BRONCOS win five straight Super Bowls! (be warned, this is gonna make you cry)

I know we have all wondered what would have happened if we actually drafted PLAYERS (not JAGS) over the last eight or nine years.  Well, here is the possible Broncos team with the draft picks that we had.  All players on this team were available to draft at the time of our pick, with one exception (it's easy to spot, but realistic given what we would trade). You will be surprised who could have been a Bronco.  Which pick do you most what to have a "do-over" with? How many Super Bowls does this team win?  Grab some Kleenex and take a jump...

WR     Steve Smith  (2nd round 2001 instead of Paul Toviessi)
           DeSean Jackson (2nd round 2008 / Eddie Royal)

LT      Ryan Clady     (Original pick 1st Round 2008) NO pickup Basketball allowed     

LG     Jason Peters     (UFA 2004)    

C       Nick Mangold     (1st round 2006/ Jay Cutler, hey check out our QB before you cry foul)

RG    Chris Kuper    (Original pick 5th round 2006)

RT     Matt Light    (1st round 2001/ Willie Middlebrooks)
         Jahri Evans    (2nd round 2006/ Tony Scheffler)

TE     Jimmy Graham   (2nd round 2010/ J.D. Walton)
          Jason Witton     (2nd round 2003/ Terry Pierce (who?))

WR    Vincent Jackson  (2nd round 2005/ Darrent Williams RIP)
          Brandon Marshall (original pick 4th round 2006)
          Mike Wallace (2nd round 2009/Richard Quinn)

QB     Tom Brady (4th round 2000/ Jerry Johnson (who?))

FB     Peyton Hillis    (original pick 7th round 2008)

RB     Michael Turner  (3rd round 2004/ Jeremy LeSueur)
          LeSean McCoy  (2nd round 2009/ Darcel McBath)

LDE   Brian Orakpo    (1st round 2009/Knowshon Moreno )

NT     Vince Wilfork  (1st round 2004/ D. J. Williams)

DT     Ndamukong Suh  (1st round 2010/  we trade two #1's and a #2 to Detroit to move up to 2nd pick in the draft.  We used those picks on Demaryius Thomas, Tim Tebow and Zane Beadles)
         Jay Ratliff (3rd round 2005/Karl Paymah)

RDE     Elvis Dumervil     (original pick 4th round 2006)
            Jarod Allen (2nd round 2004/Tatum Bell)    

SLB     Von Miller (with this team we never get second pick 2010 but WTH)      

MLB     Jon Beason (1st round 2007/Jarvis Moss URG!)

WLB    Clay Matthews    (1st round 2009/Robert Ayers double URG!)

LCB     Champ Bailey      (Trade for Clinton Portis 2004, and we got a 2nd round pick)    
            Asante Samuel    (4th round 2003/Nick Eason)

RCB    Nnamdi Asomugha (1st round 2003/George Foster REALLY!!)

SS       Brian Dawkins  ( Free agent, got to put him on this team to get his ring)    

FS       Ed Reed (1st round 2002/Ashley Lelie)

Oh what might have been!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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