Things I think about the Broncos

These are a bit random, and all have to do with the Broncos success, now, and in the future.

The emergence of this running game, has helped the pass protection ENORMOUSLY. How many times early in the season did we see Orlando Franklin be terrible in pass protection, giving up big sacks? I don't know the answer, but I remember it was a lot. Coming out of College it was well known that Franklin was a big nasty run-blocking tackle, but struggled a bit in pass protection. When you run the ball for 200+ yards a game, this does two things to the offensive line, and in particular Orlando Franklin. 1. It gives them confidence. When they are consistently beating there opponent off the ball, and muscling through the AFC West with 200+ rushing yards a game, these offensive lineman, no matter what their level, are going to gain confidence and BELIEVE (the magic word) that they are better than the opposition, and that they will succeed at the task at hand. 2. keeps the defensive ends on their heels. The defense is not jumping off the ball as quick, because they are anticipating run, so when it is a pass, this gives the O-Line time to set and gain ground, against the defender. By the time the defender recognizes pass, it's usually too late and they are going to have a difficult time getting through, which is why Timmy has ALL FREAKING DAY to throw the football. The emergence of this prolific (literally) 1950's running game, has helped the O-Line in so many ways, and especially the rookie Franklin. Great job by the coaches to not only, hide his weaknesses, but play to his and the rest of the offenses strengths.

Tim Tebow.

Okay, do not kill me for saying this PLEASE!!! I love Tim Tebow, I think he is our next Super Bowl champion QB... HOWEVER, he IS NOT THERE YET! but he is closer now than I thought he would be at this stage in his career. He has shown me 2 things that I did not expect him to be able to do yet. And both of these take many QB's years to learn. 1. He does not turn the ball over. 22-5. that is his TD to Turnover numbers. For a guy who has started 9 games, that is just ridiculous, no one has ever been this protective of the football, while also scoring quite a bit, this early in their career. I mean 1 INT REALLY!!! I don't care how many times he throws the ball a game, he's protecting the damn thing. 2. He is reading defenses. Or at least better than I thought he would be after 9 starts. What really proved this to me was when he was discussing his game winning run against the Jets, on the postgame show on NFL Net. he talked about how he recognized the all out blitz, and that no one was at the second level, so when I believe it was Leonard lost contain which he anticipated, he busted it outside, and housed it. It wasn't just an, "AW Shucks, the play broke down, so I just took off". No, he saw what was coming, he knew what was happening, and he countered the blitz, perfectly, and only in a way Tim Tebow can. These two things go hand in hand. His ability to read defense, and sense where people are, is allowing him to better protect the football, by not throwing into triple teams, like other young QB's (Mark Sanchez).

more Tim Tebow

Is it just me, or does he look way more comfortable, on designed deep routes than any other pass play. Rarely gets the happy feet, and in fact, everything looks really smooth for the most part. Sets his feet, nice delivery, release, ball looks good. Not always accurate, but he is improving. Also, on the quick bubble screen plays, he looks comfortable. What I want to see him work on is the 3 step drop and fire routes: quick slants/outs things of that nature. If he can not necessarily master but, learn and be effective with this skill, Champ is right... He would be unstoppable. In shotgun a three step drop is more of a take sanp back up a step, wait, plant, fire. But still would love to see Tebow do this. If he can figure that out this year, then I'm saying it right now. LOOK OUT FOR DENVER, A Super Bowl title would not be too far fetched, if he can combine 200 yards a game on the ground offensively with 200 yards through the air with a completion % around 60. Tebow has never really had to throw like this before, Florida was a lot of 1 read, bubble screen, few deep passes. 1. I think he can, and will learn this ability to throw with a basic 3 step drop, and do timing patterns. 2. Probably not this year, but he's already proved me wrong with how fast he has already progressed.

A little bit more of Tim Tebow

The moment we drafted him, I thought, "We got him, our next Super Bowl Champion QB". Now at the time I also thought, it would be quite awhile before he was ready to play QB, honestly I did not expect him to start playing until next year, and I expected A LOT of growing pains. My prediction: He will lead Denver to a Championship, it's just a matter of time. How long will it take him to enhance his passing game enough, to get there. No one really knows, what "enough" is. IMHO I think "Enough" is, 60% completion, and the ability to keep defenses honest, with quick patterns, and of course his deep bombs. Is it possible they achieve it this year? Yes. Likely? Probably Not, but he is WELL on his way to being a very good QB. He has gotten an entire locker room to BELIEVE that they can beat anybody anytime anywhere. That defense is playing for him, they BELIEVE in him. All they have to do is give him a chance, and they BELIEVE that he will come through for them. He lays his body on the line for them, so they do their best to return the favor. As good of a "prototypical pocket passer" Kyle may have been. He could NEVER get the rest of his team to play this hard for him.


