Broncos vs Chargers: The No Bull Review

Allright allright....I've seen enough already with the come-from-behind types of victories.  Seriously.  It is Monday and I still feel completely spent after yesterday's game.  Just spent.  It is in a good way though.  I had a smile on my face this morning when I realized I could say something that I haven't been able to say in what seems like years:  My Broncos have a winning record.

For all the ups and downs, coaching controversies, QB petulance, primadonna drama, and everything else we've been through the past few deserve this Bronco Country.  THIS is a Denver Broncos team.  THIS is how we do it...we believe in each other and we fight together in all three phases of the game.  I for one am old enough to remember our Superbowl appearances through the 80s and 90s.  The difference between the loses and the wins was clear as night and day.  When we won, we had a complete team that believed in each simple as that.  It wasn't TD, it wasn't Elway, it wasn't was our TEAM.  Cheers Broncos Fans!  Now off of my motivational speech soapbox and onto the review.


  • #1 complaint from this game:  Can our WRs catch some frigging passes please?  Tebow was hitting people up and in front or in the chest and passes were being dropped.  All too often on 3rd down.  I don't fault our QB this game so much for the poor 3rd down conversions...he was making the play, but the drops killed 3 drives if I recall correctly.  (I'm most disappointed in Royal's drop fyi)
  • McGahee is a friggin stud.  I love this guy and I know that O-line loves blocking for him.  A 100yd day couldn't happen to a better group of guys.
  • Tebow looked pretty good to me except for one of his early throws that his footwork was just AWFUL.  The offseason is going to clean that up I hope...if he throws the pass (it was a 8-10 yard out) from balanced legs it is an easy completion.
  • I'm not much of a Lance Ball fan, but I'm going to say good job kid.  I think he did a great job in relief and looked very much like McGahee when he was in there.


  • Chris Harris is officially the solution to Antonia Gates FYI........................................LOL!  Man...we threw everyone from the linebacker position back at Gates and still had trouble with him all game.  It seems Harris did the best job of anyone on him though.  Gates is such a freak...too bad he plays for the Chargers
  • It seems like every 3-4 plays Miller was in there jacking the play up...sack, penetration, big hit on the RB.  I LOVE this kid.  He's doing so well and from what I saw he is the complete package...reads passes and runs.  They aren't scheming him to just pass rush all the time in case you haven't noticed.
  • I'm not a big DJ fan either, but man...he laid some wood on some poor fool in this game.  It made me shed a little man tear.  Keep up the elevated play know if you don't Woodyard will be taking your spot. 
  • I had 2 Mays sightings this is almost like we have a MLB or something.
  • Speaking of that our Linebackers (mostly Mays) were not too swift at run D this game overall for inside runs.  Too many times there was a hole opened up and a LB out of position or not able to shed a block to stop Matthews.  Allen is going to have a field day on some of them when he reviews the tape.
  • Bailey has lost a step...even my wife was complaining about it.  We need to move him to Free Safety this offseason or make him our nickel CB.

Special Teams:

  • Way to win a game Prater.  Others doubt you given your slew of misses so far this year in the 40s.  I got you back bro.  When the game is on the line, I want you kicking it.


  • Our Defense was prepared for this game.  The Chargers have some very bad match ups for our guys personnel-wise (I've talked about this vs is mainly with their weapons here...they have very tall and big receivers and Gates).  I think we did a fantastic job of shutting the Chargers down.
  • At the end of the 4th the chargers failed to get a 1st down on their 3rd down.  We had a timeout left.  Why the hell did we not take the TO and make them punt to us?  Why?  We have Eddie Royal who has shown he can take it to the house.  Call your TO and see what happens.  It didn't cost us the game, but it would have been nice not to miss such an opportunity.
  • I'm okay with Fox not going for it on 4th and 1/2 yard....but I personally would have gone for it on a QB sneak.

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