Random Thoughts....

1. What will happen to the collective media narrative if Tim Tebow actually has a good game against the Raiders and we get a win?  My favorite pastime is watching collective wisdom being turned on it's head.  I'm not saying it's going to happen, I just think it is entirely possible.


2. I'm going to get TONS of criticism here but oh well.  I actually don't think Von Miller has changed our defense that much.  Yeah, I said it.  Obviously his numbers are good and he is still a rookie but I thought he would change the very nature of the defense.  Again, I know it is early and things will probably change.  I'm not an X's and O's type of fan so I can't get too technical with my argument.  I envisioned him being more than a non-factor in pass coverage.  I envisioned him collapsing the pocket and blowing things up more.  I envisioned opposing teams just being rattled by his playmaking.  Von, at times, has been dynamic and great, but he has been more one-dimensional than I thought.  Hopefully, this will change with time.  If I had to do the 2012 draft over again, I would probably still pick him but Dareus and Peterson would still be tempting.  

3. If you ask me, the key to our entire defense is Elvis Dumervil.  When Elvis is constantly collapsing the pocket is when our defense is at it's best.   He did this with regularity in 2009 and hasn't really done it since.  For now, in my opinion, our defense is only as good as Doom allows it to be.  It's not a numbers thing with Elvis either.  When Doom is healthy, he will collapse the pocket routinely and make plays break down.  Though likely due to injury, I have been very disappointed with his play this year.  


4.  The jury is still out but I am starting to think I may have overestimated the grade of our 2011 draft.  I initially gave it an "A" but I am starting to wonder if it is closer to a "C."  Von is a stud and Orlando Franklin looks like a future left guard but other than that, I'm not sure.  Rahim Moore has been benched and Nate Irving hasn't sniffed the field.  Interestingly enough, I wanted to pick RB Daniel Thomas or RB Demarco Murray in the third round but was shot down for it.  I will delay my judgement on Julius Thomas because of his injury.  If I end the season giving our 2011 draft a "C" or worse, I would strongly lean towards firing Xanders.  Am I off on this one?  


5. I am a college football fanatic and I will briefly give you my impression and rating of the QB's:

A.  Andrew Luck - Slightly overrated but in my mind, still the best by far in this class.

B.  Matt Barkley - A much more talented prospect than Mark Sanchez was.  NFL ready.

C.  Nick Foles - Shock!  I've watched him play countless games and he is deadly.  Strong arm, super accurate 

     with quick release, very big body.  I think he is VERY underrated right now.  

D. Landry Jones - Cannon of an arm but questionable accuracy and odd-looking mechanics.  Very slow. 

     Comes from spread-offense.  I think he is slightly overrated right now.  

E. Ryan Tannehill - Amazingly productive given his limited time at QB.  Needs a year to sit.  


6. I'm briefly going to piggyback on some stuff I wrote earlier.  Obviously many people, like me, noticed the "fans" who turned Tebow from a "franchise QB" one week into "the worst QB in the league" the next week.  However, make sure you are keeping score of the members of the media and the less prominent Bronco pundits.  People whose job it is to pontificate should be significantly downgraded if they are guilty of this.  To go from 0 to 60 in seven days should have repercussions, shouldn't it?  


7. This weeks "ignorance of history sports commentary" goes to people calling the LSU - Alabama game the greatest college football game ever.  I have heard people call it the "battle of the century" and a "game of epic proportions."  This is so stupid.  First of all, I will stipulate that the game will have tons of NFL ready talent on display.  I will also say that I would rather have the Alabama starting defense than our defense, right now!  

However, there have been tons of midseason games between the undefeated #1 and the next best undefeated team throughout college football history.  This game lacks a lot of the star power because neither team has a famous QB.  Yes, it will be a great game, but I doubt it has the potential to be "epic."  


8.  In my opinion, the most underrated injury to the Broncos this year was to undrafted rookie running back Mario Fannin.  Yes, he was undrafted and untested.  Given the horrific backups we have to Mcgahee, Moreno and Ball, I believe Fannin would have been our #2 guy and would have had a nice year.  Am I being to harsh to say that Moreno would have been cut last year if it wasn't for his draft status?  Say what you will about his numbers, they don't measure the degree to which he is soft.  He always signals to the sideline after a run so he can take the next play off.  I want a running back that has to be dragged out of the game.   I want a running back that delivers pain.  A running back is supposed to be our first line of intimidation and punishment.  Knowshon epitomizes weakness that has been here since 2009.  Am I being too harsh?  Am I wrong in predicting that Knowshon's career trajectory looks strikingly similar to Lawrence Maroney's?  Do you think for a second that if Knowshon would break his hand he would be back as quickly as Mcgahee?


9. Does anyone have any under the radar fantasy football suggestions for this week?  Mine is Mario Manningham.


10. Where has Rodney gone?  I miss his contributions as much as anyone at MHR.  Anyone know?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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