I am shocked by the volume of negative vibes. Maybe not here but from the MSM...its they not know it is 'Pre-Season?'

     Do they not know that we, also, are curious as to what we have in Tebow? How fickle (if that's how you spell fickle) I just don't know.  I just don't know how to look at this 'Pre-Season' .... it is so long. It will be a Pre-Season of not only looking for... but enduring ups and downs.  How strange this is to us. How unfair that   'Our Team'  is the team that ( for whatever reason) has been deemed.

     Sometimes I wish I had the wisdom of a Horvil Tiki, one who should lost be for fear of white monkey finds answer man. Finds answer man...answer finds. Evil do-answers they are! Answer they do question they for slime a film on answer they quest for they do. Oh Horvil ! I wish your wisdom now!

     I have no wisdom, but, I have what I am. What am I? Sometimes I don't know. Being a Denver Bronco Fan of recent times I find myself screaming, "Help!! Let me out of here!! I'm trapped in the body of an insane man!!!"   Wow! To get at this point!  When one gets to this edge, and is ready to jump, one must remember that this story we call life is just an illusion of a far granduer fortune of something that we only by faith is real. What does this mean? I 'for-the-life-of-me' cannot figure it out. What has happened? Zappa says our team sucks! Is he right? What has happened? MSM makes fun of our team....makes fun of our team...makes fun of my team.   Pissed I am but not allowed to be pissed off in La-La-Land. Stop being pissed-off over the state of your team Mike! Stop it!! Just Stop!! Slow down Mike. Take a deep breath and look at the land. La-La-Land.....where 'Pre-Season-Feel -Goods' look to something...even if that 'something' is something that is something.

     As many of you know La-La-Land posts only very once in a while have anything to do with FootBall.  This post is no different. If you want to talk football so will I. If you want to vent I will listen. If you want to say bad things about my team, "The Denver Broncos" stay out!!

                     I am as confused as all of you as to where our team is kind....

     As is tradition I give you the Constitution as writen by Zappa...


We have all heard about La La Land, but here is your official guide to La La Land.  A Constitution of sorts.  Or perhaps a guide to true happiness.

1.  Anything that is not good concerning the Broncos, shall not be discussed. 

2.  All predictions of the future must be approved by Mike Clark or Zappa. 

3.  Feelings such as; despair, sadness, anger, frustration, pessimism, or any other negative feeling is forbidden while in La La Land.

4.  The Broncos rule all.

5.  Raiders, Chargers, and Chiefs have foul odor.

These rules, amendments, guidelines or whatever you want to call them are to be followed diligently at all times while visiting or residing in La La Land.  Anyone found to be in violation of these rules shall be deported immediately to the Real World of misery and despair.  Repeat offenders will be dealt with by Chuck Norris.

La La Land national motto: 13-3 Baby!

La La Land national mascot: Orange and Blue Kool Aid Man, Oh Yeaahhhh!

La La Land national anthem: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I hope you have found this guide to be helpful and informative.  May the Broncos be with you.

.    There are no rules that can be enforced in La-La-Land....but I do ask you to be kind.  This has been a different post from the Land. You're almost being asked to vent. Keep it kind and keep it clean....

                                                                    These rules cannot be denied

                                                                                clean and kind



This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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