Dear John

Even as a dedicated Broncos fan who lived and died with every Elway pass or run for 15 years, his comments toward Tebow are getting old. He has stated that he is no closer to knowing if Tebow is the quarterback that Denver should build around or not. He backtracked and went into PR damage control when his twitter account lit up with hostile comments. Even now, Elway says Denver is winning with its Defense and Running Tebow little or no credit. I am not a Tebowmaniac, but it pisses me off.

Here is a cheat sheet to help out Elway out:

1. Since Tebow took over Denver is now the number one running team in football (Nearly 160 yards per game). That is not an accident. Willis Mcgahee did not suddenly became Arian Foster. Our Offensive line didn't suddenly figure out how to run block...its Tebow and the threat of him running that have opened up the running game.

2. In the Charger game the four or five times that Mcgahee went for 10+ yard runs it was due to the threat of Tebow running. To say anything less is insulting to Tebow

3. The first game against the Raiders we ran for less than 50 yards. The game with Tebow at QB we ran for almost 300 yards and thumped the Raiders by 14 points.

4. We have average recievers and defenses are not scared of them at all. McGahee is a good back ,but he is a better back with Tebow at Quarterback.

5. Tebow is the only thing that makes our offense dangerous. With Orton, the human turnover machine, we were predictable and went 1 and 4. With Tebow we are 5 and 1, the kid is a winner and he is improving at passing.

6. Tebow made many good throws in the charger game and our recievers dropped some catchable passes. Of course Decker made a great catch on that 30+yard completion that converted a third down late in the game.

7. Tebow's passing is improving every game. His decision making is great and he doesn't turn the ball over. The team believes in him and that goes from vets like Dawkins and Bailey to new guys like Vonn Miller. Elway needs to trust his eyes, the excitement of Denver's fans, and most importantly the scoreboard.

7. The Defense is playing lights out, but part of that is because the Tebow led offense is not turning the ball over and we are playing ball control football and keeping our defense off the field.

8. Tebow is much more than a "game manager" and Elway should know this. To call him just a game manager demeans what he has done.

9. Denver's front office needs to draft with one major goal: increase the talent around Tebow. Upgrade at Reciever, get a second running back , stock up the Defensive line and get youth and depth at cornerback.

10. Denver's fan base is as enthused as its been in the last 6 years. Embrace it John! Jump on the Tebow Train John, we saved room for you. Destination Playoffs.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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