Replacing Cassius Vaughn on the Broncos Roster

Cassius Vaughn of the Broncos runs the ball in for a 55 yard touchdown after making an interception against the Chargers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 9, 2011. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

We found out this afternoon that Denver Broncos Cornerback and Return man Cassius Vaughn was relegated to the Injured Reserve List with a fractured fibula suffered in yesterday's game against the Chargers. Denver promoted Safety Kyle McCarthy and Linebacker Mike Mohamed from the Practice Squad to fill the void left by Cassius and Kyle Orton. The trouble is, neither one is a Cornerback. There are only four Cornerbacks currently left on the roster; Champ Bailey, Andre' Goodman, Chris Harris and Jonathan Willhite. Face it, the depth is anorexic here. Before the days events unfolded, I set out to find some Cornerbacks that could be picked up to fill Vaughn's roster spot. I scoured the Practice Squads of each NFL Team and made a list. While McCarthy's promotion seems somewhat logical, Mohamed's was surprising, so I thought I would post my findings for a little discussion anyway. The Broncos have been relatively healthy (for a change) this year, but another injury to the Corner position and Denver will be scrambling for replacements.

 Name  Position   Height  Weight  Age Experience College  Team
Doyle Miller
 CB  5'-11"  180  23  R Nevada-Reno
Prince Miller  DB  5'-9"  198  23  2  Georgia  Buffalo
Mana Silva  DB  6'-0"  206  23  R  Hawaii  Buffalo
Brandon King  CB   5'-10"   194  24  2  Purdue  Miami
Anderson Russell  DB  6'-0"   205  24   2  Ohio State  Miami
Ross Ventrone  DB  5'-8"  190   25  1  Villanova  New England
Malcolm Williams  DB  5'-11"  200  24  R  TCU  New England
Julian Posey  CB   5'-11"  187  23  R   Ohio  NY Jets
John Bowie  CB  5'-11"  190  27   4  Cincinnati   Cincinnati
Torri Williams  DB  6'-2"  208  25   2  Purdue  Houston
Mike Holmes  DB  5'-11"  184  22  R  Syracuse  Indianapolis
Talmadge Jackson  CB  5'-8"  190  22  R  Oregon  Jacksonville
Quinten Lawrence  DB  6'-0"  184  27   2  McNeese State Kansas City
Terrail Lambert  DB  5'-11"  190  25  2  Notre Dame  Oakland
Traye Simmons  CB  5'-9"  180   24  1  Minnesota  San Diego
Mario Butler  CB  6'-1"  188   23  R  Georgia Tech  Dallas
Brandon Bing  CB  5'-11"  177  22  R  Rutgers  NY Giants
Brandyn Thompson  DB  5'-10"  188  22  R  Boise State  Washington
Joshua Moore  CB  5'-11"  183  23  2  Kansas State  Chicago
Brandian Ross  CB  6'-0"  191  22  R  Youngstown State  Green Bay
Reggie Jones  DB  6'-0"  193  25  2  Portland State  Minnesota
Kamaal McIlwain  CB  5'-10"  175  23  R  Newberry  New Orleans
Marshay Green  CB  5'-10"  175  25  2  Mississippi  Arizona
Korey Lindsey  CB  5'-10"  194  22  R  So. Illinois  Arizona
Cory Nelms  CB  6'-0"  195  23  R  Miami  San Francisco
 Kendrick Burney  DB  5'-9"  190  23  R  No. Carolina  St. Louis
Chris Smith  DB  5'-10"  186  24  R  No. Illinois  St. Louis

The one notable name that I see is Brandon Bing, who attended Training Camp at Dove Valley before his release on September 3rd. Bing spent time on Denver's Practice Squad as well as the Bills. He was working as a Trainer when the Giants signed him to their Practice Squad November 2nd. Now I'm not the one to talk to regarding Rookie prospects, so I will leave it at that. Undoubtedly there are some on this blog that are more knowledgeable on this subject. Let this be a jumping off point for discussion.

Chevis Jackson is another player who spent time in Training Camp and is currently a Free Agent. 

I'm sure there are Free Agent Cornerbacks available out there too, but there isn't an updated list that I could find.
What are your thoughts MHR? Should we go poaching for Cassius Vaughn's replacement?

Go Broncos!

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