Never too early to talk some NFL Draft


I know we're on a 5-1 stretch and in the hunt for a playoff spot, which is exciting, it's been way too long since we've been in this situation, but i always love to look ahead to the new talent coming into the league and onto our Denver Broncos. Plus it's a nice change-up from the Tebow talk, what elway said talk, ect.

Plus the Combine and Senior bowl are only a couple months away!

Right now, we have the 18th pick, but we probably(hopefully) will be picking in the early to mid 20's(Hell or even 32nd hehe) So lets take a look at some prospects as of now who are expected to go around that spot.

Zach Brown - OLB UNC 6'2 230lbs


PROS: Speed, speed, and more speed. Increased bulk in 2011 noticeably….good tackler…instinctive…versatile…very effective as a blitzing LB…very good in coverage. Production in the run game is improving (1.5 tackles for loss in 2010, through October 2nd 2011, he already has 4 Tackles for loss, and 2.5 sacks)…makes plays in the passing game…has been durable so far…

CONS: Need to evaluate more thoroughly to find glaring weaknesses…Linebackers with his speed are uncommon, so he may tend to over-run plays,..may rely too much on athleticism…on the lighter side…

(Via NFL Mocks)

My take on this guy right now is that he is a speedy athletic tackling machine. Put him on the opposite side of Von in this defense, and it would make us even more dangerous. Only other question is, what do we do with DJ? Trade Him? Move him to ILB? Oh yeah this guy ran a 4.2 40 yard dash in 09. Von Miller 2.0?



Whitney Mercilus DE Illinois 6'4 265lbs





Effort, effort, effort, and active hands..When he commits to rushing the passer he gets off the snap and can fairly quick get around the edge…consistently plays with good leverage…dips under tackle well…active hands..uses a spin move with some success, but needs more moves… does a good job of getting the football from the quarterback on sacks….Illinois moves him around the line as he plays both LDE and RDE…good motor…consistent production In 2011, he’s just been absolutely unblockable for the majority of the season (tackles for loss in all game except vs South Dakota State, sacks in all game except vs Purdue through 11/18/2011)


Often looks late off the snap (hesitation or he’s slow to react when the ball is snap) not a tremendous athlete…I’m not a proponent of him playing OLB and consider him a promising 43 DE, probably best suited at right defensive end…can get too wide in his rush, and especially in the run game…not instinctive, which slows down his playing speed at times…he can be run at…Needs to work on making plays down the line…Doesn’t drop back into coverage and that’s an area he’ll really have to work on if he’s going to be drafted be a 34 OLB

(Via NFL Mocks


I like this guy, high motor and versatile. Would give Fox another pass rusher who can takeover for Ayers on passing downs. Excited to see what this guy can do at the combine 


Lamar Miller RB 5'11 210lbs Miami



Pros Fast….powerful…can break tackles (rarely goes down on first contact) …decisive…gets down hill in a hurry…can break the game wide open with his speed…has return ability…shifty… adequate ball carrier vision…sets up the draw well……a plus blocker willing blocker with the body to continue to improve in that area (technique could use a little refinement)…
Cons Doesn’t set up blocks extremely well…not a special reciver out of the backfield for a player with his speed…haven’t seen him fumble much, but I can’t find the numbers to know for sure how often he fumbles, at the same time it doesn’t look like he covers up well enough in traffic will have to improve on that in the N.F.L…doesn’t have great hands…doesn’t run a lot of routes out of the backfield
(Via NFL Mocks)
I like this guy, reminds some of ex Bronco Clinton Portis. Speedy with Power. Now a RB in the 1st round? it's doubtful, but never know with John Fox, and Elway knows how important a great running back is to the success of the offense. So can't rule it out. Plus McGahee, while having a great season for us, is on the wrong end of 30. His recent success reminds me alot of Thomas Jones a few years back for the chiefs and jets. A compliment to him and Tebow would be a nice upgrade. We've been missing the home run hitter in the backfield for a few years now. Moreno isnt cutting it

Alfonzo Denard CB  Nebraska 5'10 205lbs




PROS: Great experience as a starter…hard worker…very quick to read quarterback… ball-hawk… solid tackler…has lock-down potential…excels in press coverage…good bulk and build…good speed…makes a lot of plays on the football…also plays well in zone coverage…doesn’t shy away from tackles…fluid enough to play the slot at the N.F.L. level

