SOS or SSO ? The Deserted Island.

Remember that Gal that was sitting down at the end of the bar when you slid onto the bar stool after a hard day's work? Yes, THAT ONE! You remember that you had only glanced at her when you arrived, but didn't really notice her?

Suddenly you were shocked, after several shots and much time had passed, that you hadn't noticed just how SEXY SHE WAS! Come on! Admit it! You remember.

Now, go back and read that again, only this time the Gal is the Broncos, and You are the MSM, (and all of the leagues players and coaches, that we haven't beaten yet, they aren't commenting) and the shots that you drank are Broncos Wins!

Is the Gal at the end of the Bar really that much sexier than she was when you got there? Is it the time that has passed or the shots that you drank? Although I have always disliked Al Davis he really had something going on when he said, "Just Drink Baby"!

Yes, your right. I miss quoted that so we could continue to run with the fun here! 

The way our beloved Broncos started the season, all the "talking heads" ( here after referred to as TH) were telling the story of how our team had been marooned on a Deserted Island, (last place in the AFC West) and that our team members were all lined up on the beach carrying stones to make us a distress signal, (SOS) which basically meant that they had given up hope.

The Captain (Fox) had demoted the First Mate (Orton) for causing the Ship (the Team) to run aground, and all but sink, and when he named a new First Mate (U know Who) there were many who believed that the Crew (our players) might not follow him. When the TH first heard about it they scoffed. 

You see, the TH knew the history of the new First Mate. They knew that he had very little experience at the position he had so abruptly been thrust into! Further more, they doubted that he had been properly trained for the job, and because of that, they wondered aloud why The Captain would trust him in the first place!

Others were quick to point out that it didn't really matter all that much since the Ship was already stuck on the reef! It was simply impossible for The Crew to fix the damage that the Ship had sustained, let alone pull it back off of the reef! Imagine the utter amazement when the Crew finished lining the stones up on the beach!

"SSO!", (Shotgun, Spread, Option) screamed the TH! The new First Mate can't even Spell! (throw) "There is simply NO WAY that any Rescue Attempts (wins) will be successful", they continued! "They may as well just give up instead of running with all of this false hope!" "Surely the Captain is about to have a mutiny in the camp!"

Then the TH began to see something that they didn't expect. The Crew were actually listening to the new First Mate and working together to repair the Ship. Other ships full of Pirates came by each week, as they worked together side by side, and would try to steal the cargo, (a win) but the Crew fought them off hard and defended the Ship.

For six weeks they fought off the Pirates, only losing a little bit of cargo during one of those battles, and during each of those weeks the TH noticed that the new First Mate seamed to be gaining the respect of the Crew! The main thing that the TH noticed is how well the Crew was Defending the Ship!

Some of the TH actually began to say they thought that the Crew "just might" have a chance to pull that Ship off of the reef, but that it would most likely sink before it could deliver the cargo.  Others continued to gaze in disgust at the letters on the beach and whine about promoting a First Mate who couldn't spell.

Little did did they know that the Admiral (Pat Bowlen) of the fleet had already hired the greatest Spelling Professor (John Elway) to help teach the New First Mate how to spell. 


Sorry for that. I just thought that with all the commotion, some of you may just want to get your minds off of it all and simply enjoy a short story. 

I does, however, seem like a few of the Talking Heads who have drunk enough shots, are starting to give the gal at the end of the Bar a second glance!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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