NFL Weekly Picks (Week 9): Steadyeddy87 and John Bena Make Their Picks

     One game. The Readers have maintained their one game lead over the Staffers, due to the tie between Desertbroncosfan and Colby Mueller. The question is once again raised: Will the Readers reestablish their dominance or will the Staffers continue to surge forward? Only the final scores will tell the tale. Thirteen predictions are up for grabs. Four teams (Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville and Minnesota) have byes.

This week our reader is that MHR member known as Steadyeddy87. Steadyeddy87 writes:

Hey, my name is Ryan and I'd argue that I'm the biggest Bronco's fan in eastern PA.  I graduated from Pitt a few months ago, so it's safe to say that I've seen my share of shaky QB play and poor Defenses in the past few years from my favorite football teams.  I inherited the Bronco's gene from my dad, who used to live just outside of Denver.  Ed McCaffrey was my favorite player growing up, which is what inspired my user name.

     Steadyeddy87 will be competing with John Bena. John is returning for a second matchup. The reason for this is simple: there are seventeen weeks to the NFL season and only twelve MHR staffers. Brian Shrout has been excluded (by his own request) from the predictions since he's the one running the contest. When asked if he wanted anything new stated in his introduction, John simply said "I am THE man!"


Let's take a jump and look at their predictions.

Readers Staffers
Last Week 8-4 8-4
Season to Date 71-38 70-39




Miami@Kansas City

Steadyeddy87: I think KC is better than everyone is giving them credit for.  Slightly. And Miami is a team us Broncos fans can still look at and be happy we didn't take our fanhoods to South Beach. KC wins.

John: Kansas City - People forget that Matt Cassel was nursing fractured ribs early in the season. He's healthy now, and so are the Chiefs.



Steadyeddy87: Dallas got embarrassed last week, and what was supposed to be a pretty powerful offense only put up 7 points against the Eagles. Luckily for Dallas, 7 points will be plenty against this offensively challenged Seattle team.  Dallas wins.

John: Dallas - The Cowboys were embarrassed last week in Philly. They take it out on another bird this weekend.


San Francisco@Washington

Steadyeddy87: This is going to be a pretty tight game. I don't want to believe SF is any good, but it's been trends recently for Shanny coached teams to do poorly later in the season. I think SF keeps winning.

John: Washington - I like the Niners a lot but can they come back east for a 4th time this season and win?


Tampa Bay@New Orleans

Steadyeddy87: Tampa has been a tricky team to pick this year, and who dat nation is coming off an embarrassing loss. This one might get ugly in a NO romp.

John: New Orleans - They've already lost to the Bucs, and their stinker against the Rams last week should be the wake up call they need.



Steadyeddy87: Atlanta's not a very good away team. But Indy's just not a very good team. The Colts are going to have some tough decisions to make if they continue to SuckforLuck.  Manning might be in a different jersey next year when he's doing Sony commercials. Atlanta should win this game, but it won't be pretty.

John: Atlanta - The Colts are going to beat someone, sometime, just not this weekend.


New York Jets@Buffalo

Steadyeddy87: I still refuse to believe that the team one pick behind us in the draft has made this big of a turn around. And they haven't seen a defense that's as good as the Jets this year. On one side, you've got the uninhibited Revis Island. On the other side, you've got Cromartie, the man who has enough illegitimate children to register his house as it's own small town. I'm taking the Jets here.

John: Buffalo - Two words - Fred. Jackson. The Jets are surviving on the ineptitude of others and the big mouth of their head coach. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the real deal.



Steadyeddy87: Houston has looked great this year.  And Hillis is doing is best to attempt to make the Hillis for Quinn trade more even. As Bronco fans, we can rest easy that one of our players won't be on the cover of Madden any time soon..... Houston wins big.

John: Houston - Guess what? Peyton Hillis is hurt. Again.



Steadyeddy87: Another tough game. Two teams I assumed would be terrible, both surprising people. I can't wait for 17 years from now when the Raiders trade 4 first rounders for Dalton. Cincy is winning with young talent, and a few felons. Chris Johnson must have used all his new contract money to buy all that imported weed from Jerome Simpson, because he's been terrible this year. I still can't figure out how the Titans are winning.  If Matt Ryan im Matty Ice, then Matt Hasselbeck is Matty Icepack. This pick goes against my theory of, when in doubt, take the home team, but I think Cincy gets another win. Score another one for gingers.

John: Cincinnati - The Bengals have the Steelers and Ravens the next two weeks. We are going to find out if they are for real.


New York Giants@New England

Steadyeddy87: New England doesn't lose at home.  New England doesn't lose 2 straight games.  Good luck Giants.....  Patriots win.

John: New England - The Patriots haven't lost a regular season HOME game since, well, it's been a long time.


Green Bay@San Diego

Steadyeddy87: The only thing that could make me hate the Chargers more was if Merril Hoge was their coach.  Green Bay stays undefeated.

John: San Diego - There is something about the Chargers when their backs are against the wall.  


St. Louis@Arizona

Steadyeddy87: Hey look, two more bad teams.  If the Raiders hadn't given up their first born child for the non-bachelor Palmer, the Kolb trade may have been the worst trade this year.  I'm pretty sure I could complete passes to Larry Fitzgerald, but he seems to be having trouble with it.  StL has been terrible too.  Steven Jackson is one 15 yard sprint away from a season ending hammy injury.  As long as that 15 yard sprint isn't into the endzone, Arizona should win this. 

John: St. Louis - The offense is finally starting to roll and the Rams are better than their record - especially with a healthy Stephen Jackson



Steadyeddy87: For as good of a rivalry as the Baltimore-Pittsburgh games are, they always seem to be ridiculously boring.  O look, 13-6.  What a game.....  And now that Big Ben is supposedly "married," the 'maybe Ben will grope a cheerleader' aspect is out too.  I love that Baltimore put up a ton of points on the Yinzers in week one.  I doubt it happens again.  Ray Lewis will do a crazy dance that no one understands, Flacco will question if he's actually right handed, Hines Ward will hurt someone, Jerome Harrison will contemplate retirement only to realize he can't legally hit people in the head in the real world either, and the Stillers will win a game that will most likely be decided by a field goal.   

John: Pittsburgh - The Ravens made their Week 1 showdown against the Steelers their Super Bowl.  The Steelers know the Big Game is played in February, not September.



Steadyeddy87: The best part about the Broncos being 2-4 was knowing that the "dream team" was also 2-4.  Philly looks like they finally figured it out though.  Forte is having a great year as well.  He'll be the next big name running back to hold out for a franchise cripplingly huge contract, only to under perform after.  Luckily for the Bears, he's still underpaid and over productive.  And against eagles terrible run D, he may go for over 200.  The QB play will be what determines this winner though.  I put the over/under on Vick and Cutler turnovers at about 9 for this one.  Philly will win, Cutler will appear unfazed.

John: Philly - Any Reid always finds a way to get the Eagles playing great football in the 2nd half of the season.

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