CONS: Injuries have been a slight concern for him (concussion in 2010), otherwise his biggest issue will be adjusting to the speed of the NFL…over aggressive at times making him vulnerable to double moves…a tick shorter than ideal..willing tackler does not mean great tackler

(Via NFL Mocks)

I really like this guy. Some scouts say he's a better prospect than his former teammate Price Amukamara. He's a fast solid cover corner, who can tackle. Not an elite corner like Claiborne and Kirkpatrick, but would help our secondary immensely


Vontaze Burfict ILB 6'3 250 ASU



Pros– Terrific blitzerLeader of the defense…good pass rusher out of the inside linebacker spot…nasty player…plays sideline to sideline…aggressive…hard worker…tackling machine…play maker…instinctual…bone crushing hits…good pass rusher…has the size and speed to cover tight ends in man coverage…good depth in zone coverage…tackles well in space…versatile…disengages from blocks

Cons--Sometimes over-aggressive…ome scouts not sure if he has instincts for a first round LB (I disagree)…will be fooled by play action at times…gets good depth in zone coverage, but doesn’t make a ton of plays on the ball only (first career interception is this year)…

(Via NFL Mocks)

I used to love this guy as our pick, but questions about his maturity and the fact that he had a terrible season hurt his stock alot. Might fall into the 2nd round, but if he has a great combine and interviews well, he could go much earlier



Brandon Thompson DT Clemson 6'2 310lbs




Great initial quickness

Very strong at point of attack

Team Leader

Disrupts line of scrimmage and demands attention, freeing up others

Can play in both a 4-3 or as a NT in a 3-4

Very consistent

 Great motor

Uses his hands well


 Will not sack the quarterback a lot

Does not bat down many passes

Does not force many fumbles

Hasn’t beaten a lot of the double teams he’s faced this year to make plays

Not super productive in 2011, more of a eat up blockers and clean up what’s left kind of player

Could be over-drafted because the DT position is weaker than last year

(Via NFL Mocks)

Will we finally draft a DT? Seems like with our defense, we need another guy in the middle to clog up the lanes and let Von and Doom get after the QB. Bunkley and Thomas are FA's. I fully expect Bunkley back, idk about Thomas, id love it if both were back. Thompson sounds like he would help big time in the interior run defense



Quinton Coples DL UNC 6'5 285lbs



Pros–Great size for a defensive end..Versatility can play both tackle (43) and end (43 or 34)…pass rush ability…makes plays behind the line of scrimmage…opportunistic (will benefit from it being a down year for defensive linemen)…good at getting his hands into the offensive linemen and keeping the OL hands off him..strong, good bull rush…stunts pretty well…

Cons–inconsistency in 2011 thus far, wasn’t even a starter until player went down with injury…struggling to adjust to double teams…not a prototypical speed rusher…should be a much  better player vs the run for a player with his size..plays too high..can get turned and pushed easily out of play…not going to shoot many gaps…

(Via NFL Mocks)

This guy has to many questions, and is way to inconsistent to be taken in the 1st round i think. Needs a great combine to improve his stock


Alamaeda Ta'Amu DT Washington 6'3 337lbs



Pros–Commands a double team on a lot of plays…very wide body with prototype size for nose tackle…can probably play in 3 or 4 man front… gets solid push off the snap…decent quickness for a man of his girth…good strength in upper/lower body and will only get better as time progresses

Cons–Doesn’t always take the right angle when he breaks through the line…not an elite athlete like a Haloti Ngata… more of a gap-clogger than a playmaker at the DT position…does not have big time production…There are questions about his desire to bring great intensity week in and week out

(Via NFL Mocks)

I really like this guy, the questions about his desire are worry-some though. But big man who could clog the middle of our line for years. Him and Bunk could be a nice pairing.


Jerel Worthy DT Michigan St. 6'3 310lbs




Great initial quickness

Very strong at point of attack

Very violent hand usage

Vocal Team Leader

Shows up in Big Games

Can move down the Offensive line very well to get to Running backs


Tends to wear down easily

Can disappear for long periods of time

Struggles to disengage from double teams

(via NFL Mocks)


I like him, interesting to see how he does at the combine, he could rise up the boards quickly. Would be a nice pick-up for us though









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