I don't like Tebow, but...

I never liked Tebow in college.  Actually I didn't think much of him one way or another, except I have a general dislike of all the Florida schools.  Having played at one I didn't like him much is a better way to put it as it wasn't personal.  But one of the rumors of him going in the NFL as a first round QB ie ready to start, I stared not to like him.  I'm not an expert on QB's perfect throwing motions but I could see his wasn't good.  And like Vince Young, Akili Smith, Pat White and many others I had come to believe that spread options QB's could not be good NFL throwers and thereby successful.  

Tebow as a person always seemed like a great guy.  But honestly, I don't hold football or any alhtete as role models so don't care that much as long as they aren't beating woman (never acceptable, looking at you Pittman, Cox and Marshall, Bronco's I couldn't root for).

Now...well this was the first game where I thought he looked like he was throwing well.  I mean how can you win with your  QB only converting 15% of 3rd downs?   He wasn't throwing picks but he wasn't close to several WR either.  And I still do believe some of the drops are because the WR assume it will be a bad pass or he'll run it, not professional but pretty human as anyone who's ever played basketball with a ball hog knows.

I thought Denver was winning because of the Defense.  Much like the Titan's early with V. Young a great D and a controlled running game and QB's where interchangeable.  Anyone else notice when Baley's hamstring and Dooms ankle  got better the D got really good and the team started winning?  This was about the same when Tebow started playing.  How does a team win with a QB who throws for 100 yards per game, 44% completion rate and more 3 and outs then a rational fan could count?  Great D, and a good running game is how.  By the way, can you be better then a #1 over all pick (miller)?  Nothing against Cam Newton but with Doom that man is unreal.

Back to today, Tebow, actually once you got into the 2nd Quarter he started to make good throws.  That first throw had me throwing my hands in the air.  OLine, can't get enough credit as the RB's had alot of good blocking and opened holes and give Tebow all of time he could need.  (past years seemed like the other team only  had all the time against Denver(.  But Tebow, in my opinion took advantage and made several nice throws.  He clearly likes the deep ball, I think to much.  But the read option as a running play seemed to stop working in the second half and his throws started to move the ball.  Now I'm not saying Brady or Rodgers are going to be threatened as the best QB in the league, but damn it was nice to see.  Real throws.  Hitting a WR in stride where he could make the play.  The slant to Johnson on 3 and 11, which they reviewed to 4 and a foot was a great throw where he wasn't scared of the DB breaking up the pass.  Loved it.  Wish they would have converted.  But it was the first time I saw someone who could be a pocket passer and made a tough, back to the wall throw which wasn't over the middle like the Royal or Fells ones.

I don't like Tebow, but I'm starting to believe.  I'm stubborn.  what do you want?  Maybe the D is lights out, maybe Tebow doesn't need to score alot with this D and plays within himself because the games are close (except Detroit).  Hopefully he does become a thrower as that would be unbelievable.  But before today I never saw anything that game me hope of that.

As a final thought Goodman, who many, including myself where hoping would get replaced (patrick Peterson) has played several outstanding games this year.  Hope he makes the Studs list.  And I can't wait to read the Oline review, which is my favorite article week in and week out.

As always, go Bronco's.

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