The silence is deafening, and other observations....

1. My favorite part of Bronco wins these days is the collective silence that comes after conventional wisdom is turned on it's head (again and again). This silence usually lasts from the end of the game until Monday morning. By Monday morning, one writer musters the courage to come forward and take a position in the battle. Soon after that, other writers follow suit and are able to take a position (as tenuous as it may be). You see, when collective wisdom is proven wrong, nobody knows which talking points to use. They have to throw the old talking points out.

I love that you people who have foolishly put yourself into a box are constantly having to play defense, not offense. I love that you people who have foolishly put yourself into a box feel very awkward after a Bronco win. Let me throw you a lifeline. It is ok to come out of your box and admit defeat. It is ok to come out of your box and admit you were wrong, or at the very least you were premature. One of the signs of a strong person is the ability to change course. As it is now, you look similar to the man driving with his family that is too stubborn to ask for directions when he is lost. Don't be that guy.

2. As much as I love and acknowledge what Tim Tebow has done for our team, Von Miller has to be the MVP so far. Just when I said his play was starting to look one-dimensional, he changes. He has taken over the game in a way that I'm pretty sure EFX didn't even anticipate or plan on. I'm not the greatest Bronco historian but have we ever had a defensive player effect the running and passing game as much? I literally can't fathom what Von Miller will look like with more experience under his belt. Maybe he will start getting some interceptions?? I really don't know.

3. Von Miller quote = "Just having that guy around, it makes us better men. I think he plays for us, and he makes us want to play for him." How many more Bronco players have to acknowledge that Tim Tebow has a leadership quality that makes the entire team better? At what point will you doubters acknowledge that leadership can be a rising tide that lifts all boats?

4. Can someone more informed than me let me know why we are getting almost no production from the tight end position??? If we are truly modeling a lot of our offense around Tim Tebow's Florida scheme, then surely our tight ends would play a more prominent role. Is it that Tebow doesn't see them? Are they busy blocking? Are they not getting separation? Can someone please tell me?

5. Ok, this is going to be my favorite point out of all of them. Has anyone noticed how the debate, and the terms of the debate keep changing???

- Argument #1 = Tim Tebow's throwing motion will cause him to turn the ball over too many times. His elongated motion will allow him to get picked off by DB's and have the ball stripped by defensive linemen. This argument against Tim Tebow was the very first one and almost nobody is using it now. In other words, I think it has been defeated.

- Argument #2 = Tim Tebow's fullback mentality will not work in the NFL. I remember several commentators say that running the ball "may have worked in college but it won't work in the NFL." The naysayers said Tebow will get hurt and also wouldn't be as effective because of the speed of the NFL game. This was the second argument that almost nobody is talking about now, because it has been defeated.

- Argument #3 = Tim Tebow can't read NFL defenses. I've got news for you, you don't throw 8 TD's, 1 INT, and run the ball effectively for a sustained amount of time if you can't read defenses. For a player that has as much playing time as a rookie, I think Tebow is reading defenses just fine. Even this argument is starting to die down.

- Argument #4 = Tim Tebow can't throw. This is the latest argument, and one that might take longer to prove. In my opinion, this argument will be proven wrong also. Tebow has improved in every aspect of his game, including his throwing.

My point = People arguing against Tim Tebow keep changing their argument. Perhaps that argument is built on shifting sand?

6. Dennis Allen is a coach I definitely don't want to lose. If our defense sustains it's torrid pace, is there any doubt that he starts getting looks as a head coach? John Fox is someone who is starting to grow on me but I wonder to what extent he or Dennis Allen is responsible for our defensive play calling. Whoever is responsible for tweaking the way Von Miller has been used the last few games also deserves kudos.

7. At some point, we are going to have to let Tebow throw the ball 30 times in a game in order to win. My hunch is that this game is going to be against the Patriots, coming up. Anyone else have any guesses?

8. Is it just me or are network cameras constantly showing John Fox on the sideline having problems with his headset and the little box that is attached to his belt? John, is it just a nervous habit or does your equipment suck? It wasn't as bad yesterday but most of the time he looks like a mess out there.

9. Quote of the day from yesterday: "He does throw the slant routes and the post routes really well." Dan Fouts after Tim Tebow threw a TD to Decker. This actually had me laughing. I thought Tim Tebow couldn't throw anything really well???!!!

10. I had a guest over at my house yesterday to watch the Bronco game with me. This guest is a friend of Tim Tebow's parents (Bob and Pam). During the game, my guest was in frequent texting contact with Bob Tebow. It was fascinating. I won't go into the details of the texts but there are two observations (that are obvious) that I will make. The Tebow's are at all of Tim's games and have a hard time handling the negative attention that Tim receives (which parent wouldn't). Second, Bob is very aware of the X's and O's of a football game. You would have to think that Tim Tebow having to prove himself as a legit QB is like groundhog day to his parents. They have been through it before.

11. As an avid college football fan I am always looking for future Broncos. Since we keep winning, I have to keep adjusting what I think will be our draft position. I'm starting to wonder if we will pick sometime after #20 now. Here are some players I have my eye on for #20 and later:

- Chase Minnifield CB

- Mark Barron SS

- Devon Still DT

- Kevin Reddick OLB

- Alfonzo Dennard CB

Do you guys have any 20 and later suggestions? I'm assuming Kirkpatrick, Claiborne, Richardson, Kuechly and the rest will be gone.

12. Am I the only one highly impressed with the Chiefs this year? They have lost almost all of their best players and have still managed to play teams tough. Can you imagine how good they might be if they get a legit QB (not Cassel or Orton) and bring all their injured players back next year? Pretty scary if you ask me.

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