Predicting the Raiders Remaining Schedual

With the chiefs loss on Sunday night and our victory over the chargers it is almost safe to say that they both are out of the playoff race. That leaves us and the raiders. Though there is a chance we could make the playoffs through the wild card slot I believe our best chance is by winning the AFC west. Lets take a look at the remainder of the raiders scheduled and some predictions.

Week 13: Raiders vs Dolphins

Background: In week 13 we find an interesting match up for the raiders against the recently surging dolphins. Since losing a close one to the Broncos in week 7 the dolphins have either won or just barely lost all of their games. Reggie Bush has found some new life in his legs and Matt Moore has been playing well above the level most of the league thinks he is capable of. The Raiders are currently on a 3 week win streak finding good play from Carson Palmer and Michael Bush. The defense is also playing fairly well holding teams to less than 21 points per game.

Prediction: I think this one is going to be very close. The dolphins have not been letting teams win easily and will be hungry for a W after losing a tight one in Dallas last thursday. Oakland is no slouch though and could be getting back star RB Darren McFadden for this game. I think though im going to have to give this one to the Dolphins. I think they want it more and have the home field advantage. I predict Reggie bush to have a big games and Brandon Marshall terrorizing a team he preyed on during his 4 years in Denver.

Score: 20 - 23


Week 14: Oakland Raider vs Green Bay Packers

Background: The Packers are currently 11-0 and dont look like theyre going to slow down anytime to soon. They will most likely beat the reeling Giants and welcome Oakland to Lambau at 12-0. QB Aaron Rodgers is all but a lock for MVP and the Packers look like they are ready for a repeat Superbowl victory for 2012.

Prediction: This one should be an easy call. Oakland doesnt have the firepower to keep up with the Packers superstar offense. The Packers defense is also playing very well and should have no problem picking off Palmer and bottling up the Raiders rushing attack. This one looks like an easy W for the Packers.

Score: 13 -45


Week 15: Oakland Raiders vs Detroit Lions

Background: The Lions are fighting to maintain they're place as the wildcard in the NFC and have been inconsistent after their 5-0 start. QB Matthew Stafford leads this team and has trusty wide out Calvin Johnson who has cooled off as of late after starting the season on a record breaking rate. The defense has a dominant front 7 led by Suh, who will be coming back from his 2 game suspension to play the Raiders in this week. Their secondary is questionable and needs some work (guess Alphonso smith hasn't helped that much).

Prediction: This is a tough call. Detroit could come in and Stafford could throw 5 tds and blow out the Raiders. I can also see the Raiders pummeling the Detroit defense and picking off Stafford 3 times. In the end I have to give this one to the Raiders. This will probably be a must win game for them and I can just feel the Lions collapse approaching. Detroit's questionable run game also has me wonder if they can really be in it for the long haul.

Score: 27-14


Week 16: Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Cheifs

Background: The Raiders will be facing a familiar foe in Kyle Orton this week as he tries to salvage the Chiefs season and save Todd Hayleys job. The Chiefs have one of the hardest closing scheduals in the NFL and will probably coming into this game on a pretty big losing streak. The Chiefs running game has been non-existant lately relying on Dexter Mcluster to bring some life to it. Dwayne Bowe is playing ok but not special as he has been in the past few years. The Chiefs defense should not be underestimated and even without Eric Berry still have a strong secondary. Im sure I don't need to say much about Orton as we all know his talent level, I will just say that his lack of mobility will probably be a large issue for him in this game, especially if the Chiefs cannot get their run gaming going.

Prediction: The Chiefs will be coming into this game morally defeated. Hayleys job will be all but gone and this team will be almost guaranteed a top 7 pick, a major step backwards for the previous AFC west champs. The Raiders should win this one fairly easily by running over this defense and by distrupting Ortons precious pocket. 

Score: 33 - 10


Week 17: Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers

Background: The Chargers will most likely be coming into this game to play spoiler for their rival Raiders who will need this win to make the playoffs. Norv Turner and A.J. Smith will probably be on their way out after missing the playoffs two years running. With nothing to play for but a draft pick the Chargers will take great pleasure in knocking the raiders out of playoff contention. Overall this team is a better team than they are showing with their play. Rivers is an elite QB in this league when he is on his game and has weapons in Matthews, Jackson and Gates to make plays on the offense. They are having some Oline issues with injuries but at this point in the season may be at better health. Their defense is playing mediocre at best but has the peices to make plays.

Prediction: The Raiders are in must win mode here but I think the Chargers can overpower them. Many of the Chargers players will be playing for a roster spot in 2012 and will have to play at their best to ensure they are safe.

Score: 17 - 20


Final Thoughts

With these predictions it would leave the Raiders at 9-7 and i think with the broncos winning 3 of their next 5 also leaving us with a 9-7 record but a 4-2 record in the division compared to a 3-3 record for the raiders. This would give us the win in the tiebreak ensuring us our first playoff appearance sine 2005. 

Go Broncos!!!

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