Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/30/11


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NFL Videos: Will Tebow Time run out?
The great Tebow debate continues. Tom Waddle and Heath Evans go head-to-head to debate how long Tim Tebow's successful command of the option offense will continue. news: Elway says Tebow has what it takes to keep on running
As long as Tim Tebow stays healthy, the Broncos' read-option attack can remain effective. You just have to wonder how much punishment he can take running so many times.

NFL: Tebow the king of the comebacks this year - Aurora Sentinel: Sports
Since taking over as the Broncos' starter a month and a half ago, Tebow has engineered three fourth-quarter comebacks, two of which set up overtime wins for Denver, and another win at Oakland in which he rallied the Broncos from a halftime deficit to win going away.

Resurrected defense puts Tebow in position to succeed |
The problem with Tebowing is everybody has their heads down and their eyes closed. Otherwise, more people would see that Tebowmania doesn't even remotely exist without a Broncos defense that has played as well as any unit in the league the past month.

Tracking Tebow, Week 12: Iron sharpens iron -
Against the Chargers Sunday, Tim Tebow didn't complete his first pass until 3:54 in the second quarter. By the time the game was over -- nearly five quarters of football -- Tebow had attempted 18 passes, completing nine, for 143 yards and a touchdown. He rushed for 67 yards on 22 carries.

Broncos defenders get tougher on tackling - The Denver Post
The play went down as a 9-yard run Sunday, one like many that came before it, and many still to come.

Broncos defense helping win with pressure - The Denver Post
If you're a defensive coordinator, sacks are great. Hits on the quarterbacks are great. Consistent pressure on them is great. When you get quarterbacks worried about pressure, about hits and about sacks, it suddenly becomes difficult for quarterbacks to play the position.

Denver Broncos Videos

NFL Videos: Winner of the West
Will the Broncos win the AFC West? Brian Billick gives his take and tells you who he's picking.

NFL Videos: Unsung Heroes: Tebow not doing it alone
Brian Baldinger shows why Tebow Time never would happen without the big plays by the Broncos' defense and the coaching staff's ability to adapt to his talents.

Denver Broncos News news: Warner fears Tebow's message could be lost in shuffle
Tim Tebow isn't the first QB to share about his faith. Kurt Warner did the same, but he believes Denver's under-the-microscope field general should let his play do the talking.

Denver's Tim Tebow effectively brings the high school offense to the NFL - ESPN
Everybody be at the pep rally after school -- senior Tim Tebow is leading Denver Broncos High School to state! Yeah! Denver is, improbably, the NFL's hottest team outside Wisconsin, 5-1 since Tebow took the reins. Those fans in the bleachers who'd been chanting for Tebow -- they were right.

Raiders look forward even with Tebow lurking –
And down the stretch run come the Oakland Raiders, absent from the NFL playoffs since 2002 but atop the AFC West at 7-4. Though Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos are in pursuit, Raiders Coach Hue Jackson says he's not focused on out-of-town scores.

Tebow, Broncos defying odds with close wins - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
It’s official: Quarterback Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos are miracle workers, a real-life version of a Hallmark Channel movie. Either that or they are, as Malcolm Gladwell eloquently explained, outliers. They are doing things to an extreme that no one else in their given field is doing.

Paige: Tebow an all-pro? It's no mirage - The Denver Post
Scorn, scoff, sneer and snicker, but Tim Tebow the Hybrack may very well play in the Pro Bowl.

Tim Tebow's rushes put him in elite company with Broncos - The Denver Post
Tim Tebows 22 rushing attempts against the Chargers were not only the most in the last 50 years, they were the most by a quarterback in a game in league history.

Broncos' RB Willis McGahee thriving at age 30 - The Denver Post
Apparently Willis McGahee didnt get the memo. The one that says running backs hit the wall when they hit 30.

Mother of Broncos linebacker had restraining order against burglary suspect - The Denver Post
Lone Tree police this afternoon named the man accused of twice burglarizing the home of Denver Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Green, Thomas Read to Elementary Students |
Tight ends Virgil Green and Julius Thomas spent part of their off-day Tuesday reading to local first-graders at Knapp Elementary School.

AFC West Playoff Picture: Those Pesky Denver Broncos - Silver And Black Pride
I counted Denver out of the AFC West race sometime about July. I haven't really admitted they were back in it until this week. I keep expecting them to fail, and they just keep winning. As a testament to my worry, I compared their schedules.

Tebow continues to defy doubters, like previous "unconventional" QBs before him - The Washington Post
The country is enamored with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow, the University of Florida product who is either hated or loved by millions, but drawing interest from all.

Do Tim Tebow’s expressions of faith cross the line? Video Q&A recap - The Washington Post
When Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow kneels after a big win or thanks God in an interview, some fans love it and some, well, they don’t. But are Tebow’s open expressions of faith crossing a line?

Measuring Tebow, and Punishing Suh -
On Monday, Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats, a Fifth Down contributor, took a crack at the Tim Tebow riddle. Here’s an extended excerpt, with the full post here.

Eric Decker's success with Broncos isn't by accident - NFL - Wire -
Eric Decker is living a charmed life these days. The former Minnesota Gophers wide receiver ranks fourth in the NFL in touchdown catches, owns a front-row seat to Tebowmania and is dating drop-dead gorgeous country and pop singer Jessie James.

Tebow launches fundraiser for Phillipines hospital, seeking a dollar from each of his fans |
The Tim Tebow Foundation launched a "dollar day" fundraiser today for the recently announced Tebow CURE Hospital in the Philippines. The cost of the project is about $3.1 million, with about $700,000 of that amount unfunded. In a news release today, Tebow asked each of his fans to donate a dollar toward the $700,000 goal.

