Unleash the Tebow upon the Chargers and other pregame thoughts

So the Chargers game is upon us and the Broncos are in the hunt for a playoff birth; it doesn't get any more exciting than that.  Regarding Tebow's ability to throw the rock, from watching him play in last year's preseason, the last three games of last year, and this season it is clear to me that he has the physical ability to make any throw that a professional quarterback needs to make (if you don't believe me, go back and watch the Miami and Raiders games this year).  The offensive play calling has been very conservative, and rightly so, so that our young quarterback and get used to the NFL game speed, have some success, and avoid big errors (also we have a resurgent defense and an awesome punter).  I am hopeful that this is the game that the training wheels come off. It is clear that Tebow can make the throws, he throws a nice WR out, and can make throws down the seam.  I want to see some crossing patterns, screens, and outs, not just deep bombs with a low probability of completion no matter who the QB is.   

If they will "Unleash the Tebow" earlier in the game by going to a three wide set and let him throw on 1st and 2nd down he can get into a rhythm throwing, I think the offense will be very successful and he will have a breakout game with 60%+ completions, 30+ points, and a solid 3rd down conversion rate.  This is contingent upon our WRs making plays catching the ball - we've had far too many drops in recent games.

Also, it seems that the running game is much more effective when we present the defense with multiple options (is Tebow going to run, hand to the running back, or hand to the receiver).  When you watch the defensive ends and linebackers on "zone read" plays you'll note that it freezes them when Tebow runs the read option which helps enable runs like McGahee's long TD run agains the Raiders.

Other thoughts:

1) It's great to have a defensive coordinator who is aggressive and smart.  I'd rather live and die by the sword (blitz/pressure) than sit back and slowly bleed away yards, points, and games.

2) Jeramiah Johnson needs to have a breakout game.  He's got the speed, elusiveness, and running acumen to be an effective speed back.  This needs to be the game...He bobbled the pitch from Tebow in the game last week and cost himself more playing time against the Jets. You have to make the plays when called upon.

3) Von Miller...I love it when he blitzes up the middle.  He needs to watch out for late hits because with the fine this week they may be quicker to throw a flag on him for hits on the QB.

4) Doom needs to continue his resurgence.

5) McGahee is a monster; we need him to be healthy, have a good game and hold onto the ball.

6) Early lead: It we get an early lead we need to continue to be aggressive on offense (don't go into a "prevent offense" by that I mean run, run, run, punt). San Diego is too explosive on offense for us to try to sit on a 7 point lead like the KC game.

7) The read option:  run out of it works.

8) The first game sans Kyle Orton: Any effect?  A vote of confidence in Tebow?  Will it have any effect?

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!  Watch the game and put some Christmas music on because it's after Thanksgiving now...GO BRONCOS!

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