Bronco Fan Rapid Reaction







1. Denver Won -  It’s ugly, but a good kind of ugly.  As long as Denver keeps winning I can’t complain too much.  However, I do have some things I would like to see differently so Denver doesn’t have to comeback in the fourth quarter.


2. Dennis Allen DC– He has proved that game planning and play calling can make a defense.  He has been great in play calling and getting his unit to play and a unit.  Denver has given up 10,24,10,13,and 13 since the Tebow change. 


3. Miller and Doom – This is a special combo that is the heart of the team


4. Tebow improved passing – Tim had a lot of passes dropped early.


5. O-line Pass Protection - Was the best I have seen so far this year.  However, San Diego was without their top pass rushers in Shaun Phillips and Louis Castillo.   Still it was nice to see.  If Denver can do that against Minnesota and Jared Allen next week I will change my belief that RT is a major need in the offseason.

6. Decker laying out - The guy has a lot of McCaffrey in him.  I hate to say it, but he does.  That big third down catch to get Denver 39 yards down the field to tie the game was huge.  Tebow had a good throw.  The catch was better.

7. Willis McGahee - 23 for 117.  Not bad.  He is the workhorse and best RB on the team. Denver needed him today and put in a big time effort.




1. Offensive Play Calling – Denver’s offense is more talented and the game shouldn’t have been this close.  A major reason that Orton didn’t succeed in Denver has to do with McCoy’s obvious play selection.  


2. Running on first down up the middle –I know this is kind of 1b, this is getting old and dangerous.   Who knows what happens if McGahee doesn’t lose a yard in the fourth quarter when Denver was inside the SD 15?  Maybe Denver scores a TD instead of a FG.


3. Eddie Royal dropping passes – In his rookie year Eddie was Mr. Stickum.  This year especially he has dropped more than he has caught.



4. Bill Williamsons comment on Elways’ opinion of Tebow not converting third down – Denver runs the ball on third down an awful lot.  Also, they run up the middle a lot with McGahee, and Tebow. Denver was 6/17 for 35% on the game.  Only 9 of the third down conversions were passing.  5 were Tebow runs up the middle.  If Eddie Royal makes the catch in the first quarter Tebow is 44% on passing third downs if you want to get nitpicky.



What this means:

Denver could very realistically go 9-7 on the season and make the playoffs as the 6th seed (Denver currently holds 7th best record with tie breakers in the AFC), or win the Division.  They play a much easier schedule than Oakland with only New England as the major team as a likely loss.  Chicago isn’t the same team without Cutler.



Denver’s  (6-5) Remaining Schedule

@ Min






Oakland’s (7-4) Remaining Schedule

@ Mia





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