Tim Is The Leader of this team

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

Listen, we poke fun at Tim Tebow because he’s got no business as a starting NFL quarterback but continues to pile up the wins, because he’s so pious and outwardly religious but isn’t (all that) obnoxious about it, because we hate him but we can’t help but love him at the same time.

And because we as a society make fun of him but because he can laugh at the punchline with us.

But here’s the truth. His teammates believe in him. Maybe it’s because he’s 5-1 as a starter on a Broncos squad that was headed nowhere but the AFC West basement before he was named starter, and maybe it’s because he continues to amaze by finding ways to win games late in the fourth quarter and overtime. Maybe it doesn’t matter why they put their faith in Tebow. It only matters that they do.

So, when Denver coach John Fox asked Tebow to address the team Saturday night, he gave a rousing speech that was heavy on the bible (of course) but also heavy on inspiration.

"I've never seen a human who can will himself to win like that,” linebacker Von Miller said, via the Denver Post. "He said iron sharpens iron and men sharpen other men. And I think that's totally true. He gave us a great speech. We came out (for the game) fired up. And that was a wrap."

Tebow relied on Proverbs 27:17 (which states, “As iron sharpens iron,  so one person sharpens another”) to deliver his message, and obviously, it worked as a pretty strong motivator. And if you watch the way Tebow handles the media, you can begin to understand why play-by-play man Thom Brennaman was so effusive in his praise of Tebow during the national title game a few years back.

Now, as I mentioned Sunday night, Tebow has had plenty of help during this winning stretch. The Broncos defense has improved, and Willis McGahee has had a career resurgence at the running back spot. And most of the time, Tebow looks a cut below what should pass as an NFL quarterback.

But you can’t help but notice the impact Tebow has late in the game. And apparently in the meeting room the night before Sunday’s game.

"It was a huge honor," Tebow said. "I just tried to share from the heart."

Sounds just like a guy you can’t help but love and hate at the same time. And maybe a guy you shouldn’t hate at all.

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Sorry, I dont know how to post a site to this. Also yes I know it should be a FanShot.  I think that this proves yet again that Tebow is leading this team. I dont agree with all of what is said above but I like the idea. Leaders lead and Winners win. Guess what boys, we have both. Tim inspires our offense our defense our ST and our coaches. He is a force of competative nature. He is leading us now to the playoffs, once we get there who knows where Timmy will LEAD us next!

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