Youth, Drafting and "the plan"

As this NFL year gets long in the tooth and since we just passed Thanksgiving, I thought we should look at one of the things we should be thankful for - our youth movement.

If we look back to 1989 and the then awful Dallas Cowboys who finished 1-15, we see a team through 3 drafts go from the basement to a super bowl trophy. We would hope, looking at what we have in Denver, might be on the way to a similar meteoric rise led by a strong youth movement.


QB - Tim Tebow Drafted 2010

A young man whom is getting more press than he should but the QB position and his unique qualities make him a magnet for opinions with massive polarity and the subsequent press trying to get viewers. Whatever the various failings, he is succeeding where so many young QBs fail, he is winning.

WR - Eric Decker Drafted 2010

He is now the Broncos #1 receiver (even though I hate that terms much like Rod Smith did). He, in his 2nd year is #3 in the NFL for all receivers in TDs.

OL - Zane Beadles, JD Walton Drafted 2010, Orlando Franklin Drafted 2011

As with all our O-Line, he is part of a unit that generates the most rushing yards in the NFL. Yes there is a caveat that we are not doing it the "right way" using zone reads but them rushing yards are still worth the same as any rushing yard gotten the "right way". Our pass protection has since benefited from us doing it the "wrong way" with young Mr. Franklin having the most issues. OL players rarely do well in their first years so the succuss of this unit with such young age is really exciting.


DL - Robert Ayers Drafted 2009

Ayers is a quiet warrior on the D Line and his job is not to do the things that appear in highlight film like some other defenders, he carries the task of run defense and containment more than other players. Some might still consider him a disappointment for a 1st round pick, he does his job and contributes without much error for what has become a top NFL defense.

LB - Von Miller Drafted 2011

There is hitting it in the draft and there is knocking it out of the park. EFX knocked this pick out of the park. Quite simply, barring injury, what we have here is not just a future multi year all pro but an all pro now that will be considered a top 5 defender in the NFL for years.Truly remarkable.

S - Quinton Carter Drafted 2011

A regular starter at safety and quality tackler. Showing himself to be a solid starter.

CB - Chris Harris Drafted 2011 UFA

An NFL capable starting third CB. Showing every potential to be a solid starter for years.

So there are nine young players with bright futures in the NFL. My list has left out many players that could be something but we haven't seen enough to decide if they will make it like Rahim Moore, Demaryius Thomas, Virgil Green, Julius Thomas, Nate Irving and Knowshon Moreno. The bottom line is if we have 2 more years of drafting like we have the past two years combined with many good players who are approaching/in their prime - the future is so bright, we will have to wear shades.

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