Quinn should start the last 4 games

Patience. Thats what we as fans need to have right now. I know Tebow is playing bad, but we have to make sure he can't play for us, we have to make SURE that the critics are right. This season is not about winning a super bowl, not anymore(if it ever was.) It is about turning around and going the other direction. But that takes time.

First we have to put the brakes on. Meaning we have to STOP doing what we did to make this team head in the wrong direction in the first place.

Second we need to turn around. Meaning we have to find the RIGHT direction. Sounds easy, but EVERY team is trying to find the right direction. Is it yelling coaches, or soft spoken ones? Is it dominant offense or dominant defense? Is it build thru draft or pay the money for FA's? We need to create an identity.

Third we need to hit the gas and GO IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. Meaning once we find the right direction, we need to put all of our strength into heading that direction. We can't just go one way really fast and assume we are on the right track, just because it is a different direction than what we were previously going.


I believe we are at the second stage. We are trying to find the right direction. Look at the some of the posts. Lots of fans are looking at other organizations to see "how it should be done." In 1998 everyone was looking at the Broncos on how to build a team. I remember one analyst saying that shanahan and the broncos were 18 months ahead of the rest of the NFL.

Tebow's "direction" is a foggy road with a big sign that says "Superbowl champions!" We just cant see if it says Denver Broncos, or some other team. Some would say, "hit the gas and drive till we can reach that sign, then paint Broncos across the bottom." Thats like saying Let Tebow start until even gator fans agree he can't QB. Then there others who would say that sign can't be us, lets try a different direction.

My belief is, lets drive a little in that direction, maybe get a little lost and make sure its not our name on that sign.Tebow should be allowed to AT LEAST play till our 12th game, if he hasn't shown ANYTHING at that point, as a Tebow supporter, I would move on and let Quinn start the last 4.

What do you all think? How far are YOU willing to go?

Rec this if you like(and because I crave attention.)

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