Playoff Predictions

Now that we are separating the men from the boys in the AFC West, I think that I will make my playoff projections:

AFC East: New England will end up 12-4 and get the second seed. The Jets and Buffalo will continue to play themselves out of the playoff race, with the Jets and Bills ending up at 9-7 and 7-9. Miami will bring up the rear at 5-11.

AFC North: Baltimore and Pittsburgh will tie for the top at 12-4, but the Ravens will win the tiebreaker, and get home field in a three-way tie with the Pats and the Texans. The Bengals will be the second wildcard after winning a tiebreaker with the Raiders, and the Browns bring up the rear.

AFC South: The Texans end up at 12-4 with the third seed, while the Titans finish 9-7 and out of the postseason. The Jags are for third, and the Colts can look forward to Luck.

AFC West. The Broncos will win out and take the West at 11-5, the Raiders will miss the Wild Card on a tie-breaker, and the Chiefs and Chargers will bring up the rear. The Chargers will be dismantled at the end of the season.

NFC East: Dallas will end up taking the division with an 11-5 Record while the Giants fade to 9-7 because their schedule is too tough. The Eagles and Washington bring up the rear.

NFC North: The Packers go undefeated. The Bears go 10-6 and get the fifth seed. The Lions end up 9-7 and out of the playoffs, and the Vikes bring up the rear.

NFC South: The Saints go 12-4 and end up with the three seed. The Falcons go 10-6 and get the 6 seed. The Bucs end up 7-9, and the Panthers bring up the rear, although they will be a team to reckon with in the future.

NFC West: The Niners will go 13-3 and get the 2-seed, and the Hawks, Cards, and Rams bring up the rear.


AFC Playoffs

Wild Card: The Broncos will face the Steelers at home for their first playoff game since the 2005 AFC Championship game. In a matchup between Ben and Tebow, the Bronco defense keeps them in it, and they win in OT. In the other Wild Card game, the Bengals will upset the QB-less Texans.

Divisional Round: The Broncos end up going to New England, and this is where the train stops, although not without a fight. As for the other game, the Ravens beat Cincy again, and get the Pats at home for the AFC Title game

Championship game: The Ravens go to the Super Bowl for the first time in 11 years after defeating New England.

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card: Dallas defeats the Bears at home, while the Falcons finally defeat the Saints in their third try.

Divisional Playoffs: The Packers beat Atlanta again, while the 49er defense leads the way in a win over the Cowboys.

NFC Title: The Niners had a great year, but the train stops here. The defense can't carry them all year, and they don't have enough offense to dethrone the champs.

Super Bowl 46: The Packers join the Dolphins in Perfectville after beating the Ravens for their second straight title.

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