident pick of the week.



PokyID_Fan: Hou.  Think Hou will rally behind their new QB, and he’s not that bad of a QB.

Troy: Houston Texans. Matt Leinart takes the reigns and tramples the Jaguars. Plus, the Texans defense is playing surprisingly well. Don’t look now, but the Texans are behind only the San Francisco 49ers in points allowed. That’s better than the Ravens and Steelers.



PokyID_Fan: Atl.  Atl is just too good a team to not win.

Troy: Atlanta Falcons. With no Adrian Peterson, I don’t see the Vikings having much of a chance against the Falcons. Christian Ponder just isn’t doing much for me, so I’m taking the home team.


Tampa Bay@Tennessee

PokyID_Fan: Ten.  Picking Ten since they are the home team.

Troy: Tampa Bay Buccanneers. Something is just off with the Buccanneers. Josh Freeman isn’t the same guy that was on the cusp of breaking out in 2010. With that said, Matt Hasselbeck is injured and will tell the coaches if he feels alright later in the week. As a prognosticator, that bothers me. Give me the team with fewer question marks.



PokyID_Fan: Car.  Think ind will go 0 – 16 this year without Manning.

Troy: Carolina Panthers. Pretty simple. The Colts are bad. The Panthers aren’t.


Buffalo@New York Jets

PokyID_Fan: NYJ.  NYJ loss to Denver and how their QB sounded after the game was not good, but buf has been very bad of late and NYJ are at home.

Troy: New York Jets. The Bills have been blown away for the last few weeks. The Jets have lost, but at least they played tough. I like the Jets in this one, especially at home.



PokyID_Fan: Cin.  Cin is the better team and they are home.

Troy: Cincinnati Bengals. I don’t think the Browns have much, apart from Joshua Cribbs. The Bengals actually have some talent all over the field. Even if AJ Green doesn’t play, the Bengals are still a much deeper team than the Browns.



PokyID_Fan: Oak.  Chi was looking good until they loss Cutler, and maybe a little wishful thinking on my part I wanted chi to beat Oak and help Denver but without Cutler have to go with oak.  Will hope I am wrong and Chi wins.

Troy: Chicago Bears. It may be wishful thinking, but I like the Bears in this one. The Bears offense doesn’t have to do much, in my opinion, because I think the Bears defense should help out (maybe with a defensive touchdown). Who knows? Maybe the Raiders get cocky and kick to Devon Hester for a special teams touchdown.



PokyID_Fan: Sea.  Was needs a QB and last I knew they needed a running back.

Troy: Seattle Seahawks. I’m taking the hawks out of pure momentum. I think the Redskins are a slightly more talented team, but the momentum tells me that the Seahawks should win.


New England@Philadelphia

PokyID_Fan: NE.  Phi just not getting it done, and NE offense is just too good.

Troy: New England Patriots. The New England Bradies shouldn’t have much trouble with the Eagles, who have been a disappointment all year.


Pittsburgh@Kansas City

PokyID_Fan: Pit.  Pit is just too good for KC and KC has their backup QB playing thanks to us.

Troy: Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chiefs are a mess. The Steelers aren’t. That’s about it.


New York Giants@New Orleans

PokyID_Fan: NO.  NO playing at home and they have the better QB.

Troy: New Orleans. I like the Saints in this one. Two incredibly good teams will face off, but I give the nod to the home team, here.

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