Random Rants and Rewards


Seriously, what's going on with our receivers? These drops are killing us. Week after week there are blatant drops which kills drives. What's going on here? Eddie Royal used to be the most sure handed receiver on the team. Now he drops the ball more than he catches it. And please stop with the "lefty" spin on the ball Mr. Fouts. Does anyone complain about a left footed kickers spin on a kickoff or punt? Spin should have ZERO effect on a professional receiver. Pick it up guys. We're gonna need you for the playoffs!

I'm putting an APB out

For Demaryius Thomas, Rahim Moore and Julius Thomas. What's going on guys. We could really, really use your contributions to this team. On the bright side, we're 5-1. What happens when everyone's running on all cylinders?

Dodged a Bullet

I'm really starting to wonder if this kid Tebow is magic. We play terrible for majority of all these games but keep ending up on top. He's breaking records week after week. Was fate involved in this win over SD? In overtime, the Chargers lined up for the game winning FG. Thank you Von for making it a 53 yard attempt. For a brief .73 seconds I was jumping with joy screaming to pick it up when we blocked the kick! Then it happened. The announcer mentioned that Fox had called timeout. Did we just give away the game? Then the second attempt missed by mere feet! Life was back and the dream continues....On to the next one!

Threat to Run

In the beginning of the year, I was hearing the same old, "we can't run the ball...our offensive line is getting abused". McGahee is finding extra running room now because of the threat of Tebow's legs. Against the Raiders in week 1, Willis only had 3 yards. In the second game, with Tebow in the backfield, Willis ran for 163 yards and 2 TDs! This winning streak is a total team effort. MSM is trying to discredit what Tim has done as the starting QB by saying other players are elevating their game and that it's coincidence it started when they made a change at QB. The offensive line is even pass blocking better because of the threat that he'll scramble for a first down. Tebow is a threat and it is affecting all facets of the game. Just watch SD's best pass rusher Shaun Phillips against Orlando Franklin on this pass play to Eric Decker. Now you see why I'm so excited for the future of this team. Like Champ said, once Tebow improves on his passing, he'll be unstoppable. Especially when you're too scared to even rush the passer!

Over Exposure

I've noticed that this week, the Tebow coverage has been non stop. Watching NFL Network, you'll see "Tebow" mentioned in the queue list on the left at all times. Every 4th segment has something to do with the "Worst QB in the NFL". At first I was pissed at the disrespect our team was receiving. Now, I'm concerned that they're putting too much on this kid. So many other QBs folded under all the pressure. Luckily, Tebow has been going through this his entire career. He has handled it very well and hope the pressure doesn't get to be too much for such a young athlete. Really, what other athlete in the world has more pressure on him than Tebow?

Special Thanks Go Out To...

Dante Rosario! This is the second week in a row that I am mentioning you and giving you your props. He's been coming up with big receptions week after week. He's also been a STUD on special teams. Just to think, we cut him earlier in the season. Now he's been a consistent contributor to the team's success. Kudos big guy. Oh, and thanks B. Lloyd. We'll use that pick wisely. It's basically a late 4th.

Good Game Goodie

Andre Goodman had his best game of the season. Thankfully so because it was another nail biter. Outcome would have looked bleak if he was playing soft and giving up receptions all game. He did make the biggest play against the Jets last week, but I'm still skeptical that he can keep it up. IMO he's been our weakest link on the defense. I believe CB is our biggest need in the draft, unless of course we are out of position to draft one that isn't a reach. Prove me wrong Goodman.

Move Champ to Safety Already?

There's been mentions that Champ looked old on Sunday and he was getting beat pretty badly by a rookie. The way I see it, he shut down Vincent Jackson. Jackson has 825 yards receiving this year. 59 of them have come in 2 games against the Broncos. And not all 59 were against Champ. Held Bowe and Santonio Holmes to 17 and 39 yards respectively. From what I can recall from the top of my head, he's only given up 1 TD all season. And that was against Megatron. What other CB in the NFL is playing better? Revis....maybe? I Think Champ is doing just fine. He's actually playing better than last year, IMO. Like I said earlier, CB should be our top priority in the draft, but it's definitely not because of Champ.

Haven't Played Anyone Good

We've only beaten bums. That's what people try to say about my favorite team. Actually, the Broncos have played the TOUGHEST schedule in the AFC so that argument is quickly shot down. "Wait til they play the Bears and Patriots" is what I'm hearing now. It was only a couple weeks ago that people were saying, "wait til you play the Jets". Pause. What people seem to be forgetting is that we were the bums 6 weeks ago. We are coming off a 4-12 season and a total makeover in the coaching staff. On top of that, there was no off season for the new coaches to implement the new playbooks. So quit the hate and give credit where it's due.

Down With Tebow!

I just don't get it. Instead of building a dog fighting ring, he builds a hospital for under privileged children. Instead of going to Cancun for Spring Break, he's in the Philippines helping kids. You know how long it takes to fly to the Philippines? Roughly 20 hours! He's traveling to the complete opposite side of this earth to help for 5 days instead of getting wasted at an all-inclusive resort with half naked college girls rolling on E. It's really disturbing that people will use anything to bring this kid down. It's a sad society we live in.

Is there really anything to not like about this kid? Everywhere he goes, he's told he can't do it. Who doesn't love the underdog. Damn, even if I wasn't a Bronco fan, I would still cheer for him. He's already showing that he can win on this level. And he's only going to improve. I may be biased because I'm Filipino so his story hits a lot closer to home than many others. I would be devasted if our FO eventually trades him away. I couldn't ask for a better QB leading my favorite team for the next decade.

And Last But Not Least

Another game without a turnover! Now let's stay healthy for this playoff run...Go Broncos!!

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