The Old Man Eddie Royal




It is easy to see that out of 8 players who are expected to catch balls, 5 of them are in Denver for the first time this year! That is a big deal in my opinion.

2 are in their second year here, as well as it being their second year in the league. Another telling fact in my book. 

Eddie Royal is in his 4th year in the league, and as we all know, he has spent them all here. This is why I call him the "old man", because he has more years with this team.

#        NAME                POS         Hgt        Weight     AGE   Yrs     Years in Denver

17 Cosby, Quan          WR         5-9           190          28      3       1st year here.

87 Decker, Eric            WR         6-3           218          24      2       2nd year here.

19 Royal, Eddie           WR         5-10         185         25      4        4th year here.

88 Thomas, Dem        WR         6-3            229        23      2         2nd year here

86 Fells, Daniel            TE          6-4            252         28     4         1st year here

85 Green, Virgil             TE          6-5           252          23     R        1st year here

81 Rosario, Dante        TE          6-4           250          27     5        1st year here

80 Thomas, Julius       TE          6-5           255          23     R        1st year here


We all are looking at the woes in the passing game of the Broncos right now, and are, for the most part, laying the blame at the feet of Tim Tebow. We have listened to all of the negatives from every angle and source dozens of times, but seem to fail to understand the full brunt of the position that this offense is in.

Enough cannot be said for the amount of time a QB has had with his receiving group. When you look at this team, the amount of time they have had to work together, the time they have had to get used to the plays called, and the amount of time Tim has had with the group to get a feel for what they will do, then you could be as amazed as I am at what has been accomplished so far!

Does a QB question whether or not his receivers know their routs, if they will be on the spot that they should be when the ball arrives? With receivers that are this new to this team, it would surprise me if there wasn't a little bit of doubt in that area.

Every major change that happens to a team sets the confidence level back in some way or another. When the change is completely from the top down, it creates a lot of confidence issues. A new HC is a prime example of that with the obvious amount of learning that is required of the entire team. Then take away the entire off season of TIME TO IMPLEMENT the new program and the difficulty is multiplied.

Here I have been looking at the completion % of Tim in college and thinking that he should be doing the same thing here and now! Not so fast. All of the so called JELLING that needs to take place needs time for it to take place. Repetitions cannot be programmed into the mind, they must take place in real time.

We have no where but up to go from here with the development of the passing game, our receivers and the QB. All it will take is time to "jell", which simply means lots and lots of repetitions. We are jelling "on the fly", and it is quite remarkable to me how well all of it is taking place, despite the cards that we were dealt! 

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