Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 11/4/11


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Week 9 - Thursday: Fox |
Head Coach John Fox talks to the media after Thursday's practice. news: Broncos bristle, say they're tailoring offense for Tebow
Tim Tebow's struggles have people wondering if the quarterback or the Broncos' system is to blame. There might be a simpler explanation: The second-year pro still is learning.

WKSU News: Hard hits on 'little bobbleheads'
Much of the attention about football and concussions is focusing on high school kids, college players and even the pros. But a team of Cleveland Clinic researchers says the thousands of small hits kids 10 and under sustain is of even more concern.

Broncos take a peek at quarterback future - The Denver Post
Ah, who are the Broncos kidding? Its not too early to start thinking quarterback for the 2012 season. The Broncos are 2-5 this season and an NFL-worst 8-25 in the past two calendar years.

Is Tim Tebow a Bronco bust? | SF Gate
The 235-pound Tebow can run like a talented fullback, but thus far has shown the throwing form of one as well. Besides being inaccurate, he holds the ball too long and has been sacked 13 times the past two weeks. The Raiders, who sacked Denver starter Kyle Orton five times in a season-opening 23-20 win at Denver, are licking their chops.

Spano's Rants | Mile High Sports
Hey, Fox, It’s Time to Get Creative! When the Broncos come out on Sunday in Oakland, they need to create a new identity – one with urgency, one that’s innovative and one that allows them to catch the Raiders off guard. Not the same old conservative play calling that we have seen for the past two months.

Denver Broncos News

Week 9 - Thursday: Allen |
Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen talks about slowing down Oakland's run game, Elvis Dumervil and new Raider Carson Palmer.

Week 9 - Thursday: McCoy |
Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy talks about this week's matchup with the Raiders.

Broncos defend their play-calling for QB Tim Tebow - NFL -
The latest debate raging around Tim Tebow is whether the Denver Broncos are doing all they can to give their raw quarterback every chance to succeed.

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos quarterback: Yea and nay - LA Times
The Heisman-winning quarterback inspires passionate support among legions of fans, but many others don't want him. 'This is the most divided fan base in professional sports,' an observer says.

Q&A: Brady Quinn getting lost in Broncos' QB shuffle - The Denver Post
Todays question comes from Lou Warren: I guess (Broncos coach John) Fox and everyone else is not going to give Brady Quinn an opportunity. What could they lose?

Broncos must shore up run defense against Raiders - The Denver Post
In the search for the biggest reason the Raiders have turned the storied rivalry with the Broncos so far in the direction of the Bay Area, look no further than the horror story the Broncos run

Broncos plan to stick with run against Raiders - The Denver Post
Looking back, the Broncos say they pulled the plug on their running game too soon in the 23-20 loss to the Raiders in the season opener and say they hope to stick with it far longer Sunday when they face the Raiders in Oakland.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Michael Bush and Taiwan Jones Must Pick Up the Slack Without McFadden - SB Nation Bay Area
The Oakland Raiders will be without their most important player when the Denver Broncos come to town this weekend. Darren McFadden is not only the Raiders best player, he is one of the best running backs in the league this season.

McGahee: Hand Won’t Be an Issue |
Willis McGahee knows that the Raiders might look at the wrap around his right hand and go after it on Sunday.

Broncos vs. Raiders: Game Preview - Predominantly Orange
The Denver Broncos (2-5) travel to the Black Hole to take on the Oakland Raiders (4-3), which is the teams’ second and presumably final meeting of the year.

Just Remember, Tebow Is A Young QB - Predominantly Orange
There’s no doubt that Tim Tebow is one of the hardest working football players in the NFL.

Broncos Face Challenge Against Raiders' Defensive Line - Predominantly Orange
After the Broncos’ Monday Night opener in September, we were left scratching our heads in terms of the run game. It appeared that the Broncos took a step back from even last season when they were ranked 26th in the league on the ground.

Elway, Xanders watch Cal practice today | First-and-Orange
Andrew Luck wan’t the only excuse for John Elway to get out of the office. Elway, the Hall of Fame quarterback and boss of the Broncos’ football operations, and team general manager Brian Xanders are scouting the Northern California colleges this week.

NFL News

The Associated Press: Sentencing set in $50M scheme targeting NFL stars
The former CEO of a Texas-based investment firm will learn his sentence Friday for a scheme that used former NFL stars to defraud hundreds of investors out of more than $50 million.

NFL notes: Peyton Manning won't rule out return - Sports - The Boston Globe
Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay agree on one thing: The Manning Era isn’t over in Indianapolis. news: Manning's ability to practice crucial to future with Colts
These are trying times for the Indianapolis Colts. Trying enough, in fact, that it soon could be time for the 0-8 Colts to begin thinking about life A.P -- After Peyton. Except on Thursday team owner Jim Irsay wasn't quite ready to declare the end of the Manning era just yet.

Rep. Henry Waxman calls for HGH testing to begin in NFL and Major League Baseball - ESPN
We are now halfway through the 2011 NFL season, and the league and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) remain at an impasse with regard to the commencement of testing for human growth hormone (HGH).

2011 NFL Contenders and Pretenders - Exec Digital
An early-season emotional loss at Buffalo aside, the Patriots are for real this year, and are led by a quarterback who came within 13 yards of becoming the first signal-caller in NFL history to have three consecutive 400-yard passing performances.

Denver Broncos Fans

We The Fans - Mile High Report
Your best source for quality Denver Broncos news, rumors, analysis, stats and scores from the fan perspective.

Fixing The Broncos: The Lines - Mile High Report
I can’t really speak too much to the current state of the Broncos as there is too much negative emotion involved.  So I focus on the future.  Looking at how the current rebuilding project is going I have to say that there is a serious cart before horse issue at hand. 

La-La-Land-of-Pre-Season-Feel-Goods - Mile High Report
I am shocked by the volume of negative vibes. Maybe not here but from the MSM...its they not know it is 'Pre-Season?'  Do they not know that we, also, are curious as to what we have in Tebow? How fickle (if that's how you spell fickle) I just don't know. 

Tebow: A Real Gym Rat - Mile High Report
The discussions in the NFL have reached a pinnacle in reference to Tim Tebow. Turn on ESPN, ESPN 2, Fox Sports, and even ESPN "the ocho" and the only topic you will hear broadcast is that of Tim Tebow. He is a "joke." "Give him time to develop." "He is a winner, and will always be a winner."

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