Don't blame fans, Broncos need to earn cheers!


A lot of buzz lately about the fair weather fans of the Denver Broncos.   Nonsense I tell you, nonsense!  Last i checked the NFL was not kindergarden soccer.   This is not a sport where we cheer bad plays, make a human tunnel for the kids to run under,  and we don't give out blue participation ribbons and come up with a BS speeches about how great everyone is.

Franky, the Broncos have been a disgrace the past three seasons and Broncos fans are rightfully fed up.    How much are you asking us to stomach?   We still pay our hard earned money and show up with good intentions every week.  

We come with our face painted, our jerseys on, and come in hopes that the Broncos will come out and give us something to cheer about.   Instead we get piss poor football, average effort, crappy drafts, and a host of players getting in trouble with the law.

Remember the days when the worst thing we heard about the Broncos was what candy John Elway  was giving out for Halloween.  So pardon us as we try to swallow this crap burger of a season you continue to ask us to digest.

Let me point out a few of the frustrations


Mike Shanahan was a genius head coach and offensive mastermind.  Unfortunately he didn't know a lick about defense and cared about it even less.  After the back to back Super Bowls the Broncos stunk up the NFL on defense and finally Bowlen had enough.   Since that time the Broncos have gotten much worse.   No need to go into the details of the train wreck we call Josh McDaniels outside of his 3 and 9 record, spygate, and too many roster screw ups to count with all your fingers and toes.

Wikipedia defines the current Broncos coaches as "boring, uneventful, and unlikely to win."  My experience is that fans find it hard to cheer when coaches don't win ball games. John Fox has 4 wins in his last 23 games and Mike McCoy who has 6 wins in his last 23 games and an offense that currently ranks 28 out of 32 teams.   Combined they have won 10 games in their last 46 attempts.  I am not very good at math but in the school i attended, that was an F.

Poor Drafts

The 2009 draft will go down as the worst in Denver Broncos history.    Two first round picks wasted on Knowshon Morerno and Robert Ayers.    No-show Moreno has a whopping 123 rushing yards so far in 2011. He is extremely proud of himself  despite having a history of being injured  and still hasn't learned how to lower his head and gain extra yards.   "Almost Ayers" is not any better for a first round pick.  He is almost there to make tackles, almost there to make a big plays, and almost there as an NFL defensive lineman.   Understood his role is not really suppose to be a sack artist but for 9.7 million guaranteed he is not earning one forth of that and has not been a factor in most of the games he's played.

And if blowing first round picks is not bad enough, look what happened to Denver's second round picks.   Alphonso Smith was demoted and replaced by a practice player and eventually traded to Detroit for Dan Gronkowski and a box of pop tarts.  Turns out Dan also stunk and was eventually cut too.   Darcel McBath was hurt almost every game and practice and struggled with consistency.  Last I checked he was not even playing in the NFL. And finally, TE Richard Quinn who was more shocked than the fans when the Broncos manuvered to get him late in the 2nd round. He went an entire season without a catch and didn't do any better the following year and was eventually cut.    That makes three extremely valuable second round pics and none of them are even a Denver Bronco today.

Verdict is still out on 2010 class but Tim Tebow is a project at best and struggling at the pro level to even throw spiral passes.  Demaryius Thomas was another surprise pick and has had the worst luck out of any of the draft picks.  He has been consistently hurt and only has 37 yards this season.  Even more frustrating is the guys the Broncos and Brian Xanders passed over during the last few drafts.  Did you know the Broncos could have had  LeSean McCoy, Mike Wallace, Clay Matthews, and Hakeem Nicks.   And how about Andy Dalton, did you see the polish and charisma he had against the Broncos as a young QB?  He was better than Orton, Quinn, and Tebow combined but the Broncos passed on him as well. And you want me to stand up and cheer?  NONSENSE!

Poor Investments

When are the Broncos going to get out of the business of signing Fatso's.   We signed the fat and out of shape Lendale White, who tested for drugs several times, got suspended, and came to Denver only to get hurt.(Shocking, I know) We then went after Fat Albert himself in Jamal Williams who did nothing but eat HoHos and deflect one pass for 7 million.   But why stop there? The Broncos then went after the injured Ty Warren for 10 million and he never even started a game and is out for the entire season.

And when the Broncos aren't making poor investments they are making poor decisions.   Why would we not find a way to give Brandon Lloyd what he wanted?   Are you saying we didn't need his 1,448 yards and 11 TDs from last year?  We didn't need his 11 TDs?   Sure we went with youth on this one but Royal, Decker, Thomas and Fells have only combined for 679 receiving yards so far this year.   To put that into perspective, currently there are 5 receivers in the NFL with more receiving yards by themselves than the four of them combined . And you want me to stand up and cheer,  good one!

Lack of Character

Last but not least, i wanted to talk about many of the players and coaches giving the Broncos a bad name over the last few years.   We have become a who's who of court appearances and reality tv drama.    We had Josh McDaniels trying to sneak behind the scenes and snag Matt Cassell, Jay Cutler being a baby and not returning calls, Brandon Marshall having weekly domestic issues and throwing tantrums in practice, Spygate II,  DJ Williams with his second DUI, Perrish Cox doing very bad things,  Matt Prater drunk with a stripper and running from the scene of an accident, Jason Hunter getting stabbed in a domestic issue, Laurence Maroney getting arrested,  and recently Ryan McBean arrested for stalking.   Still feel like cheering?

In conclusion,  i remain a diehard Broncos fan and will continue to dream about days to come when players, coaches, and management figure out a way to be competitive and interesting again.  Do not question my loyalty as a fan because I will not stand and cheer when the Broncos are embarrassed 45-10 and effort is not at 100%.   In the meantime, if you like sports where everybody wins and everyone gets kudos, go cheer on your local kids soccer team and stay away from the NFL.   You're bothering me!

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