Broncos' Kyle McCarthy Gets Second Chance - Predominantly Orange
The guy worked harder than a Grand Canyon pack mule. Beads of sweat pored off his head, muscles ached, plays were studied, and what it got Kyle McCarthy was a spot on the roster, albeit the practice roster, but it was a spot reserved just for him.

AFC West Breakdown: Week 12 - Predominantly Orange
November and December usually separate the good teams from the great teams in the NFL. In the AFC West there are just two teams that are currently vying for the division crown. Realistically it would take a lot for the Chiefs and the Chargers to make it into postseason play. Let’s take a look at what happened and what’s to come.

Willis McGahee Carrying Broncos On His Back - Predominantly Orange
With 117 yards on the ground against the Chargers, Willis McGahee now has five 100-yard games this season. He is averaging 77.5 rushing yards per game which is good enough for 12th in the league.

Giving Tebow his statistical due - BroncoTalk
Is it magic that sees Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos riding a four-game win streak? Or is there statistical substance behind what some see as smoke and mirrors?

Tebow shows improvement as a passer - BroncoTalk
Since he watched two of his turnovers returned for touchdowns in a 45-10 blowout loss against the Detroit Lions in Week 8, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has been spotless in the turnover category.

Broncos working out CB Tony Carter | First-and-Orange
With two spots open on their practice squad, the Broncos are working out a few players at their Dove Valley headquarters today. One of them is cornerback Tony Carter, who played in two games for the Broncos in 2009.

ESPN columnist: Tim Tebow, Broncos running "high school offense" | First-and-Orange
Tim Tebow and the Broncos are running — and winning — with a high school offense. Hey, don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

NFL News NFL Picks Against the Spread - Week 13, 2011
There's no spread on this game yet because of Peterson's status, so I can't give you a concrete pick. I'm going to take the Broncos; it's just a matter of how many units depending on what the line is. Check back later in the week.

Column: NFL's dirtiest' player takes a bath | SF Gate
Ndamukong Suh seemed like such a level-headed guy when he joined the NFL little more than a season and a half ago. Now, not so much.

The Schmuck Stops Here: NFL: Bad Thursdays - Baltimore Sun
On a personal level, I think it's great that there's an NFL game on Thursday night's during the second half of the regular season. I'm a big football fan and really haven't gotten excited about Thursday night primetime since George Clooney left "ER," so it works for me even if it apparently doesn't work very well on either a commercial or competitive level.

NFL kickers say field goal fix needed | The Columbus Dispatch
Browns kicker Phil Dawson stood in front of his locker and lectured like a calculus professor at Harvard.

Former Hayward High star Jack Del Rio fired by Jacksonville Jaguars - San Jose Mercury News
Jacksonville Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver fired longtime coach Jack Del Rio on Tuesday after a 3-8 start and agreed to sell the Jaguars to Illinois businessman Shahid Khan. Weaver named defensive coordinator Mel Tucker the interim coach and gave general manager Gene Smith a three-year contract extension, putting him in charge of the coaching search.

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Packers And Patriots At The Top - SB Nation Philly
14) Denver Broncos - Everyone talks about Tim Tebow, but make no mistake about why the Broncos are winning... They've got one of the best defenses in the NFL. (LW 16)

Denver Broncos Fans

Ask a Norseman. - Mile High Report
Howdy all you Mile High club members. (see what I did there?) Just a spot to talk about the upcoming game this week against the woe begone Minnesota Vikings and the resurgent Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos vs Chargers: Breaking Down The O-Line Film - Mile High Report
The Denver Broncos get a win over the San Diego Chargers, 16-13. The Broncos improve to 6-5 on the season, while the Chargers drop to 4-7.

McCoy's offense: what's working and what isn't - Mile High Report
While watching the SD game, as usual, I was following along on the live game thread here at MHR. Once again, it seemed that many comments (frustrations) centered around McCoy's playcalling, especially in the middle half of the game. In this post we'll look at particular combinations of Runs and passes and what has been effective and what hasn't.

NCSB First Mock Draft Of The Year - Mile High Report
While the Broncos are still in the race for the playoffs, there are just 5 games left in the season and that means that mock draft season is right around the corner. If you have been a part of MHR for while, you know that MHR editor Sayre Bedinger and myself are draft fanatics. In fact, Sayre is the editor over at and I work under him as a contributor.

Dear John - Mile High Report
Even as a dedicated Broncos fan who lived and died with every Elway pass or run for 15 years, his comments toward Tebow are getting old. He has stated that he is no closer to knowing if Tebow is the quarterback that Denver should build around or not. He backtracked and went into PR damage control when his twitter account lit up with hostile comments.

A Blast from the Past: Broncos Limericks - Mile High Report
What happened to the old tradition on MHR of having a nice round of limericks from everyone just about every week? I don't know who's thing that was (and I sincerely apologize for stealing the idea, let it be known this has been done before) to do but I do sorely miss it. It was seriously one of the bright spots in my reading of this site.

Rearview Danger! Tebow and the Post Season... - Mile High Report
Tim Tebow has proven himself as a clutch player no doubt. It's what all the doubters are feeling but aren't brave enough to say, Tim Tebow's will to win coupled with outstanding defensive play is as good as an extra 14 points on the board.

Never too early to talk some NFL Draft - Mile High Report
I know we're on a 5-1 stretch and in the hunt for a playoff spot, which is exciting, it's been way too long since we've been in this situation, but i always love to look ahead to the new talent coming into the league and onto our Denver Broncos. Plus it's a nice change-up from the Tebow talk, what elway said talk, ect.

The Definition of Irony - Mile High Report
A mere month ago I posted an article following the dreadful loss to the Detroit Lions. It was meant to cheer up the Bronco faithful with a prediction for the Broncos to finish the remainder of the season undefeated and cruise into the playoffs.

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