The pivotal moment.



Well, it's time for the Raider game, and we're 2-5.  Yes I say we because it's not just the team who's 2-5, it's the entire Broncos fan base.  It's time to turn this season around, and it all starts with the Raiders.

Looking at our schedule we have four very tough games coming up, three of which are division games.  We need to win the Raider game.  Let me say it again WE NEED TO WIN THE RAIDER GAME.  The Broncos are at rock bottom right now after the mauling the Lions unleashed at our home field.  Morale is so low it can't even be considered morale anymore.  

If (read: When) we win the Raider game it should give us the spark we so badly crave for. Defeating our hated rivals on their own home turf is the best thing that can happen for us right now.  The even better part is that we can totally do just that.


1. Run DMC is hurt.  He was seen leaving the facility in crutches and a walking boot. (Double score)

2. Carson Palmer.  After throwing three picks in the Chiefs game Palmer was given a bye week to learn the Raider's offense.  However Palmer has been out of football this entire year, pouting at home because he wouldn't play for the Bengals. (Even when he got a new toy in A.j. Green.)  Palmer won't be ready for Dennis Allen's blitz packages when we hold Michael Bush and it's third and long. (Von Miller <3) 

3.  Hunger.  It's time to go.  We all know Tebow is busting his ass at practice this week.  He knows how bad he was during the Lions game and he's going to put in 9001% this week.  McGahee is itching to get back on the field, and we all know he's tough as nails.  Dawkins, Champ, and the secondary will be fired up after the shredding last week. (Chris Harris you go man).

4.  Better play calling. McCoy and Allen know from last game that they need to make the necessary adjustments during the games.  Look for them to evolve with the situations presented to them. 


This is it Broncos.  We win this game and we have the fire needed to take on the Chiefs, Jets, and Chargers before we head to the dreaded lair of Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. Let's go. It's now or never. TAKE IT! TAAAAAAAAAAKE IT!!!




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