Funny thing about this word, is that people try to quantify it. If you could quantify than you would have created a paradox, because it basically means, unquantifiable skills. How far can intangibles take you? I don't know, know one does, because it's impossible to know this. It takes a mix of Tangibles and Intangibles to win a title. No one knows what the mix is. It's different for every champion. People say Tebow's intangibles are off the charts, that doesn't make any sense, there are no charts for that, cause there are no numbers.. He is a great leader, which is impossible to quantify how much of an impact that has. He has great character, but you can't quantify that either. All you can do, is look at how the locker room, responds to him, and how that translates into play on the field. Tebow foreces people to do their best, and give it their all on every down of every play of every game, no matter the score. This attitude is infectious in a good way, it carries over to all sides of the ball, and they feed and play off of each other. His teamates right now BELIEVE not only in him as Quarterback but they all BELIEVE that this team is special and is destined for something great.

Week 15 and the New England Patriots

I am a die-hard Denver fan, who is displaced in Massachusetts, with a bunch of whiny Tom Brady c***suckers. It sucks, nothing would make me happier, than Von Doom laying the wood on Pretty Boy Brady, and not necessarily injuring him, but rattling him enough, so I can see fear in his eyes. I want so badly for Tebow to Tebow the Patriots, or out Brady, Brady if you will. A game winning-drive in the snow, vs the Patriots while I am at Foxborough (Going to CBS Scene restaurant at the stadium for that game) listening to stunned silence as he powers his way through the Pats defense for a game winning score. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about that. Now many may think that this is stupid and completely unrealistic that Denver could beat the Patriots. WRONG!!! The only other team I watch close to as much as Denver is New England. Is New England a better team? Absolutely. But Denver matches up very VERY well against them. The Patriots O-Line is thin, the Denver D-Line, is well amazing. Brady does NOT like getting hit, and becomes very average after being hit. *Sidenote* we were the ones who figured that out in 2005 postseason. the emergence of Chris Harris in the slot/nickel corner spot has been HUGE and the Patriots receivers really aren't that good, and Brady only relies on 2 or 3 of them when the going starts to get tough. To beat them D. Allen will have to get creative, which I thiink he can and will do. Use Dawkins to straight up cover Gronkowski. If Gronkowski and Hernandez are in at TE put Harris on Hernandez and let Bailey cover Welker and let Gooodman cover Branch. With D.J. following the RB around all game. Pressure will be key though. A few early hits on Brady by Von Doom, and Denver will have a a very good shot at this game. Also if Denver does get pressure and force some bad passes, this will get Brady out of a rhythm, and the ball control, clock chewing offense, can get Brady further and further away from his rhythm. THAT IS THE KEY TO THIS GAME. and I believe Denver could do it. Their style of offense, as well as their style of defense, is built to beat New England. I give them a 50/50 chance in this game. I really REALLY REALLY hope they win.


Denver should be playing for the 3 seed right now. This is very doable, even with a New England loss. Denver can reach the Super Bowl, if they can get the right matchups. First round, they can hopefully play a team like Cincinatti. Now I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT penciling in playoff wins against teams like this. Cincy is a very good team, but again it is a team, that Denver can definitely beat, especially if it is a home game. Divisional round, Denver may get SUPER LUCKY, and play the banged up Texans in this round. They have an easy schedule the rest of the way, and could end up still as the 2 seed. More likely though is a rematch with New England. Again Denver matches up very well with them. If they can knock off New England or (I hope to God Houston) that leaves them in the AFC Championship vs either New England, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh. Best case scenario They get a home game against New England. worst case is a road game vs Pittsburgh. when you get to these types of games anything is possible, and Tebow vs Cincy in the Sugar Bowl could show up. In the Super Bowl, it will probably be the Packers. Again can they beat the Packers? Almost definitely no. But even if I don't believe, or you don't believe, or the media doesn't believe, the only thing that matters is that the players BELIEVE. If they reach this moment by making the Super Bowl, there is no telling what kind of emotions will be flowing through these players, and no telling what kind of momentum, both of these teams would/could have. Do I think this will happen? HELL NO!!! but it wouldn't be the first time Tim Tebow proved me wrong or left me speechless.

Tim Tebow is the present, and future of the Offense. Von Miller the same of the Defense. These two will be making big plays in big games, for years to come. And if Denver wants to play into late January or early February, these two will have to continue what they are doing. Closing note, people should stop questioning how. Just sit back, watch and enjoy the ride... and of course just BELIEVE


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